Artificial intelligence and mathematical theory of computation. Papers in honor of John McCarthy. (English) Zbl 0745.00070

Boston, MA etc.: Academic Press, Inc. xiv, 475 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Boyer, Robert S.; Goldschlag, David M.; Kaufmann, Matt; Moore, J. Strother, Functional instantiation in first-order logic, 7-26 [Zbl 0755.68120]
Cartwright, Robert, Lambda: The ultimate combinator, 27-46 [Zbl 0800.68294]
Feferman, Solomon, Proofs of termination and the “91” function, 47-63 [Zbl 0755.68066]
Feldman, Jerome A., Robots with common sense!, 65-72 [Zbl 0825.68728]
Filman, Robert E., Ascribing artificial intelligence to (simpler) machines, or when AI meets the real world, 73-89 [Zbl 0825.68503]
Gabriel, Richard P., The design of parallel programming languages, 91-108 [Zbl 0800.68291]
Goad, Chris, Metaprogramming at work in automated manufacturing, 109-128 [Zbl 0755.68146]
Gosper, R. Wm., LISP + calculus = identities, 129-149 [Zbl 0825.68438]
Halpern, Joseph Y.; Vardi, Moshe Y., Model checking vs. Theorem proving: A manifesto, 151-176 [Zbl 0755.68121]
Hearn, Anthony C., Algebraic computation: The quiet revolution, 177-186 [Zbl 0800.68518]
Ito, Takayasu, LISP and parallelism, 187-206 [Zbl 0800.68286]
Knuth, Donald E., Textbook examples of recursion, 207-229 [Zbl 0755.68070]
Kowalski, Robert; Kim, Jin-Sang, A metalogic programming approach to multi-agent knowledge and belief, 231-246 [Zbl 0755.68122]
Levesque, Hector J., Belief and introspection, 247-260 [Zbl 0800.68858]
Manna, Zohar; Stickel, Mark E.; Waldinger, Richard, Monotonicity properties in automated deduction, 261-280 [Zbl 0755.68123]
Minker, Jack; Lobo, Jorge; Rajasekar, Arcot, Circumscription and disjunctive logic programming, 281-304 [Zbl 0755.68033]
Mitchell, John C., On the equivalence of data representations, 305-329 [Zbl 0800.68542]
Moravec, Hans P., Caution! Robot vehicle!, 331-343 [Zbl 0825.68713]
Rathmann, Peter K.; Wiederhold, Gio, Circumscription and authority, 345-358 [Zbl 0780.68105]
Reiter, Raymond, The frame problem in the situation calculus: A simple solution (sometimes) and a completeness result for goal regression, 359-380 [Zbl 0755.68124]
Sato, Masahiko, An abstraction mechanism for symbolic expressions, 381-391 [Zbl 0755.68082]
Shoham, Yoav, Varieties of context, 393-407 [Zbl 0800.68865]
Stoyan, Herbert, The influence of the designer on the design — J. McCarthy and LISP, 409-426 [Zbl 0755.68032]
Talcott, Carolyn, Binding structures, 427-448 [Zbl 0755.68083]
Thomason, Richmond H., Logicism, AI, and common sense: John McCarthy’s program in philosophical perspective, 449-466 [Zbl 0800.68658]
Weyhrauch, Richard, The incorrectness of the bisection algorithm, 467-468 [Zbl 0754.03031]


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