Proceedings of the international congress of mathematicians (ICM), August 21-29, 1990, Kyoto, Japan. Volume II. (English) Zbl 0741.00020

Tokyo etc.: Springer-Verlag. xiii, p. 770-1684, (1991).

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Barbasch, Dan, Unipotent representations for real reductive groups, 769-777 [Zbl 0799.22006]
Harder, Günter, Eisenstein cohomology of arithmetic groups and its applications to number theory, 779-790 [Zbl 0752.11023]
Kashiwara, Masaki, Crystallizing the \(q\)-analogue of universal enveloping algebras, 791-797 [Zbl 0749.17017]
Mathieu, Olivier, Classification of simple graded Lie algebras of finite growth, 799-806 [Zbl 0743.17027]
Matsuki, Toshihiko, Orbits on flag manifolds, 807-813 [Zbl 0745.22010]
Moeglin, Colette, On the square integrable automorphic forms, 815-819 [Zbl 0758.11026]
Prasad, Gopal, Semi-simple groups and arithmetic subgroups, 821-832 [Zbl 0749.20027]
Rallis, Stephen, Poles of standard \(L\) functions, 833-845 [Zbl 0744.11028]
Bedford, Eric, Iteration of polynomial automorphisms of \(C^ 2\), 847-858 [Zbl 0746.58040]
Christ, Michael, Precise analysis of \(\bar \partial{}_ b\) and \(\bar \partial\) on domains of finite type in \(\mathbb{C}{}^ 2\), 859-877 [Zbl 0743.32016]
Coifman, Ronald R., Adapted multiresolution analysis, computation, signal processing and operator theory, 879-887 [Zbl 0754.43001]
McMullen, Curt, Rational maps and Kleinian groups, 889-899 [Zbl 0764.30022]
Murai, Takafumi, Analytic capacity for arcs, 901-911 [Zbl 0742.30024]
Ohsawa, Takeo, Recent applications of \(L^ 2\) estimates for the operator \(\bar\partial\), 913-921 [Zbl 0747.35021]
Preiss, David, Differentiability and measures in Banach spaces, 923-929 [Zbl 0762.46029]
Saito, Kyoji, The limit element in the configuration algebra for a discrete group: A précis, 931-942 [Zbl 0754.16022]
Sibony, Nessim, Some recent results on weakly pseudoconvex domains, 943-950 [Zbl 0744.32006]
Varopoulos, Nicholas Th., Analysis and geometry on groups, 951-957 [Zbl 0744.43006]
Volberg, Alexander L., Asymptotically holomorphic functions and certain of their applications, 959-967 [Zbl 0744.30038]
Cuntz, Joachim, Cyclic cohomology and \(K\)-homology, 969-978 [Zbl 0762.46066]
Pimsner, Michael V., \(K\)-theory for groups acting on trees, 979-986 [Zbl 0757.46059]
Popa, Sorin Teodor, Subfactors and classification in von Neumann algebras, 987-996 [Zbl 0819.46048]
Skandalis, Georges, Operator algebras and duality, 997-1009 [Zbl 0819.46054]
Talagrand, Michel, Some isoperimetric inequalities and their applications, 1011-1024 [Zbl 0791.60004]
Barlow, Martin T., Random walks and diffusions on fractals, 1025-1035 [Zbl 0751.60073]
Diaconis, Persi, Applications of group representations to statistical problems, 1037-1048 [Zbl 0746.62002]
Durrett, Richard, Stochastic models of growth and competition, 1049-1056 [Zbl 0744.92030]
Furstenberg, Hillel, Recurrent ergodic structures and Ramsey theory, 1057-1069 [Zbl 0751.60032]
Kotani, Shinichi, Random Schrödinger operators, 1071-1074 [Zbl 0754.60064]
Kusuoka, Shigeo, De Rham cohomology of Wiener-Riemannian manifolds, 1075-1082 [Zbl 0754.60067]
Le Cam, Lucien M., Some recent results in the asymptotic theory of statistical estimation, 1083-1090 [Zbl 0747.62027]
Molchanov, Stanislav A., Localization and intermittency: New results, 1091-1103 [Zbl 0751.60059]
Yor, Marc, The laws of some Brownian functionals, 1105-1112 [Zbl 0751.60077]
Christodoulou, Demetrios, The stability of Minkowski spacetime, 1113-1121 [Zbl 0754.53044]
Coron, Jean-Michel, Harmonic maps with values into spaces, 1123-1135 [Zbl 0744.58009]
Günther, Matthias, Isometric embeddings of Riemannian manifolds, 1137-1143 [Zbl 0745.53031]
Ikawa, Mitsuru, On scattering by obstacles, 1145-1154 [Zbl 0757.35055]
Lebeau, Gilles, Interaction of weak singularities for the semilinear wave equations, 1155-1164 [Zbl 0753.35053]
Lin, Fang Hua, Static and moving defects in liquid crystals, 1165-1171 [Zbl 0760.49005]
Lions, Pierre-Louis, On kinetic equations, 1173-1185 [Zbl 0806.35143]
Schapira, Pierre, Sheaf theory for partial differential equations, 1187-1196 [Zbl 0752.35002]
Struwe, Michael, The evolution of harmonic maps, 1197-1203 [Zbl 0744.58011]
Takasaki, Kanehisa, Integrable systems in gauge theory, Kähler geometry and super KP hierarchy – symmetries and algebraic point of view, 1205-1214 [Zbl 0747.53025]
Tartar, Luc, \(H\)-measures and applications, 1215-1223 [Zbl 0787.35013]
Taylor, Michael E., Microlocal analysis in spectral and scattering theory and index theory, 1225-1234 [Zbl 0742.35080]
Camacho, César, Problems on limit sets of foliations on complex projective spaces, 1235-1239 [Zbl 0746.58067]
Carleson, Lennart, The dynamics of non-uniformly hyperbolic systems in two variables, 1241-1247 [Zbl 0751.58026]
Ecalle, Jean P., The acceleration operators and their applications to differential equations, quasianalytic functions, and the constructive proof of Dulac’s conjecture, 1249-1258 [Zbl 0741.30030]
Il’yashenko, Ju. S., Finiteness theorems for limit cycles, 1259-1269 [Zbl 0753.34015]
Neishtadt, Anatoly I., Averaging and passage through resonances, 1271-1283 [Zbl 0780.34025]
Newhouse, Sheldon E., Entropy in smooth dynamical systems, 1285-1294 [Zbl 0745.54005]
Rees, Mary, Combinatorial models illustrating variation of dynamics in families of rational maps, 1295-1304 [Zbl 0742.58032]
Baxter, R. J., Hyperelliptic function parametrization for the chiral Potts model, 1305-1317 [Zbl 0778.14015]
Doplicher, Sergio, Abstract compact group duals, operator algebras and quantum field theory, 1319-1333 [Zbl 0764.46057]
Feldman, Joel, Introduction to constructive quantum field theory, 1335-1341 [Zbl 0755.46040]
Jimbo, Michio, Solvable lattice models and quantum groups, 1343-1352 [Zbl 0749.17016]
Krichever, Igor, The periodic problems for two-dimensional integrable systems, 1353-1362 [Zbl 0744.35047]
Kupiainen, Antti, Renormalization group and random systems, 1363-1371 [Zbl 0754.60132]
Reshetikhin, Nicolai, Invariants of links and 3-manifolds related to quantum groups, 1373-1375 [Zbl 0743.57005]
Schwarz, Albert, Geometry of fermionic string, 1377-1386 [Zbl 0751.53024]
Segal, Graeme, Geometric aspects of quantum field theory, 1387-1396 [Zbl 0757.53048]
Sigal, I. M., Quantum mechanics of many-particle systems, 1397-1407 [Zbl 0744.35031]
Tsuchiya, Akihiro, Moduli of stable curves, conformal field theory and affine Lie algebras, 1409-1419 [Zbl 0760.17022]
Alon, Noga, Non-constructive proofs in combinatorics, 1421-1429 [Zbl 0755.05027]
Cameron, Peter J., Infinite permutation groups in enumeration and model theory, 1431-1441 [Zbl 0755.05096]
Ivanov, Alexander A., Geometric presentations of groups with an application to the Monster, 1443-1453 [Zbl 0788.20016]
Rödl, Vojtěch, Some developments in Ramsey theory, 1455-1466 [Zbl 0757.05082]
Tardos, Éva, Strongly polynomial and combinatorial algorithms in optimization, 1467-1478 [Zbl 0766.90064]
Babai, László, Computational complexity in finite groups, 1479-1489 [Zbl 0747.68030]
Blum, Lenore, A theory of computation and complexity over the real numbers, 1491-1507 [Zbl 0751.03019]
Chistov, Alexandre L., Efficient factoring polynomials over local fields and its applications, 1509-1519 [Zbl 0761.11045]
Goldwasser, Shafi, Interactive proofs and applications, 1521-1535 [Zbl 0751.03020]
Wigderson, Avi, Information theoretic reasons for computational difficulty, 1537-1548 [Zbl 0756.03019]
Harten, Ami, Recent developments on shock-capturing schemes, 1549-1559 [Zbl 0741.65064]
Karzanov, Alexander V., Undirected multiflow problems and related topics - some recent developments and results, 1561-1571 [Zbl 0746.90019]
Krasny, Robert, Computing vortex sheet motion, 1573-1583 [Zbl 0748.76029]
Mori, Masatake, Developments in the double exponential formulas for numerical integration, 1585-1594 [Zbl 0743.65016]
Renegar, James, Computational complexity of solving real algebraic formulae, 1595-1605 [Zbl 0746.65108]
Holmes, Philip; Berkooz, Gal; Lumley, John L., Turbulence, dynamical systems and the unreasonable effectiveness of empirical eigenfunctions, 1607-1617 [Zbl 0744.58066]
Meyer, Yves F., Wavelets and applications, 1619-1626 [Zbl 0748.42013]
Mimura, Masayasu, Pattern formation in reaction-diffusion systems, 1627-1637 [Zbl 0747.92012]
Horiuchi, Annick M., The development of algebraic methods of problem-solving in Japan in the late seventeenth and the early eighteenth centuries, 1639-1649 [Zbl 0741.01004]
Lützen, Jesper, The birth of spectral theory - Joseph Liouville’s contributions, 1651-1663 [Zbl 0749.01009]
Manin, Yuri Ivanovich, Mathematics as metaphor, 1665-1671 [Zbl 0742.00006]


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