IJCAI 91, Proceedings of the 12th International Conference on Artificial Intelligence. Sydney, Australia, 24-30 August 1991. Vol. 1-2. (English) Zbl 0741.68016

San Mateo, CA: Morgan Kaufmann Publ. XXIII, XV, 1318 p. (in 2 vol.) (1991).

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Prakash, G. Ravi; Subrahmanian, E.; Mahabala, H. N., A methodology for systematic verification of OPS5-based AI applications, 3-8 [Zbl 0744.68127]
Terveen, Loren G.; Wroblewski, David A.; Tighe, Steven N., Intelligent assistance through collaborative manipulation, 9-14 [Zbl 0744.68128]
Decker, Keith; Garvey, Alan; Humphrey, Marty; Lesser, Victor, Effects of parallelism on blackboard system scheduling, 15-21 [Zbl 0744.68123]
Evertsz, Rick, The automated analysis of rule-based systems, based on their procedural semantics, 22-27 [Zbl 0744.68124]
Plate, Tony, Holographic reduced representations: Convolution algebra for compositional distributed representations, 30-35 [Zbl 0744.68044]
Sohn, Andrew; Gaudiot, Jean-Luc, A macro actor/token implementation of production systems on a data-flow multiprocessor, 36-41 [Zbl 0744.68065]
Kuo, Steve; Moldovan, Dan, Performance comparison of models for multiple rule firing, 42-47 [Zbl 0744.68126]
Robinson, Ian N., On supporting associative access and processing over dynamic knowledge bases, 48-53 [Zbl 0744.68045]
Kraus, Sarit; Wilkenfeld, Jonathan, Negotiations over time in a multi-agent environment, 56-61 [Zbl 0744.68061]
Gmytrasiewicz, Piotr J.; Durfee, Edmund H.; Wehe, David K., A decision-theoretic approach to coordinating multiagent interactions, 62-68 [Zbl 0747.68069]
Singh, Munindar P., Towards a formal theory of communication for multiagent systems, 69-74 [Zbl 0746.68088]
Nakashima, Hideyuki; Peters, Stanley; Schütze, Hinrich, Communication and inference through situations, 76-81 [Zbl 0745.68110]
Kinny, David N.; Georgeff, Michael P., Commitment and effectiveness of situated agents, 82-88 [Zbl 0745.68106]
Nishiyama, Takashi; Katai, Osamu; Iwai, Sosuke; Sawaragi, Tetsuo; Masuichi, Hiroshi, Generating integrated interpretation of partial information based on distributed qualitative reasoning, 89-95 [Zbl 0745.68097]
Fisher, Michael, A resolution method for temporal logic, 99-104 [Zbl 0745.68091]
Guckenbiehl, Thomas, Formalizing and using persistency, 105-110 [Zbl 0746.68080]
Giunchiglia, Fausto; Traverso, Paolo, Reflective reasoning with and between a declarative metatheory and the implementation code, 111-117 [Zbl 0745.68092]
Dershowitz, Nachum, Ordering-based strategies for Horn clauses, 118-124 [Zbl 0745.68089]
Bollinger, Toni, A model elimination calculus for generalized clauses, 126-131 [Zbl 0745.68087]
Eder, Elmar, Consolution and its relation with resolution, 132-136 [Zbl 0745.68090]
Kerber, Manfred, How to prove higher order theorems in first order logic, 137-142 [Zbl 0746.68081]
Iba, Hitoshi; Inoue, Hirochiko, Reasoning of geometric concepts based on algebraic constraint-directed method, 143-149 [Zbl 0745.68094]
Demolombe, Robert; Fariñas del Cerro, Luis, An inference rule for hypothesis generation, 152-157 [Zbl 0745.68088]
Inoue, Katsumi, Consequence-finding based on ordered linear resolution, 158-164 [Zbl 0745.68095]
Lingenfelder, Christoph; Präcklein, Axel, Proof transformation with built-in equality predicate, 165-170 [Zbl 0745.68096]
McDiarmid, C. J. H.; Provan, G. M. A., An expected-cost analysis of backtracking and non-backtracking algorithms, 172-177 [Zbl 0745.68108]
Sen, Anup K.; Bagchi, A.; Sinha, Bani K., Admissible search methods for minimum penalty sequencing of jobs with setup times on one and two machines, 178-183 [Zbl 0745.68112]
Bramanti-Gregor, Anna; Davis, Henry W., Learning admissible heuristics while solving problems, 184-189 [Zbl 0746.68082]
Shams, Reza; Kaindl, Hermann; Horacek, Helmut, Using aspiration windows for minimax algorithms, 192-197 [Zbl 0745.68113]
Chenoweth, Stephen V.; Davis, Henry W., High-performance \(A^*\) search using rapidly growing heuristics, 198-203 [Zbl 0745.68102]
Ishida, Toru; Korf, Richard E., Moving target search, 204-210 [Zbl 0745.68105]
Russel, Stuart J.; Zilberstein, Shlomo, Composing real-time systems, 212-217 [Zbl 0746.68085]
Biefeld, Eric; Cooper, Lynne, Bottleneck identification using process chronologies, 218-224 [Zbl 0745.68100]
Zlotkin, Gilad; Rosenschein, Jeffrey S., Incomplete information and deception in multi-agent negotiation, 224-231 [Zbl 0745.68114]
Fraňová, Marta; Kodratoff, Yves, Solving ”how to clear a block” with constructive matching methodology, 232-237 [Zbl 0745.68104]
Pednault, Edwin P. D., Generalizing nonlinear planning to handle complex goals and actions with context-dependent effects, 240-245 [Zbl 0745.68111]
Christensen, Jens; Grove, Adam, A formal model for classical planning, 246-251 [Zbl 0745.68103]
Lansky, Amy L., Localized search for multiagent planning, 252-258 [Zbl 0745.68107]
Minton, Steven; Bresina, John; Drummond, Mark, Commitment strategies in planning: A comparative analysis, 259-265 [Zbl 0745.68109]
Bäckström, Christer; Klein, Inger, Parallel non-binary planning in polynomial time, 268-273 [Zbl 0745.68099]
Bylander, Tom, Complexity results for planning, 274-279 [Zbl 0745.68101]
Lin, Dekang; Goebel, Randy, A message passing algorithm for plan recognition, 280-285 [Zbl 0747.68071]
Bacchus, Fahiem; Yang, Qiang, The downward refinement property, 286-292 [Zbl 0747.68063]
Madre, J. C.; Coudert, O., A logically complete reasoning maintenance system based on a logical contraint solver, 295-299 [Zbl 0747.68072]
Euzenat, Jérôme, Contexts for nonmonotonic RMSes, 300-305 [Zbl 0747.68068]
Wang, Xianchang; Chen, Huowang, On semantics of TMS, 306-309 [Zbl 0747.68073]
Junker, Ulrich, Prioritized defaults: Implementation by TMS and application to diagnosis, 310-315 [Zbl 0747.68070]
Collin, Zeev; Dechter, Rina; Katz, Shmuel, On the feasibility of distributed constraint satisfaction, 318-324 [Zbl 0747.68065]
Deville, Yves; van Hentenryck, Pascal, An efficiency arc consistecy algorithm for a class of CSP problems, 325-330 [Zbl 0747.68066]
Cheeseman, Peter; Kanefsky, Bob; Taylor, William M., Where the \(really\) hard problems are, 331-337 [Zbl 0747.68064]
Sandberg, Jacobijn; Wielinga, Bob, How situated is cognition?, 341-346 [Zbl 0746.68068]
Sycara, Katia P.; Navinchandra, D., Index transformation techniques for facilitating creative use of multiple cases, 347-352 [Zbl 0746.68086]
Collins, Gregg; Birnbaum, Lawrence; Krulwich, Bruce; Freed, Michael, Plan debugging in an intentional system, 353-358 [Zbl 0746.68083]
Narayanan, N. Hari; Chandrasekaran, B., Reasoning visually about spatial interactions, 360-365 [Zbl 0746.68084]
Shimaya, Akira; Yoroizawa, Isamu, A cognitive model of figure segregation, 366-372 [Zbl 0746.68078]
Yeap, W. K.; Jefferies, M. E.; Naylor, P. S., An MFIS for computing a raw cognitive map, 373-378 [Zbl 0746.68087]
Lifschitz, Vladimir, Nonmonotonic databases and epistemic queries, 381-386 [Zbl 0747.68086]
Asher, Nicholas, Commonsense entailment: A modal theory of nonmonotonic reasoning, 387-392 [Zbl 0744.68120]
Truszczynski, Miroslaw, Modal interpretations of default logic, 393-398 [Zbl 0747.68088]
Niemelä, Ilkka N. F., Constructive tightly grounded autoepistemic reasoning, 399-404 [Zbl 0747.68087]
Katsuno, Hirofumi; Satoh, Ken, A unified view of consequence relation, belief revision and conditional logic, 406-412 [Zbl 0747.68080]
Boutilier, Craig, Inaccessible worlds and irrelevance: Preliminary report, 413-418 [Zbl 0747.68078]
Dubois, Didier; Prade, Henri, Possibilistic logic, preferential models, non-monotonicity and related issues, 419-424 [Zbl 0744.68116]
Helft, Nicolas; Inoue, Katsumi; Poole, David, Query answering in circumscription, 426-431 [Zbl 0742.68053]
Moinard, Yves; Rolland, Raymond, Circumscription and definability, 432-437 [Zbl 0742.68056]
Qian, Zhaogang; Irani, Keki B., Circumscribing defaults, 438-443 [Zbl 0742.68058]
Baader, Franz, Augmenting concept languages by transitive closure of roles: An alternative to terminological cycles, 446-451 [Zbl 0742.68064]
Baader, Franz; Hanschke, Philipp, A scheme for integrating concrete domains into concept languages, 452-457 [Zbl 0742.68063]
Donini, Francesco M.; Lenzerini, Maurizio; Nardi, Daniele; Nutt, Werner, Tractable concept languages, 458-463 [Zbl 0742.68066]
Schild, Klaus, A correspondence theory for terminological logics: Preliminary report, 466-471 [Zbl 0742.68059]
Yen, John, Generalizing term subsumption languages to fuzzy logic, 472-477 [Zbl 0742.68062]
Touretzky, David S.; Thomason, Richmond H.; Horty, John F., A skeptic’s menagerie: Conflictors, preemptors, reinstaters, and zombies in nonmonotonic inheritance, 478-483 [Zbl 0742.68060]
Kundu, Sukhamay, A new logic of beliefs: Monotonic and nonmonotonic beliefs. I, 486-491 [Zbl 0742.68054]
Lakemeyer, Gerhard, A model of decidable introspective reasoning with quantifying-in, 492-497 [Zbl 0742.68055]
Rao, Anand S.; Georgeff, Michael P., Asymmetry thesis and side-effect problems in linear-time and branching- time intention logics, 498-504 [Zbl 0742.68071]
Belegrinos, Periklis; Georgeff, Michael, A model of events and processes, 506-511 [Zbl 0742.68065]
Ohlbach, Hans Jürgen; Herzig, Andreas, Parameter structures for parametrized modal operators, 512-517 [Zbl 0742.68057]
Greiner, Russel; Elkan, Charles, Measuring and improving the effectiveness of representations, 518-524 [Zbl 0742.68068]
Pinkas, Gadi, Propositional non-monotonic reasoning and inconsistency in symmetric neural networks, 525-530 [Zbl 0742.68070]
Carnielli, Walter Alexandre; Fariñas del Cerro, Luis; Marques, Mameda Lima, Contextual negations and reasoning with contradictions, 532-537 [Zbl 0742.68052]
Wagner, Gerd, Ex contradictione nihil sequitur, 538-543 [Zbl 0742.68061]
Brooks, Rodney A., Intelligence without reason, 569-595 [Zbl 0742.68050]
Kowalski, Robert A., Logic programming in artificial intelligence, 596-603 [Zbl 0742.68009]
Samuelson, Christer; Rayner, Manny, Quantitative evaluation of explanation-based learning as an optimization tool for a large-scale natural language system, 609-615 [Zbl 0747.68057]
Tadepalli, Prasad, A formalization of explanation-based macro-operator learning, 616-622 [Zbl 0747.68059]
Yamamura, Masayuki; Kobayashi, Shigenobu, An augmented EBL and its application to the utility problem, 623-629 [Zbl 0747.68062]
Yoo, Jungsoon; Fisher, Doug, Concept formation over explanations and problem-solving experience, 630-636 [Zbl 0748.68070]
Buntine, Wray, Classifiers: A theoretical and empirical study, 638-644 [Zbl 0748.68046]
Kelly, James D. jun.; Davis, Lawrence, A hybrid genetic algorithm for classification, 645-650 [Zbl 0748.68057]
de Jong, Keneth A.; Spears, William M., Learning concept classification rules using genetic algorithms, 651-656 [Zbl 0748.68055]
Esposito, Floriana; Malerba, Donato; Semeraro, Giovanni, Flexible matching for noisy structural descriptions, 658-664 [Zbl 0748.68049]
Hirsh, Haym, Theoretical underpinnings of version spaces, 665-670 [Zbl 0748.68053]
Nicolas, Jacques, Empirical bias for version space, 671-676 [Zbl 0748.68060]
Weiss, Sholom M.; Indurkhya, Nitin, Reduced complexity rule induction, 678-684 [Zbl 0748.68067]
Rouveirol, Céline, Semantic model for induction of first order theories, 685-690 [Zbl 0748.68064]
Hanson, Robin; Stutz, John; Cheeseman, Peter, Bayesian classification with correlation and inheritance, 692-698 [Zbl 0748.68052]
Yang, Der-Shung; Rendell, Larry; Blix, Gunnar, A scheme for feature construction and a comparison of empirical methods, 699-704 [Zbl 0748.68069]
Salzberg, Steven; Delcher, Arthur; Heath, David G.; Kasif, Simon, Learning with a helpful teacher, 705-711 [Zbl 0748.68065]
Wrobel, Stefan, Towards a model of grounded concept formation, 712-717 [Zbl 0748.68068]
Prieditis, Armand E., Machine discovery of effective admissible heuristics, 721-725 [Zbl 0748.68062]
Chapman, David; Kaelbling, Leslie Pack, Input generalization in delayed reinforcement learning: An algorithm and performance comparisons, 726-731 [Zbl 0748.68047]
Iba, Wayne, Learning to classify observed motor behavior, 732-738 [Zbl 0748.68054]
Cheng, Peter C.-H., Modelling experiments in scientific discovery, 739-744 [Zbl 0748.68048]
Quinlan, J. R., Determinate literals in inductive logic programming, 746-750 [Zbl 0748.68063]
Ling, Xiaofeng, Inductive learning from good examples, 751-756 [Zbl 0748.68059]
Kirschenbaum, Marc; Sterling, Leon S., Refinement strategies for inductive learning of simple prolog programs, 757-761 [Zbl 0748.68058]
Catlett, Jason, Overpruning large decision trees, 764-769 [Zbl 0749.68067]
Watanabe, Larry; Rendell, Larry, Learning structural decision trees from examples, 770-776 [Zbl 0749.68077]
Heath, David G.; Kasif, Simon; Kosaraju, S. Rao; Salzberg, Steven; Sullivan, Gregory, Learning nested concept classes with limited storage, 777-782 [Zbl 0751.68053]
Hoffmann, Achim G.; Thakar, Sunil, Acquiring knowledge by efficient query learning, 783-788 [Zbl 0749.68071]
Cook, Diane J., The base selection task in analogical planning, 790-795 [Zbl 0751.68050]
Fertig, Scott; Gelernter, David H., FGP: A virtual machine for acquiring knowledge from cases, 796-802 [Zbl 0749.68068]
Callan, James P.; Fawcett, Tom E.; Rissland, Edwina L., CABOT: An adaptive approach to case-based search, 803-808 [Zbl 0751.68048]
McKusick, Kathleen B.; Langley, Pat, Constraints on tree structure in concept formation, 810-816 [Zbl 0751.68056]
Gaines, Brian R., An interactive visual language for term subsumption languages, 817-823 [Zbl 0749.68069]
Gutknecht, Matthias; Pfeifer, Rolf; Stolze, Markus, Cooperative hybrid systems, 824-829 [Zbl 0751.68052]
Becraft, Warren R.; Lee, Peter L.; Newell, Robert B., Integration of neural networks and expert systems for process fault diagnosis, 832-837 [Zbl 0749.68090]
Anand, Rangachari; Ranka, Kishan, Analyzing images containing multiple sparse patterns with neural networks, 838-843 [Zbl 0751.68079]
Ragavan, Harish; Piramuthu, Selwyn, The utility of feature construction for back-propagation, 844-848 [Zbl 0749.68073]
van Denneheuvel, Sieger; Kwast, Karen L., Weak equivalence for constraint sets, 851-856 [Zbl 0749.68018]
Mohan, Chilukuri K., Fitting semantics for conditional term rewriting, 857-862 [Zbl 0751.68017]
Pereira, Luis Moniz; Aparicio, Joaquim N.; Alferes, Josë J., Derivation procedures for extended stable models, 863-868 [Zbl 0749.68020]
Brayshaw, Mike, An architecture for visualizing the execution of parallel logic programs, 870-876 [Zbl 0751.68014]
Zhang, Kang; Thomas, Ray, A non-shared binding scheme for parallel prolog implementation, 877-882 [Zbl 0749.68022]
Kuo, Kienchung, Programming in autoepistemic logic, 884-889 [Zbl 0751.68015]
McCarty, L. Thorne; van der Meyden, Ron, Indefinite reasoning with definite rules, 890-896 [Zbl 0751.68016]
Kwast, Karen L., The incomplete database, 897-902 [Zbl 0749.68084]
Wallace, Mark, Compiling integrity checking into update procedures, 903-908 [Zbl 0761.68033]
Kitano, Hiroaki; Moldovan, Dan; Cha, Seungho, High performance natural language processing on semantic network array processor, 911-917 [Zbl 0751.68045]
Kitano, Hiroaki; Higuchi, Tetsuya, Massively parallel memory-based parsing, 918-924 [Zbl 0749.68062]
König, Esther, Incremental syntactic and semantic processing, 925-930 [Zbl 0751.68046]
Erbach, Gregor, An environment for experimentation with parsing strategies, 931-936 [Zbl 0749.68061]
van Beek, Peter; Cohen, Robin, Resolving plan ambiguity for cooperative response generation, 938-944 [Zbl 0751.68044]
Wilks, Yorick; Barnden, John; Wang, Jin, Your metaphor or mine: Belief ascription and metaphor interpretation, 945-950 [Zbl 0749.68064]
Cohen, Philip R.; Levesque, Hector J., Confirmations and joint action, 951-957 [Zbl 0749.68060]
Meteer, Marie; Schwartz, Richard; Weischedel, Ralph, POST: Using probabilities in language processing, 960-965 [Zbl 0751.68061]
Bateman, John; Matthiessen, Christian; Nanri, Keizo; Zeng, Licheng, The re-use of linguistic resources across languages in multilingual generation components, 966-971 [Zbl 0761.68079]
Stock, Oliviero, Natural language and exploration of an information space: The ALFresco interactive system, 972-978 [Zbl 0749.68063]
Baggia, P.; Gerbino, E.; Giachin, E.; Rullent, C., Efficient representation of linguistic knowledge for continuous speech understanding, 979-984 [Zbl 0751.68060]
Cunningham, Pádraig; Veale, Tony, Organizational issues arising from the integration of the lexicon and concept network in a text understanding system, 986-991 [Zbl 0754.68092]
Johnson, Mark, Logic and feature structures, 992-996 [Zbl 0757.03012]
Ardissono, L.; Lesmo, L.; Pogliano, P.; Terenziani, P., Interpretation of definite noun phrases, 997-1002 [Zbl 0754.68090]
Busemann, Stephan, Using pattern-action rules for the generation of GPSG structures form MT- oriented semantics, 1003-1009 [Zbl 0754.68091]
Mine, Tsunenori; Taniguchi, Rin-Ichiro; Amamiya, Makoto, Coordinated morphological and syntactic analysis of Japanese language, 1012-1017 [Zbl 0754.68075]
Wang, Liang-Jyh; Pei, Tzusheng; Li, Wei-Chuan; Huang, Lih-Ching R., A parsing method for identifying words in mandarin Chinese sentences, 1018-1023 [Zbl 0752.68071]
Trost, Harald, X2MORF: A morphological component based on augmented two-level morphology, 1024-1030 [Zbl 0754.68076]
Dasigi, Venu, Parsing = parsimonious covering? (Abduction in logical form generation), 1031-1036 [Zbl 0752.68050]
Pelletier, Francis Jeffry, The philosophy of automated theorem proving, 1039-1045 [Zbl 0749.68065]
Jennings, R. E.; Chan, C. W.; Dowad, M. J., Generalized inference and inferential modelling, 1046-1051 [Zbl 0755.03008]
Slaney, John, The implications of paraconsistency, 1052-1057 [Zbl 0755.03009]
Israel, David; Perry, John; Tutiya, Syun, Actions and movements, 1060-1065 [Zbl 0751.68067]
Bringsjord, Selmer; Zenzen, Michael, In defence of hyper-logicist AI, 1066-1072 [Zbl 0749.68066]
Bergadano, F., The problem of induction and machine learning, 1073-1078 [Zbl 0751.68047]
Gradwal, Dinesh; Greer, Jim E.; McCalla, Gordon I., UMRAO: A chess endgame tutor, 1081-1086 [Zbl 0749.68070]
Aiello, Luigia Carlucci; Cialdea, Marta; Nardi, Daniele, Reasoning about student knowledge and reasoning, 1087-1093 [Zbl 0752.68064]
Chan, Tak-Wai, Integration-kid: A learning companion system, 1094-1099 [Zbl 0751.68049]
Murray, William R., An endorsement-based approach to student modeling for planner-controlled tutors, 1100-1106 [Zbl 0752.68080]
Dagne, Philippe; Jehl, Olivier; Devès, Philippe; Luciani, Pierre; Taillibert, Patrick, When oscillators stop oscillating, 1109-1115 [Zbl 0749.68083]
Friedrich, Gerhard; Lackinger, Franz, Diagnosis temporal misbehavior, 1116-1122 [Zbl 0751.68064]
Lackinger, Franz; Nejdl, Wolfgang, Integrating model-based monitoring and diagnosis of complex dynamic systems, 1123-1128 [Zbl 0751.68065]
Poole, David, Representing diagnostic knowledge for probabilistic horn abduction, 1129-1135 [Zbl 0749.68086]
Woods, Erling A., The hybrid phenomena theory, 1138-1143 [Zbl 0752.68075]
Zhao, Feng, Extracting and representing qualitative behaviors of complex systems in phase spaces, 1144-1149 [Zbl 0752.68076]
Nishida, Toyoaki; Doshita, Shuji, A geometric approach to total envisioning, 1150-1155 [Zbl 0752.68074]
Söderman, Ulf; Strömberg, Jan-Erik, Combining qualitative and quantitative knowledge to generate models of physical systems, 1158-1163 [Zbl 0754.68105]
Dechter, Rina; Pearl, Judea, Directed constraint networks: A relational framework for causal modeling, 1164-1170 [Zbl 0761.68087]
Top, Jan; Akkermans, Hans, Computational and physical causality, 1171-1176 [Zbl 0754.68106]
Galton, Antony, Reified temporal theories and how to unreify them, 1177-1182 [Zbl 0761.68089]
Hsia, Yen-Teh, Characterizing belief with minimum commitment, 1184-1189 [Zbl 0760.68070]
Kruse, Rudolf; Schwecke, Erhard; Klawonn, Frank, On a tool for reasoning with mass distributions, 1190-1195 [Zbl 0754.68103]
Kyburg, Henry E. jun., Evidential probability, 1196-1202 [Zbl 0754.68104]
Wong, S. K. M.; Lingras, Pawan; Yao, Y. Y., Propagation of preference relations in qualitative inference networks, 1204-1209 [Zbl 0754.68107]
Wen, Wilson X.; Jennings, Andrew, Parallel distributed belief networks that learn, 1210-1215 [Zbl 0754.68099]
Steels, Luc, Emergent frame recognition and its use in artificial creatures, 1219-1224 [Zbl 0754.68097]
Bonasso, R. Peter, Integrating reaction plans and layered competences through synchronous control, 1225-1231 [Zbl 0755.68117]
Peters, Stephen F.; Hirai, Shigeoki; Omata, Toru; Sato, Tomomasa, Planning robot control parameter values with qualitative reasoning, 1234-1240 [Zbl 0751.68058]
Stelmaszyk, Patrick; Ishiguro, Hiroshi; Tsuji, Saburo, Mobile robot navigation by an active control of the vision system, 1241-1246 [Zbl 0749.68074]
Barth, Matthew; Ishiguro, Hiroshi; Tsuji, Saburo, Determining robot egomotion from motion parallax observed by an active camera, 1247-1253 [Zbl 0755.68116]
Shapira, Yerucham; Ullman, Shimon, A pictorial approach to object classification, 1257-1263 [Zbl 0756.68096]
Strat, Thomas M.; Fischler, Martin A., Natural object recognition; A theoretical framework and its implementation, 1264-1270 [Zbl 0756.68097]
Kender, John P.; Kjeldsen, Bick, On seeing spaghetti: A novel self-adjusting seven parameter hough space for analyzing flexible extruded objects, 1271-1277 [Zbl 0756.68095]
Brunelli, R.; Poggio, T., Hyper BF networks for real object recognition, 1278-1284 [Zbl 0756.68094]
Audette, Michel; Cohen, Paul; Weng, Juyang, Shading-based two-view matching, 1286-1291 [Zbl 0756.68093]
Fua, Pascal, Combining stereo and monocular information to compute dense depth maps that preserve depth discontinuities, 1292-1298 [Zbl 0759.68090]
Cameron-Jones, R. Mike, Visual interpretation of Lambertian surface deformation, 1299-1304 [Zbl 0761.68103]
Regier, Terry, Line labeling and junction labeling: A coupled system for image interpretation, 1305-1310 [Zbl 0761.68105]
Varšek, Alen, Qualitative model evolution, 1311-1316 [Zbl 0748.68066]
Reviewer: N.Curteanu (Iaşi)


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