Zero phase error tracking algorithm for digital control. (English) Zbl 0621.93017

A digital feedforward control algorithm for tracking desired time-varying signals is presented. The feedforward controller cancels all the closed- loop poles and cancellable closed-loop zeros. For uncancellable zeros, which include zeros outside the unit circle, the feedforward controller cancels the phase shift induced by them. The phase cancellation assures that the frequency response between the desired output and actual output exhibits zero phase shift for all the frequencies. The algorithm is particularly suited to the general motion control problems including robotic arms and positioning tables. A typical motion control problem is used to show the effectiveness of the proposed feedforward controller.


93B40 Computational methods in systems theory (MSC2010)
30C15 Zeros of polynomials, rational functions, and other analytic functions of one complex variable (e.g., zeros of functions with bounded Dirichlet integral)
93C55 Discrete-time control/observation systems
65K10 Numerical optimization and variational techniques
70Q05 Control of mechanical systems
93C95 Application models in control theory
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