Proceedings of the international congress of mathematicians (ICM), August 21–29, 1990, Kyoto, Japan. Volume I. (English) Zbl 0741.00019

Tokyo etc.: Springer-Verlag. lxxxvi, 768 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Manin, Yuri Ivanovich, On the mathematical work of Vladimir Drinfeld, 3-7 [Zbl 0741.01025]
Birman, Joan S., The work of Vaughan F. R. Jones, 9-18 [Zbl 0743.01023]
Hironaka, Heisuke, On the work of Shigefumi Mori, 19-25 [Zbl 0743.01024]
Faddeev, Ludwig D., On the work of E. Witten, 27-29 [Zbl 0742.01014]
Atiyah, Michael, On the work of Edward Witten, 31-35 [Zbl 0742.01013]
Lovász, László, The work of A. A. Razborov, 37-40 [Zbl 0743.01025]
Bloch, Spencer, Algebraic \(K\)-theory, motives, and algebraic cycles, 43-54 [Zbl 0759.14001]
Cook, Stephen A., Computational complexity of higher type functions, 55-69 [Zbl 0749.03031]
Feigin, Boris L., Conformal field theory and cohomologies of the Lie algebra of holomorphic vector fields on a complex curve, 71-85 [Zbl 0757.17016]
Floer, Andreas, Elliptic methods in variational problems, 87-97 [Zbl 0756.58010]
Ihara, Yasutaka, Braids, Galois groups, and some arithmetic functions, 99-120 [Zbl 0757.20007]
Jones, Vaughan F. R., Von Neumann algebras in mathematics and physics, 121-138 [Zbl 0781.46046]
Lovász, László, Geometric algorithms and algorithmic geometry, 139-154 [Zbl 0742.52013]
Lusztig, George, Intersection cohomology methods in representation theory, 155-174 [Zbl 0749.14010]
Majda, Andrew J., The interaction of nonlinear analysis and modern applied mathematics., 175-191 [Zbl 1153.76300]
Margulis, Grigorij A., Dynamical and ergodic properties of subgroup actions on homogeneous spaces with applications to number theory, 193-215 [Zbl 0747.58017]
Melrose, Richard B., Pseudodifferential operators, corners and singular limits, 217-234 [Zbl 0743.58033]
Mori, Shigefumi, Birational classification of algebraic threefolds, 235-248 [Zbl 0751.14026]
Sinai, Yakov G., Hyperbolic billards, 249-260 [Zbl 0794.58036]
Uhlenbeck, Karen, Applications of nonlinear analysis in topology, 261-279 [Zbl 0753.53001]
Varchenko, Alexandre, Multidimensional hypergeometric functions in conformal field theory, algebraic \(K\)-theory, algebraic geometry, 281-300 [Zbl 0747.33002]
Slaman, Theodore A., Degree structures, 303-316 [Zbl 0753.03018]
Carlson, Jon F., Cohomology and modules over group algebras, 317-324 [Zbl 0762.20021]
Grigorchuk, Rostislav I., On growth in group theory, 325-338 [Zbl 0749.20016]
Huneke, Craig, Absolute integral closure and big Cohen-Macaulay algebras, 339-349 [Zbl 0747.13010]
Kemer, Alexander R., Identities of associative algebras, 351-359 [Zbl 0751.16007]
Roberts, Paul C., Intersection theory and the homological conjectures in commutative algebra, 361-368 [Zbl 0754.13013]
Roggenkamp, Klaus W., The isomorphism problem for integral group rings of finite groups, 369-380 [Zbl 0746.20004]
Thomason, Robert W., The local to global principle in algebraic \(K\)-theory, 381-394 [Zbl 0759.19004]
Zelmanov, Efim I., On the restricted Burnside problem, 395-402 [Zbl 0771.20014]
Gillet, Henri, A Riemann-Roch theorem in arithmetic geometry, 403-412 [Zbl 0777.14007]
Huxley, Martin N., Area, lattice points and exponential sums, 413-417 [Zbl 0742.11047]
Kato, Kazuya, Generalized class field theory, 419-428 [Zbl 0827.11073]
Kolyvagin, Victor Alecsandrovich, On the Mordell-Weil group and the Shafarevich-Tate group of modular elliptic curves, 429-436 [Zbl 0749.14012]
Laumon, Gérard, The geometric Fourier transformation and its applications, 437-445 [Zbl 0759.14014]
Nesterenko, Yuri, Algebraic independence of values of analytic functions, 447-457 [Zbl 0743.11035]
Sarnak, Peter C., Diophantine problems and linear groups, 459-471 [Zbl 0743.11018]
Shioda, Tetsuji, Theory of Mordell-Weil lattices, 473-489 [Zbl 0746.14009]
Fukaya, Kenji, Collapsing Riemannian manifolds and its applications, 491-500 [Zbl 0749.53023]
Ghys, Etienne, The circle at infinity for surfaces of negative curvature, 501-509 [Zbl 0747.53032]
Grove, Karsten, Metric and topological measurements of manifolds, 511-519 [Zbl 0749.53024]
Hofer, Helmut, Symplectic invariants, 521-528 [Zbl 0747.53026]
Kronheimer, Peter B., Embedded surfaces in 4-manifolds, 529-539 [Zbl 0746.53041]
McDuff, Dusa, Symplectic 4-manifolds, 541-548 [Zbl 0744.53016]
Millson, John J., Rational homotopy theory and deformation problems from algebraic geometry, 549-558 [Zbl 0761.32011]
Shustin, Eugenij I., Geometry of discriminant and topology of algebraic curves, 559-567 [Zbl 0802.14013]
Steenbrink, Joseph H. M., Applications of Hodge theory to singularities, 569-576 [Zbl 0764.32014]
Sunada, Toshikazu; Nishio, Manabu, Trace formulae in spectral geometry, 577-585 [Zbl 0744.58072]
Tian, Gang, Kähler-Einstein metrics on algebraic manifolds, 587-598 [Zbl 0747.53038]
Bonahon, Francis, Limit sets and applications., 599-608 [Zbl 0747.58022]
Gabai, David, Foliations and 3-manifolds, 609-619 [Zbl 0754.57008]
Goodwillie, Thomas G., The differential calculus of homotopy functors, 621-630 [Zbl 0759.55011]
Gordon, Cameron McA., Dehn surgery on knots, 631-642 [Zbl 0743.57008]
Igusa, Kiyoshi, Parametrized Morse theory and its application, 643-651 [Zbl 0755.58016]
Farrell, F. Thomas; Jones, Lowell E., Rigidity in geometry and topology, 653-663 [Zbl 0745.57008]
Morita, Shigeyuki, Mapping class groups of surfaces and three-dimensional manifolds, 665-674 [Zbl 0743.57007]
Moscovici, Henri, Cyclic cohomology and invariants of multiply connected manifolds, 675-688 [Zbl 0745.57009]
Turaev, Vladimir G., State sum models in low-dimensional topology, 689-698 [Zbl 0744.57007]
Kawamata, Yujiro, Canonical and minimal models of algebraic varieties, 699-707 [Zbl 0747.14005]
Kollár, János, Flip and flop, 709-714 [Zbl 0751.14025]
Lazarsfeld, Robert K., Linear series on algebraic varieties, 715-723 [Zbl 0748.14003]
Saito, Morihiko, Mixed Hodge modules and applications, 725-734 [Zbl 0826.32029]
Saper, Leslie, \(L_ 2\)-cohomology of algebraic varieties, 735-746 [Zbl 0751.14012]
Simpson, Carlos T., Nonabelian Hodge theory, 747-756 [Zbl 0765.14005]
Vojta, Paul, Arithmetic and hyperbolic geometry, 757-765 [Zbl 0745.14007]


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