Die Entwicklung des Mathematischen Seminars der Universität Bonn 1864-1929. (The development of the Mathematical Seminar of Bonn University 1864-1929). (German) Zbl 0592.01034

The author follows the development of the Mathematical Seminar of Bonn University from two points of view: The segregation of mathematics as an autonomous part of the system of sciences, and the establishment of a differentiated personal structure. For this, he makes use of newly discovered archive materials.
From the beginnings in 1818, mathematics in Bonn was integrated with natural science, as symbolized through J. Plücker’s double position as professor of mathematics and (largely experimental) physics, and the participation of mathematics in the general seminar of (largely philosophical and descriptive) natural science. Only as R. Lipschitz became an ordinary professor in 1864 and got the active support of the university curator Beseler was an independent mathematical seminar established.
The paper follows the reasons given for and the intrigues around the establishment of the seminar as well as its organization, the number of students and the contents of the teaching as far as permitted by the sources. It shows the importance of the orientation toward the training of future gymnasium teachers and a clear dominance of pure mathematics - a dominance which developed into conscious opposition to the Klein reform and the ”Göttingen style”, and which kept the seminar from using the newly required teaching of applied mathematics as a means to get new positions in the early 20th century.
Until 1917, the only teachers were the professors, one or two Privatdozenten, and an unknown number of unofficial student instructors. From then on, Study and later Hausdorff tried to add paid assistants to the staff - one was granted in 1926, a second in 1927. A final section regards the changes introduced by O. Toeplitz (professor 1928-1933) in teaching subjects, teaching organization, and staff organization. Greater place was given to applied mathematics, didactics and history of mathematics were added to the list of subjects, and a factual institute organization was achieved (nominally, the status remained that of a seminar until 1955). The fundamental orientation toward the training of teachers, on the other hand, was unchallenged.
Reviewer: J.Høyrup


01A73 History of mathematics at specific universities
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