Stabilization of flexible structures. Third working conference, Montpellier, France, January 1989. (English) Zbl 0755.00020

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. 147. Berlin: Springer- Verlag. v, 327 p. (1990).

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Indexed articles:
Littman, Walter, Recent work on the scole model, 1-5 [Zbl 0825.93052]
Cioranescu, Doina; Saint Jean Paulin, Jeannine, Mathematical study of large space structures, 6-16 [Zbl 0825.93050]
Garnier, C., Symbolic formulation of dynamic equations for interconnected flexible bodies: The GEMMES software, 17-27 [Zbl 0788.68073]
Conrad, F.; Leblond, J.; Marmorat, J. P., Energy decay estimates for a beam with nonlinear boundary feedback, 46-61 [Zbl 0825.93317]
Lasiecka, I.; Triggiani, R., Uniform stabilization of the wave equation with Dirichlet-feedback control without geometrical conditions, 62-108 [Zbl 0783.93060]
El Jai, A., Actuators and controllability of distributed systems, 109-125 [Zbl 0782.93010]
Da Prato, Giuseppe; Delfour, Michel, Linear quadratic control problem without stabilizability, 126-147 [Zbl 0767.49026]
Cannarsa, Piermarco; Da Prato, Giuseppe; Zolesio, Jean-Paul, Riccati equations in noncylindrical domains, 148-155 [Zbl 0786.93053]
Acquistapace, Paolo; Terreni, Brunello, Boundary control problems for non-autonomous parabolic systems, 156-166 [Zbl 0786.93051]
Da Prato, G.; Zolésio, J. P., Existence and optimal control for wave equation in moving domain, 167-190 [Zbl 0772.49004]
Zolesio, J. P., Galerkine approximation for wave equation in moving domain, 191-225 [Zbl 0782.93053]
Lasiecka, I.; Triggiani, R., Further results on exact controllability of the Euler-Bernoulli equation with controls on the Dirichlet and Neumann boundary conditions, 226-234 [Zbl 0786.93010]
Cannarsa, Piermarco; Da Prato, Giuseppe, Some properties of the value equation of a nonlinear control problem in infinite dimensions, 235-247 [Zbl 0778.93040]
Zolesio, J. P., Identification of coefficients with bounded variation in the wave equation, 248-254 [Zbl 0786.93055]
Delfour, M. C.; Zolésio, J. P., Shape Hessian by the velocity method: A Lagrangian approach, 255-279 [Zbl 0784.93048]
Sokołowski, Jan; Zolesio, Jean-Paul, Shape sensitivity analysis of hyperbolic problems, 280-297 [Zbl 0784.93049]
Rao, Murali; Sokołowski, Jan, Differential stability of perturbed optimization with applications to parameter estimation, 298-311 [Zbl 0766.49019]
Gunzburger, Max D.; Hou, Lisheng; Svobodny, Thomas P., A numerical method for drag minimization via the suction and injection of mass through the boundary, 312-321 [Zbl 0765.76067]
Huijberts, H. J. C., Using the physical properties of systems for control: An illustration, 322-327 [Zbl 0768.93033]


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