Questionnaires représentant des propositions logiques. (French) Zbl 0238.94009

Let \(P\) be a disjunctive normal form. We intend to represent \(P\) by a “logical questionnaire” \(Q\), that is to say a dichotomic homogeneous questionnaire, in which we assign a propositional variable to the arcs that are issued from the same vertex. We introduce a distribution of probabilities, connected with the affirmation of every conjunctive elementary form which appears in \(P\), and then, associated to the system of events of \(Q\). A few conditions of existence of such a questionnaire are exhibited, \(Q\) being a rooted tree in some particular cases. We give an algorithm which allows to optimize the routing length of \(Q\), leading to one of the rooted trees when they exist. A thesis of third cycle extends this work and was published in June of 1972 by the author of this article.
Reviewer: Bernadette Bouchon


94A50 Theory of questionnaires