Advances in number theory. The proceedings of the third conference of the Canadian Number Theory Association, held at Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada, August 18-24, 1991. (English) Zbl 0773.00021

Oxford: Clarendon Press. xxiii, 534 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Beukers, F., Exotic values of G-functions, 3-15 [Zbl 0792.11022]
Friedlander, John B., Irregularities in the distribution of primes, 17-30 [Zbl 0954.11502]
Heath-Brown, D. R., The Dirichlet divisor problem, 31-35 [Zbl 0791.11048]
Murty, M. Ram, A motivated introduction to the Langlands program, 37-66 [Zbl 0806.11054]
Waldschmidt, Michel, Transcendental numbers and functions of several variables, 67-80 [Zbl 0791.11032]
Rodriguez Villegas, Fernando; Zagier, Don, Square roots of central values of Hecke \(L\)-series, 81-99 [Zbl 0791.11060]
Iwaniec, Henryk, A formula for the Fourier coefficients of Maass cusp forms, 103-111 [Zbl 0805.11041]
Jutila, M., The additive divisor problem and exponential sums, 113-135 [Zbl 0792.11037]
Montgomery, Hugh L., Distribution of small powers of a primitive root, 137-149 [Zbl 0806.11041]
Knopfmacher, A.; Knopfmacher, J.; Warlimont, R., Ordered factorizations for integers and arithmetical semigroups, 151-165 [Zbl 0805.11069]
Nakahara, Toru, A simple proof for non-monogenesis of the rings of integers in some cyclic fields, 167-173 [Zbl 0797.11089]
Pihko, Jukka, Representing integers as sums of squares and hypothesis H, 175-176 [Zbl 0787.11012]
Lenstra, Hendrik jun.; Zarhin, Yuri G., The Tate conjecture for almost ordinary abelian varieties over finite fields, 179-194 [Zbl 0817.14022]
Murty, V. Kumar, The notion of a Shimura variety, 195-212 [Zbl 0809.11033]
Oda, Takayuki, Galois action on the nilpotent completion of the fundamental group of an algebraic curve, 213-232 [Zbl 0812.14019]
Vojta, Paul, Arithmetic of subvarieties of abelian and semiabelian varieties, 233-238 [Zbl 0790.11048]
Cohn, Harvey, Projection from an algebraic quadratic form to rational quadratic forms, 239-254 [Zbl 0799.11055]
Crespo, Teresa, Construction of \(\widetilde S_4\)-fields and modular forms of weight 1, 255-260 [Zbl 0803.11030]
Feit, Paul, A universal format for local/global theories, 261-270 [Zbl 0790.18006]
Laing, Alan J., Shimura reciprocity for modular functions with rational Fourier coefficients, 271-280 [Zbl 0809.11071]
Lario, Joan-C., On Serre’s conjecture (3.2.4\(_ ?\)) and vertical Weil curves, 281-291 [Zbl 0822.11035]
Lecacheux, Odile, Units in number fields and elliptic curves, 293-301 [Zbl 0809.11068]
Top, Jaap, Descent by 3-isogeny and 3-rank of quadratic fields, 303-317 [Zbl 0804.11040]
Tschinkel, Yuri, Finite heights and rational points on surfaces, 319-329 [Zbl 0814.14026]
Boyd, David W., Linear recurrence relations for some generalized Pisot sequences, 333-340 [Zbl 0790.11012]
Brownawell, W. Dale, Algebraic independence of Drinfeld exponential and quasi-periodic functions, 341-365 [Zbl 0792.11014]
Evertse, Jan-Hendrik, Estimates for discriminants and resultants of binary forms, 367-380 [Zbl 0790.11026]
Mueller, Julia, A note on Thue’s inequality with few coefficients, 381-389 [Zbl 0790.11025]
Bertin, M. J., \(K\)-Pisot and Salem numbers, 391-397 [Zbl 0795.11054]
Brüdern, J.; Cook, R. J., Cubic inequalities of additive type, 399-409 [Zbl 0791.11028]
Faure, Henri, Discrepancy and diaphony in dimension one, 411-439 [Zbl 0789.11042]
Hirata-Kohno, Noriko, A relation between integral points on algebraic curves and rational points of the Jacobian, 421-433 [Zbl 0805.14009]
Langevin, Michel, Generalized Favard and Lehmer problems, 435-439 [Zbl 0795.11053]
Roy, Damien, On the \(v\)-adic independence of algebraic numbers, 441-451 [Zbl 0788.11051]
van der Poorten, A. J., Continued fractions of formal power series, 453-466 [Zbl 0804.11043]
Granville, Andrew, Paulo Ribenboim, at the time of his retirement, 469-477 [Zbl 0798.01019]
Granville, Andrew, The Kummer-Wieferich-Skula approach to the first case of Fermat’s Last Theorem, 479-497 [Zbl 0790.11020]
Louboutin, S.; Mollin, R. A.; Williams, H. C., Class groups of exponent two in real quadratic fields, 499-513 [Zbl 0795.11057]
Mináč, Ján, Poincaré polynomials, stability indices and number of orderings. I, 515-528 [Zbl 0793.12001]
Viswanathan, T. M., Paulo Ribenboim: Three aspects of his career. (With response by P. Ribenboim), 529-532 [Zbl 0798.01020]


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