Séminaire de probabilités XXVI. (French, English) Zbl 0754.00008

Lecture Notes in Mathematics. 1526. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. x, 632 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Bass, Richard; Khoshnevisan, Davar, Stochastic calculus and the continuity of local times of Lévy processes, 1-10 [Zbl 0778.60055]
Mayer-Wolf, Eduardo; Nualart, David; Pérez-Abreu, Victor, Large deviations for multiple Wiener-Itô integral processes, 11-31 [Zbl 0782.60026]
Xia, Aihua, Weak convergence of jump processes., 32-46 [Zbl 1126.60318]
Miclo, Laurent, Simulated annealing without potential in a finite set, 47-60 [Zbl 0770.60090]
Pratelli, Luca, A characterization of convergence in \(L^ 1\). Application to quasimartingales, 61-69 [Zbl 0766.60041]
Barlow, Martin T.; Imkeller, Peter, On some sample path properties of Skorohod integral processes, 70-80 [Zbl 0761.60047]
Burdzy, Krzysztof; Marshall, Donald, Hitting a boundary point with reflected Brownian motion, 81-94 [Zbl 0782.60051]
Mountford, T. S., Quasi-everywhere upper functions, 95-106 [Zbl 0765.60079]
Mountford, T. S., A critical function for the planar Brownian convex hull, 107-112 [Zbl 0765.60028]
Taylor, J. C., Skew products, regular conditional probabilities and stochastic differential equations: A technical remark, 113-126 [Zbl 0763.60031]
Pontier, Monique; Estrade, Anne, Horizontal lift of a càdlàg semimartingale, 127-145 [Zbl 0764.60047]
Arnaudon, Marc, Connections and martingales in Lie groups. (Appendix: Decomposition into the product of two Brownians of a martingale with values in a group provided with a bi-invariant metric, by M. Arnaudon and P. Mathieu), 146-156 [Zbl 0780.58047]
Dubins, Lester E.; Smorodinsky, Meir, The modified, discrete, Lévy-transformation is Bernoulli, 157-161 [Zbl 0761.60043]
Boutabia, Hacène; Maisonneuve, Bernard, Conditional laws of Markov excursions, 162-166 [Zbl 0774.60068]
Lépingle, D., Orthogonality and uniform integrability of discrete martingales, 167-169 [Zbl 0765.60036]
Bakry, Dominique; Michel, Dominique, On the FKG inequalities, 170-188 [Zbl 0766.60118]
Norris, J. R., A complete differential formalism for stochastic calculus in manifolds, 189-209 [Zbl 0791.58111]
Baxter, Martin, Markov processes on the boundary of the binary tree, 210-224 [Zbl 0773.60073]
Biane, Philippe, Martin boundary of the dual of SU(2), 225-233 [Zbl 0763.60034]
McGill, Paul, Generalised transforms, quasi-diffusions, and Désiré André’s equation, 234-247 [Zbl 0768.60068]
Azéma, J.; Yor, M., On the zeros of continuous martingales, 248-306 [Zbl 0765.60038]
Azéma, J.; Meyer, P. A.; Yor, M., Relative martingales, 307-321 [Zbl 0765.60037]
Jeulin, Th.; Yor, M., A noncanonical decomposition of the Brownian sheet, 322-347 [Zbl 0767.60082]
Bertoin, Jean, A family of diffusions annuling on the zeros of a reflexive Brownian motion, 348-360 [Zbl 0767.60072]
Vallois, Pierre, Amplitude of the Brownian motion and juxtaposition of positive and negative excursions, 361-373 [Zbl 0763.60038]
Abraham, Romain, An infinite random tree associated to the Brownian excursion, 374-397 [Zbl 0763.60035]
Delbaen, Freddy, Infinitesimal behaviour of a continuous local martingale, 398-404 [Zbl 0764.60046]
Utzet, Frederic, Processes with independent increments and structure equations, 405-409 [Zbl 0764.60077]
Solé, J. Ll.; Utzet, F., A note on the multiple Stratonovich integral for the Poisson process, 410-414 [Zbl 0766.60062]
Kazumi, Tetsuya; Shigekawa, Ichiro, Measures of finite \((r,p)\)-energy and potentials on a separable metric space, 415-444 [Zbl 0769.60069]
Kuznetsov, S. E., More on existence and uniqueness of decomposition of excessive functions and measures into extremes, 445-472 [Zbl 0768.60065]
Kuznetsov, S. E., On existence of a dual semigroup, 473-484 [Zbl 0767.60067]
Fitzsimmons, P. J.; Getoor, R. K., Some applications of quasi-boundedness for excessive measures, 485-497 [Zbl 0768.60064]
Joffe, A., Renewal: Generator of age processes, 498-500 [Zbl 0770.60068]
Rebolledo, Rolando, The “invariance principles” in probability on the Wiener space, 501-504 [Zbl 0780.60033]
Bobadilla, Gladys; Rebolledo, Rolando; Saavedra, Eugenio, On the convergence of anticipative integrals, 505-513 [Zbl 0787.60061]
Applebaum, David, An operator theoretic approach to stochastic flows on manifolds, 514-532 [Zbl 0791.58107]
Kikuchi, Masato, A note on the energy inequalities for increasing processes, 533-539 [Zbl 0773.60033]
Sato, Sadao, On the reconstruction of a killed Markov process, 540-559 [Zbl 0772.60052]
Hoover, D. N., Extending probability spaces and adapted distribution, 560-574 [Zbl 0776.60048]
Hu, Yao-Zhong, An Itô formula for the fermionic Brownian motion, 575-578 [Zbl 0766.60060]
Hu, Yao-Zhong, Stochastic Taylor series and Campbell-Hausdorff formula according to Ben Arous, 579-586 [Zbl 0766.60069]
Hu, Yao-Zhong, On a paper of R. Carmona and D. Nualart, 587-594 [Zbl 0766.60047]
Hu, Yao-Zhong, A remark on the non commutative Hölder inequality, 595 [Zbl 0784.46046]
Trofimov, E. I., Sobolev topologies in seminartingale theory, 596-607 [Zbl 0767.60042]
Ladouceur, Stephane; Weber, Michel, Note to a result of Kowada about analytic flows, 608-618 [Zbl 0790.58033]
Attal, Stéphane, Uniqueness problems in operator representations on Fock space, 619-632 [Zbl 0764.60062]


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