Coercive and semicoercive hemivariational inequalities. (English) Zbl 0733.49012

The aim is the formulation of an abstract mathematical theory for coercive and semicoercive hemivariational inequalities, i.e. for the problem: find \(u\in V\) satisfying the inequality \[ a(u,v- u)+\int_{\Omega}j^ 0(u,v-u)d\Omega \geq (\ell,v-u),\text{ for all } v\in V \] and the coercive variational hemivariational inequality \[ a(u,v-u)+\int_{\Omega}j^ 0(u,v-u)d\Omega +\Phi (v)-\Phi (u)\geq (\ell,v-u)\text{ for all } v\in V. \]


49J40 Variational inequalities
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