CAAP ’90. 15th colloquium on trees in algebra and programming, Copenhagen, Denmark, May 15–18, 1990, Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0745.00027

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 431. Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. VI, 285 p. (1990).

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Indexed articles:
Hirst, Tirza; Harel, David, On the power of bounded concurrency. II: The pushdown automata level, 1-17 [Zbl 0758.68028]
Viennot, Xavier Gérard, Trees everywhere, 18-41 [Zbl 0785.68092]
Bellia, M.; Bugliesi, M.; Occhiuto, M. E., Combinatory forms for equational programming: Instances, unification and narrowing, 42-56 [Zbl 0758.68022]
Boudol, Gérard; Larsen, Kim G., Graphical versus logical specifications, 57-71 [Zbl 0759.68059]
Cai, J.; Paige, R.; Tarjan, R., More efficient bottom-up tree pattern matching, 72-86 [Zbl 0759.68030]
Caucal, Didier, On the regular structure of prefix rewriting, 87-102 [Zbl 0786.68047]
Clarke, E. M.; Browne, I. A.; Kurshan, R. P., A unified approach for showing language containment and equivalence between various types of \(\omega\)-automata, 103-116 [Zbl 0759.68063]
Crochemore, M.; Neraud, J., Unitary monoid with two generators: An algorithmic point of view, 117-131 [Zbl 0758.68053]
Curien, Pierre-Louis; Ghelli, Giorgio, Coherence of subsumption, 132-146 [Zbl 0759.03009]
Engberg, Uffe; Winskel, Glynn, Petri nets as models of linear logic, 147-161 [Zbl 0757.03005]
Ferrari, Gian Luigi; Montanari, Ugo, Towards the unification of models for concurrency, 162-176 [Zbl 0758.68027]
Geniet, Dominique; Schott, René; Thimonier, Loÿs, A Markovian concurrency measure, 177-190 [Zbl 0759.68021]
Holm, Kristoffer Høgsbro, Graph matching in operational semantics and typing, 191-205 [Zbl 0759.68058]
Kfoury, A. J.; Tiuryn, J.; Urzyczyn, P., ML typability is DEXPTIME-complete, 206-220 [Zbl 0760.68035]
Kounalis, Emmanuel, Testing for inductive (co)-reducibility, 221-238 [Zbl 0759.68048]
Louchard, G.; Schott, R., Probabilistic analysis of some distributed algorithms, 239-253 [Zbl 0759.68036]
Schwartzbach, Michael I., Infinite values in hierarchical imperative types, 254-268 [Zbl 0758.68021]
Seidl, Helmut, Equivalence of finite-valued bottom-up finite state tree transducers is decidable, 269-284 [Zbl 0758.68049]


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