Lindenmayer systems. Impacts on theoretical computer science, computer graphics, and developmental biology. (English) Zbl 0755.00005

Berlin etc.: Springer-Verlag. X, 514 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Lindenmayer, A.; Jürgensen, H., Grammars of development: Discrete-state models for growth, differentiation, and gene expression in modular organisms, 3-21 [Zbl 0772.92008]
Honkala, Juha, Regularity properties of L ambiguities of morphisms, 25-47 [Zbl 0766.68079]
Choffrut, Christian, Iterated substitutions and locally catenative systems: A decidability result in the binary case, 49-92 [Zbl 0766.68072]
Culik, K. II.; Karhumäki, J.; Lepistö, A., Alternating iteration of morphisms and the Kolakovski sequence, 93-106 [Zbl 0766.68073]
Kobuchi, Youichi, Interaction strength of \(D1L\) systems, 107-114 [Zbl 0766.68080]
Yokomori, Takashi, Inductive inference of \(0L\) languages, 115-132 [Zbl 0766.68084]
Niemi, Valtteri, A normal form for structurally equivalent E0L grammars, 133-148 [Zbl 0769.68073]
Ottmann, Thomas; Wood, Derick, Simplifications of E0L grammars, 149-166 [Zbl 0769.68074]
Lange, Klaus-Jörn; Schudy, Michael, The complexity of the emptiness problem for E0L systems, 167-175 [Zbl 0769.68064]
Kelemenová, Alica; Removčíková, Miriam, AOL- and CFG- size of languages, 177-182 [Zbl 0771.68074]
Pastorová, Mária, A comparison of two controlled rewriting mechanisms for table Lindenmayer systems, 183-189 [Zbl 0769.68065]
Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw; Hanan, James, L-systems: From formalism to programming languages, 193-211 [Zbl 0769.68025]
Chien, T. W.; Jürgensen, H., Parametrized L systems for modelling: Potential and limitations, 213-229 [Zbl 0768.68204]
Goel, Narendra S.; Rozehnal, Ivan, A high-level language for L-systems and its applications, 231-251 [Zbl 0769.68011]
Dassow, Jürgen; Hromkovič, Juraj, On synchronized Lindenmayer picture languages, 253-261 [Zbl 0771.68073]
Meer, Peter; Rosenfeld, Azriel, Generation of random planar tessellations by hierarchical decimation, 263-268 [Zbl 0769.68125]
Kreowski, Hans-Jörg, Parallel hyperedge replacement, 271-282 [Zbl 0771.68075]
Ehrig, Hartmut; Taentzer, Gabriele, From parallel graph grammars to parallel high-level replacement systems, 283-303 [Zbl 0769.68071]
Aizawa, Kunio; Nakamura, Akira, On relationships between graph L-systems and picture languages. II, 305-318 [Zbl 0774.68075]
Siromoney, Rani; Subramanian, K. G.; Robinson, T., Map \(L\) systems with multiple markers, 319-329 [Zbl 0771.68081]
Tuza, Zsolt; Lindenmayer, Aristid, Locally generated colourings of hexagonal cell division patterns: Application to retinal cell differentiation, 333-350 [Zbl 0786.68052]
de Boer, Martin J. M.; Fracchia, F. David; Prusinkiewicz, Przemyslaw, A model for cellular development in morphogenetic fields, 351-370 [Zbl 0769.68127]
Head, Tom, Splicing schemes and DNA, 371-383 [Zbl 0785.68050]
Lück, Jacqueline; Lück, Hermann B., Cellworks: An application to plant morphogenesis, 385-402 [Zbl 0781.92009]
Păun, Gheorghe, Parallel communicating systems of L systems, 405-417 [Zbl 0774.68076]
Krithivasan, K.; Prasad, M. V. Nagendra; Mahajan, Meena, “Forgetful” L systems, 419-436 [Zbl 0785.68070]
Ito, M.; Thierrin, G., Skew-morphisms and systems, 437-454 [Zbl 0785.68051]
Asveld, Peter R. J., An algebraic approach to incomparable families of formal languages, 455-475 [Zbl 0786.68048]
Kari, Jarkko, On the inverse neighbourhoods of reversible cellular automata, 477-495 [Zbl 0785.68069]
Mayoh, Brian, Templates, fragments and skins, 497-514 [Zbl 0800.68895]


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