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New exact solitary wave and multiple soliton solutions of quantum Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation. (English) Zbl 1200.35238
Summary: By employing auxiliary equation method and Hirota bilinear method, the quantum Zakharov-Kuznetsov equation which arises in quantum magnetoplasma is investigated. With the aid of symbolic computation, both solitary wave solutions and multiple-soliton solutions are obtained. These new exact solutions extend previous results and help us to explain the properties of multidimensional nonlinear ion-acoustic waves in dense magnetoplasma.
35Q40PDEs in connection with quantum mechanics
35Q53KdV-like (Korteweg-de Vries) equations
35Q51Soliton-like equations
35C07Traveling wave solutions of PDE
35C08Soliton solutions of PDE
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