Approximation by solutions of partial differential equations. Proceedings of the NATO advanced research workshop on approximation by solutions of partial differential equations, quadrature formulae, and related topics, held in Hanstholm, Denmark, July 8-12, 1991. (English) Zbl 0744.00033

NATO ASI Series. Series C. Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 365. Dordrecht etc.: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xii, 201 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Armitage, D. H.; Goldstein, M., Characterizations of balls and strips via harmonic quadrature, 1-9 [Zbl 0770.31004]
Armitage, D. H.; Goldstein, M., Better than uniform approximation on closed sets by harmonic functions with singularities and applications, 11-14 [Zbl 0770.31003]
Bagby, T.; Gauthier, P. M., Uniform approximation by global harmonic functions, 15-26 [Zbl 0759.41017]
Boivin, A.; Mateu, J.; Verdera, J., Weighted \(L^ p\) approximation by holomorphic functions, 27-49 [Zbl 0776.41022]
Bshouty, D.; Hengartner, W., Boundary correspondence of univalent harmonic mappings from the unit disc onto a Jordan domain, 51-60 [Zbl 0777.30009]
Eremenko, A. E.; Lyons, T. J., Finely open sets in the limit set of a finitely generated Kleinian group, 61-67 [Zbl 0769.30035]
Fuchs, W. H. J.; Hayman, W. K., Rational approximation to the Fresnel integral, 69-77 [Zbl 0766.41014]
Gauthier, P. M.; Heinonen, J.; Zwick, D., Axiomatic approximation, 79-85 [Zbl 0759.41023]
Goldstein, M.; Haussmann, W.; Rogge, L., Characterization of open strips by harmonic quadrature, 87-92 [Zbl 0767.31003]
Haussmann, W.; Wehrend, L.; Zeller, K., Mean value theorems and best \(L^ 1\)-approximation, 93-102 [Zbl 0774.41025]
Jensen, A., Mapping properties of the wave operators in scattering theory, 103-110 [Zbl 0803.35104]
Kounchev, O. I., Harmonicity modulus and applications to the approximation by polyharmonic functions, 111-125 [Zbl 0759.41018]
Lyubich, M.; Volberg, A., A comparison of harmonic and maximal measures for rational functions, 127-139 [Zbl 0766.30020]
Murai, T., The role of the Hilbert transform in 2-dimensional aerodynamics, 141-154 [Zbl 0762.44003]
Netuka, I., Approximation by harmonic functions and the Dirichlet problem, 155-168 [Zbl 0759.41033]
Reimer, M., On the existence-problem for Gauss-quadrature on the sphere, 169-184 [Zbl 0759.41030]
Zalcman, L., A bibliographic survey of the Pompeiu problem, 185-194 [Zbl 0830.26005]


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