Multiobjective problems of mathematical programming. Proceedings of the international conference on multiobjective problems of mathematical programming, held in Yalta, USSR, October 26 - November 2, 1988. (English) Zbl 0754.00017

Lecture Notes in Economics and Mathematical Systems. 351. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. vii, 314 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Batishchev, Dmitrij I.; Anuchin, Vladimir F.; Shaposhnikov, Dmitrij E., The use of the qualitative information on the importance of particular criteria for the computation of weighting coefficients, 2-7 [Zbl 0765.90078]
Bordetskij, A. B.; Tsygankov, V. A., Multiple objective decision-making aid using analysis of inconsistency between constraints, 8-14 [Zbl 0825.90737]
Lieberman, Elliot R., Soviet multi-objective programming methods: An overview, 21-31 [Zbl 0772.90066]
Mikhalevich, V. S.; Volkovich, V. L.; Dargejko, L. F.; Dolenko, G. A.; Tchaplinskij, Yu. P., Multi-objective mathematical problems. Algorithms and software, 32-41 [Zbl 0825.90734]
Nakayama, Hirotaka, Satisficing trade-off method for problems with multiple linear fractional objectives and its applications, 42-50 [Zbl 0765.90080]
Nikonov, O. I., On the problem of guaranteed control with vector-valued performance criterion, 51-57 [Zbl 0779.93051]
Pel’tsverger, B. V.; Khavronin, O. V., Applying multi-criteria optimization for effective combinatorial problem solving, 58-63 [Zbl 0772.90065]
Podinovskij, V. V., Criteria importance theory, 64-70 [Zbl 0825.90006]
Polishchuk, Leonid I., Generalization of Karlin and Geoffrion theorems, 71-75 [Zbl 0782.90082]
Popchev, I.; Metev, B.; Yordanova, I., A realization of the reference point method using the Tchebycheff distance, 76-82 [Zbl 0782.90083]
Pshenichnyj, B. N.; Sosnovskij, A. A., A new algorithm for vector optimization problem, 83-87 [Zbl 0764.90075]
Shostak, V. F., Multicriteria optimization in synthesis problems of distributed control systems, 88-92 [Zbl 0825.90735]
Słowiński, Roman, Interactive multiobjective optimization based on ordinal regression, 93-100 [Zbl 0772.90068]
Sobol’, I. M., Problems with multiple objectives and ill-posed problems, 101-107 [Zbl 0765.90081]
Strongin, R. G.; Gergel, V. P.; Markin, D. L., Multicriterion multiextreme optimization with nonlinear constraints, 120-127 [Zbl 0782.90085]
Tanino, Tetsuzo; Satomi, Harukazu, Optimization methods for two-level multiobjective problems, 128-137 [Zbl 0825.90736]
Wang, Yanzhang; Wang, Zhongtuo, Non-objective-submerged and interactive approach to multiobjective linear programming, 138-147 [Zbl 0782.90086]
Weidner, Petra, Characterization of efficient decisions, 148-153 [Zbl 0825.90732]
Wierzbicki, Andrzej P., Dynamic aspects of multi-objective optimization, 154-174 [Zbl 0782.90059]
Nowicki, Eugeniusz; Smutnicki, Czeslaw, Resource constrained project scheduling basic properties, 229-235 [Zbl 0781.90056]
Ryś, Tomasz; Ziembla, Wiesław, Multiobjective investment scheduling problem, 245-253 [Zbl 0825.90596]
Serafini, P.; Speranza, M. G., Resource assignment in a DSS for project scheduling, 254-265 [Zbl 0784.90040]
Sukhorukov, G. A., Multicriterial problems of optimization of industrial and water- protective complexes development, 266-270 [Zbl 0825.90789]
Voloshin, A. F.; Volkovich, S. V.; Zaslavskij, V. A., Structural design of engineering systems with regard to many criteria, 271-275 [Zbl 0825.90788]
Vetschera, Rudolf, Feedback-oriented group decision support in a reference point framework, 309-314 [Zbl 0825.90036]


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