Zu Chongzhi’s Da Ming Almanac and computation of \(\pi\). (Chinese. English summary) Zbl 0714.01002

After briefly describing Zu Chongzhi’s contribution of the history of Chinese astronomy, this paper deals with Zu’s famous contribution in mathematics, namely, the discovery of the ratio 355/113 which is correct to the seventh decimal place as the approximate value for \(\pi\). The motivation of this ratio is sought to Liu Hui’s ratio 3927/1250. When the latter is expressed in continuous fraction down to the third term by so called Euclid’s algorithm of division, the former is obtained. To the reviewer it is interesting that these two ratios are also found in Sanskrit texts and have the similar relation as in China. See T. Hayashi, T. Kusuba and M. Yano [Hist. Sci. 37, 1-16 (1989; Zbl 0677.01003)].
Reviewer: M.Yano


01A25 History of Chinese mathematics

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Zu, Chongzhi


Zbl 0677.01003