Fourth Czechoslovakian symposium on combinatorics, graphs and complexity, held in Prachatice, Czechoslovakia, 1990. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0748.00023

Annals of Discrete Mathematics. 51. Amsterdam: North-Holland. ix, 400 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Abrham, Jaromir; Kotzig, Anton, Two sequences of 2-regular graceful graphs consisting of 4-gons, 1-4 [Zbl 0766.05072]
Archdeacon, Dan, A survey of self-dual polyhedra, 5-12 [Zbl 0764.51017]
Bača, Martin, On magic labellings of convex polytopes, 13-16 [Zbl 0763.05089]
Bálint, Vojtech, A packing problem and geometrical series, 17-21 [Zbl 0847.52017]
Bodendiek, R.; Wagner, Klaus, On the bananas surface \(B_ 2\), 23-30 [Zbl 0769.05032]
Borodin, Oleg V., Structural properties and colorings of plane graphs, 31-37 [Zbl 0765.05043]
Borowiecki, Mieczysław, The binding number of graphs, 39-44 [Zbl 0760.05084]
Bugata, Peter, Note on algorithmic solvability of Trahtenbrot-Zykov problem, 45-49 [Zbl 0776.68092]
Burosch, Gustav; Ceccherini, Pier Vittorio, Cartesian dimensions of a graph, 51-57 [Zbl 0767.05041]
Cieslik, Dietmar, The Steiner minimal tree problem in \(L^ 2_ p\), 59-62 [Zbl 0772.05032]
Dvořák, Tomáš, On \(k\)-connected subgraphs of the hypercube, 63-67 [Zbl 0773.05062]
Erdős, Paul, On some of my favourite problems in various branches of combinatorics, 69-79 [Zbl 0760.05025]
Fronček, D., Realizability of some starlike trees, 81-83 [Zbl 0774.05030]
Gropp, Harald, The construction of all configurations (\(12_ 4, 16_ 3\)), 85-91 [Zbl 0767.05035]
Horňák, Mirko, \((p,q)\)-realizability of integer sequences with respect to Möbius strip, 93-101 [Zbl 0768.52012]
Hudec, Oto, Vertex location problems, 103-105 [Zbl 0773.05065]
Hurkens, A. J. C.; Hurkens, C. A. J.; Whitty, R. W., On generation of a class of flowgraphs, 107-112 [Zbl 0767.05051]
Ivančo, Jaroslav, The weight of a graph, 113-116 [Zbl 0773.05066]
Jaeger, François, On the Kauffman polynomial of planar matroids, 117-127 [Zbl 0763.05021]
Jendrol’, Stanislav, On symmetry groups of selfdual convex polyhedra, 129-135 [Zbl 0767.52004]
Jurák, Věroslav, A remark on 2-\((v,k,\lambda{})\) designs, 137-139 [Zbl 0772.05005]
Koebe, Manfred, On a new class of intersection graphs, 141-143 [Zbl 0767.05079]
Konieczna, Urszula, Asymptotic normality of isolated edges in random subgraphs of the \(n\)- cube, 145-149 [Zbl 0773.05089]
Kostochka, A. V.; Mel’nikov, L. S., On bounds of the bisection width of cubic graphs, 151-154 [Zbl 0773.05069]
Kostochka, A. V.; Sapozhenko, A. A.; Weber, K., On random cubical graphs, 155-160 [Zbl 0767.05085]
Kratochvíl, Jan; Nešetřil, Jaroslav; Zýka, Ondřej, On the computational complexity of Seidel’s switching, 161-166 [Zbl 0768.68047]
Kundrík, Anton, The harmonious chromatic number of a graph, 167-170 [Zbl 0782.05034]
Kurek, Andrzej, Arboricity and star arboricity of graphs, 171-173 [Zbl 0762.05036]
Lin, Cantian; Wallis, W. D.; Lie, Zhu, Extended 4-profiles of Hadamard matrices, 175-180 [Zbl 0767.05033]
Loebl, M.; Poljak, S., Good family packing, 181-186 [Zbl 0771.05080]
Lonc, Zbigniew, Solution of an extremal problem concerning edge-partitions of graphs, 187-190 [Zbl 0769.05076]
Łuczak, Tomasz; Ruciński, Andrzej, Balanced extensions of spare graphs, 191-203 [Zbl 0776.05061]
Malnič, A.; Mohar, B., Two results on antisocial families of balls, 205-207 [Zbl 0764.52009]
Marušič, Dragan, Hamiltonicity of vertex-transitive \(pq\)-graphs, 209-212 [Zbl 0764.05052]
Meir, A.; Moon, J. W., On nodes of given out-degree in random trees, 213-222 [Zbl 0779.05051]
Mendelsohn, Eric; Shalaby, Nabil; Hao, Shen, All leaves and excesses are realizable for \(k=3\) and all \(\lambda\), 223-228 [Zbl 0771.05019]
Michalak, Danuta, The binding number of \(k\)-trees, 229-233 [Zbl 0785.05027]
Mihók, Peter, An extension of Brooks’ theorem, 235-236 [Zbl 0766.05028]
Nebeský, Ladislav, On sectors in a connected graph, 237-240 [Zbl 0768.05064]
Nýdl, Václav, Irreconstructability of finite undirected graphs from large subgraphs, 241-244 [Zbl 0774.05068]
Papadimitriou, Christos H., On inefficient proofs of existence and complexity classes, 245-250 [Zbl 0798.68058]
Papadimitriou, Christos H.; Sideri, Martha, Optimal coteries on a network, 251-253 [Zbl 0768.68168]
Plesník, Ján, On some heuristics for the Steiner problem in graphs, 255-257 [Zbl 0768.68172]
Raspaud, André, Cycle covers of graphs with a nowhere-zero 4-flow, 259 [Zbl 0760.05060]
Recski, András, Minimax results and polynomial algorithms in VLSI routing, 261-273 [Zbl 0798.68076]
Rogers, D. G., Critical perfect systems of difference sets, 275-279 [Zbl 0770.05018]
Rycerz, Anna, Some operations (not) preserving the integer rounding property, 281-285 [Zbl 0763.05015]
Scheffler, Petra, Optimal embedding of a tree into an interval graph in linear time, 287-291 [Zbl 0767.05045]
Schöne, W., Construction of polytopal graphs, 293-296 [Zbl 0771.05094]
Seidel, J. J., More about two-graphs, 297-308 [Zbl 0764.05036]
Sheehan, J.; Clapham, C. R. J., These are the two-free trees, 309-313 [Zbl 0777.05045]
Simić, Slobodan K., A note on reconstructing the characteristic polynomial of a graph, 315-319 [Zbl 0761.05093]
Skupień, Z., Exponential constructions of some nonhamiltonian minima, 321-328 [Zbl 0763.05068]
Sonntag, Martin, Hamiltonicity of products of hypergraphs, 329-332 [Zbl 0773.05079]
Tkáč, Michal, Non-hamiltonian simple 3-polytopal graphs with edges of only two types, 333-335 [Zbl 0771.05061]
Tsaranov, S. V., On spectra of trees and related two-graphs, 337-340 [Zbl 0776.05077]
Vetchý, Vladimír, Metrically regular square of metrically regular bigraphs, 341-344 [Zbl 0760.05097]
Woźniak, Mariusz, Embedding of graphs in the complements of their squares, 345-349 [Zbl 0767.05046]
Zelikovsky, A. Z., An \(\frac{11}{6}\)-approximation algorithm for the Steiner problem on graphs, 351-354 [Zbl 0768.68193]
Zelinka, Bohdan, Distances between graphs, 355-361 [Zbl 0762.05047]
Zelinka, Bohdan, Domatic number of a graph and its variants, 363-369 [Zbl 0772.05058]
Zykov, Alexander A., The space of graphs and its factorizations, 371-374 [Zbl 0773.05051]
Borodin, Oleg V., Problems proposed at the problem session of the Prachatice conference on graph theory, 375-384 [Zbl 0760.05024]


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