Selected proceedings of the Sheffield symposium on applied probability, held in Sheffield, UK, 1990. (English) Zbl 0752.00055

Institute of Mathematical Statistics Lecture Notes - Monograph Series 18. Hayward, CA: Institute of Mathematical Statistics (ISBN 0-940600-25-0/pbk). x, 277 p., open access (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Aldous, David, Applications of random walks on finite graphs, 12-26 [Zbl 0769.60064]
Becker, Niels G., Analysis of infectious disease data from a sample of households, 27-40 [Zbl 0782.92015]
Bolthausen, Erwin, On directed polymers in a random environment, 41-47 [Zbl 0773.60067]
Daniels, H. E., A look at perturbation approximations for epidemics, 48-65 [Zbl 0782.92016]
Greenwood, P. E.; Ossiander, M., A central limit theorem for evolving random fields, 66-99 [Zbl 0766.60056]
Griffiths, R. C., The two-locus ancestral graph, 100-117 [Zbl 0781.92022]
Jagers, Peter; Nerman, Olle; Taib, Ziad, When did Joe’s great…grandfather live? Or: On the time scale of evolution, 118-126 [Zbl 0772.60060]
Phelan, Michael J., Point processes and inference for rainfall fields, 127-148 [Zbl 0788.60061]
Adler, AndrĂ©, Accumulation points of a particular normalized random walk, 156-158 [Zbl 0771.60035]
Biggins, J. D., Uniform convergence of martingales in the one-dimensional branching random walk, 159-173 [Zbl 0770.60077]
Branson, David, An urn model and the coalescent in neutral infinite-alleles genetic processes, 174-192 [Zbl 0781.92021]
Grey, D. R.; Lu, Zhunwei, Extinction probabilities of branching processes in random environments, 205-211 [Zbl 0771.60061]
Hochberg, Kenneth J., Measure-valued processes: Techniques and applications, 212-235 [Zbl 0774.60046]
Kolassa, John E., Saddlepoint approximations in the case of intractable cumulant generating functions, 236-255 [Zbl 0764.60018]
Mijnheer, Joop, \(U\)-statistics and double stable integrals, 256-268 [Zbl 0769.60048]


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