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Optimal mean-variance control for discrete-time linear systems with Markovian jumps and multiplicative noises. (English) Zbl 1260.93173
Summary: In this paper, we consider the stochastic optimal control problem of discrete-time linear systems subject to Markov jumps and multiplicative noises under two criteria. The first one is an unconstrained mean-variance trade-off performance criterion along the time, and the second one is a minimum variance criterion along the time with constraints on the expected output. We present explicit conditions for the existence of an optimal control strategy for the problems, generalizing previous results in the literature. We conclude the paper by presenting a numerical example of a multi-period portfolio selection problem with regime switching in which it is desired to minimize the sum of the variances of the portfolio along the time under the restriction of keeping the expected value of the portfolio greater than some minimum values specified by the investor.
93E20Optimal stochastic control (systems)
93C55Discrete-time control systems
93C05Linear control systems
60J75Jump processes
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