Potential theory. Proceedings of the international conference, Nagoya, Japan, August 30-September 4, 1990. (English) Zbl 0745.00008

Berlin etc.: de Gruyter. xi, 403 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Adams, David R., \(L^ p\) potential theory techniques and nonlinear PDE, 1-15 [Zbl 0764.31007]
Bliedtner, Jürgen, Applications of Choquet theory to potential theory, 17-24 [Zbl 0783.31005]
Dellacherie, Claude, Une version non linéaire du théorème de Hunt. (A nonlinear version of Hunt’s theorem), 25-32 [Zbl 0762.31005]
Hayman, Walter K., Strict isoperimetric inequalities and asymmetry, 33-42 [Zbl 0764.31003]
Hedberg, Lars Inge, Nonlinear potential theory, 43-54 [Zbl 0765.31005]
Martio, Olli, Potential theory and quasiconformal mappings, 55-64 [Zbl 0777.31010]
Mokobodzki, Gabriel, Maximal inequalities and potential theory, 65-73 [Zbl 0788.31007]
Netuka, Ivan, The boundary behaviour of solutions of the Dirichlet problem, 75-92 [Zbl 0783.31004]
O’Farrell, Anthony G., Capacities in function theory, 93-105 [Zbl 0776.30001]
Röckner, Michael, Potential theory on non-locally compact space via Dirichlet forms, 107-126 [Zbl 0767.31010]
Taylor, John C., The Martin compactification of a symmetric space of non-compact type at the bottom of the positive spectrum: An introduction, 127-139 [Zbl 0760.31005]
Wu, Jang-Mei, Level sets and the Green function, 141-145 [Zbl 0809.30016]
Biroli, Marco, Local properties of solutions to equations involving square Hörmander’s operators, 147-154 [Zbl 0759.35005]
Bitsadze, Andrej V., On the generalized Neumann problem, 155-160 [Zbl 0779.35030]
Boukricha, Abderrahman, Picard’s principle for rotation invariant measures and applications, 161-169 [Zbl 0785.35023]
Ehjderman, Vladimir Ya., Measure and capacity of exceptional sets arising in estimations of \(\delta\)-subharmonic functions, 171-177 [Zbl 0765.30015]
Eriksson-Bique, Sirkka-Liisa A., Balayage spaces, standard \(H\)-cones and hyperharmonic cones, 179-191 [Zbl 0764.31009]
Gawinecki, Jerzy A., On thermoelastic potential in three-dimensional hyperbolic thermoelasticity theory, 193-199 [Zbl 0769.35035]
Grachev, Nikolai V., Representations and estimates for inverse operators of the potential theory integral equations in a polyhedron, 201-206 [Zbl 0763.31001]
Hakobyan, Ashot, Use of single layer potential in mixed problems of elasticity, 207-211 [Zbl 0796.73005]
Kajmanovich, Vadim A., Discretization of bounded harmonic functions on Riemannian manifolds and entropy, 213-223 [Zbl 0768.58054]
Kruglikov, Victor I., Capacities and mappings quasiconformal in the mean, 225-227 [Zbl 0761.30013]
Kurokawa, Takahide, Beppo Levi spaces and Riesz potential spaces, 229-234 [Zbl 0761.31004]
Mizuta, Yoshihiro, Boundary limits of harmonic functions in Sobolev-Orlicz classes, 235-249 [Zbl 0760.31002]
Murata, Minoru, Positive harmonic functions on rotationary symmetric Riemannian manifolds, 251-259 [Zbl 0777.53039]
Picardello, Massimo; Woess, Wolfgang, Examples of stable Martin boundaries of Markov chains, 261-270 [Zbl 0758.60076]
Ramaswamy, Sundararaja, Comparison of liminf and fine liminf of positive superharmonic functions, 271-273 [Zbl 0761.31001]
Serov, Valeri S., Some problems of potential theory for the Schrödinger operator with singular potential, 275-279 [Zbl 0769.35012]
Shestopalov, Yuri V., Potential theory for Helmholtz operator and nonlinear eigenvalue problems, 281-290 [Zbl 0769.35011]
Shibata, Keiichi, On stationary points of the energy integral, 291-297 [Zbl 0765.31002]
Shidfar, Abdullah; Hosseini, M. A., Application of potential theory in biharmonic analysis, 299-302 [Zbl 0770.31001]
Smith, Wayne; Stegenga, David A., Sobolev imbeddings and integrability of harmonic functions on Hölder domains, 303-313 [Zbl 0761.31003]
Suzuki, Noriaki, An estimate of harmonic measure with an application to subharmonic functions, 315-320 [Zbl 0761.31002]
Tanaka, Hiroshi, Kuramochi boundaries of Riemannian manifolds, 321-329 [Zbl 0761.31005]
van Gool, Frans, On axiomatic nonlinear potential theory, 331-343 [Zbl 0762.31006]
Watanabe, Hisako, The Neumann problem and Hausdorff measures, 345-359 [Zbl 0768.31005]
Wu, Jiong-Qi; Gao, Qi-Ren, On potential extension and capacity on harmonic spaces, 361-365 [Zbl 0763.31007]
Zargaryan, Stepan S., Singularities of the solution of integral equations of potential theory arising in problems of elasticity for non-homogeneous media, 367-381 [Zbl 0761.45004]


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