Classification of irregular varieties. Minimal models and Abelian varieties. Proceedings of a conference, held in Trento, Italy, 17-21 December, 1990. (English) Zbl 0744.00029

Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1515. Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. 149 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Andreatta, M.; Ballico, E.; Wiśniewski, Jarosław A., Projective manifolds containing large linear subspaces, 1-11 [Zbl 0787.14034]
Bardelli, Fabio, Algebraic cohomology classes on some special threefolds, 12-20 [Zbl 0772.14013]
Birkenhake, Christina; Lange, Herbert, Norm-endomorphisms of abelian subvarieties, 21-32 [Zbl 0782.14036]
Ciliberto, Ciro; van der Geer, Gerard, On the Jacobian of a hyperplane section of a surface, 33-40 [Zbl 0787.14017]
Ciliberto, Ciro; Harris, Joe; Teixidor i Bigas, Montserrat, On the endomorphisms of \(\text{Jac}(W_ d^ 1(C))\) when \(\rho=1\) and \(C\) has general moduli, 41-67 [Zbl 0787.14018]
van Geemen, Bert, Projective models of Picard modular varieties, 68-99 [Zbl 0793.14010]
Kollár, János; Miyaoka, Yoichi; Mori, Shigefumi, Rational curves on Fano varieties, 100-105 [Zbl 0776.14012]
Salvati Manni, Riccardo, Modular forms of the fourth degree. (Remark on a paper of Harris and Morrison), 106-111 [Zbl 0769.11025]
Vistoli, Angelo, Equivariant Grothendieck groups and equivariant Chow groups, 112-133 [Zbl 0784.14006]
Trento examples, 134-139 [Zbl 0769.14001]
Open problems (collected by E. Ballico, C. Ciliberto and F. Catanese), 140-146 [Zbl 0781.14016]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
14-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to algebraic geometry
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