Shape optimization and free boundaries. Proceedings of the NATO Advanced Study Institute and Séminaire de mathématiques supérieures, held Montréal, Canada, June 25-July 13, 1990. (English, French) Zbl 0753.00022

NATO ASI Series. Series C. Mathematical and Physical Sciences. 380. Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers. xviii, 462 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Chadam, John; Ricci, Riccardo, Free boundary problems in geochemistry, 1-34 [Zbl 0765.76093]
Delfour, Michel C., Shape derivatives and differentiability of min max, 35-111 [Zbl 0780.49029]
Fasano, Antonio, Some free boundary problems with industrial applications, 113-142 [Zbl 0765.76005]
Fortin, Michel, Problèmes de surfaces libres en mécanique des fluides. (Free boundary problems in fluid mechanics), 143-172 [Zbl 0779.76022]
Kohn, Robert V., Numerical structural optimization via a relaxed formulation, 173-210 [Zbl 0767.73049]
Pironneau, Olivier, Optimal shape design with applications to aerodynamics, 211-251 [Zbl 0765.76068]
Promislow, Keith; Temam, Roger, Approximation and localization of attractors, 253-285 [Zbl 0765.76020]
Sokołowski, Jan, Shape sensitivity analysis of variational inequalities, 287-319 [Zbl 0764.49022]
Stakgold, Ivar, Diffusion with strong absorption, 321-345 [Zbl 0765.76082]
Vazquez, Jean Luis, An introduction to the mathematical theory of the porous medium equation, 347-389 [Zbl 0765.76086]
Velázquez, Juan J. L., Asymptotic behaviour near extinction points for a semilinear equation with strong absorption, 391-395 [Zbl 0789.35081]
Zolésio, J. P., Introduction to shape optimization problems and free boundary problems, 397-457 [Zbl 0765.76070]


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