Differential geometry and its applications. International conference, Brno, Czećhoslovakia, 27 Aug. - 2. Sept. 1989. (English) Zbl 0777.00040

Singapore: World Scientific. xiii, 465 p. (1990).

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Indexed articles:
Blažić, Novica, Holomorphic vector bundles with \(k\)-pinched Ricci curvature, 3-8 [Zbl 0788.53066]
Cairns, Grant, Compact 4-manifolds that admit totally umbilic metric foliations, 9-16 [Zbl 0789.53018]
Čomić, Irena, Curvature theory of generalized Mirons \(d\)-connection, 17-26 [Zbl 0790.53025]
Dekrét, Anton, Ordinary differential equations and connections, 27-32 [Zbl 0789.53017]
Ferraris, Marco; Francaviglia, Mauro; Tubiello, Francesco, Connections over the bundle of second-order frames, 33-46 [Zbl 0789.53010]
Gavrilchenko, M. L., Geodesic deformations of Riemannian spaces, 47-53 [Zbl 0795.53019]
Goldberg, Vladislav V., On the Chern-Griffiths formulas for an upper bound for the rank of a web, 54-57 [Zbl 0789.53007]
Janyška, Josef, Natural and gauge-natural operators on the space of linear connections on a vector bundle, 58-68 [Zbl 0789.53015]
Kolář, Ivan, General natural bundles and operators, 69-78 [Zbl 0795.53012]
Kosmann-Schwarzbach, Yvette; Magri, Franco, Dualization and deformation of Lie brackets on Poisson manifolds, 79-84 [Zbl 0798.53035]
Lehmann, Daniel, Residual characteristic classes, 85-108 [Zbl 0793.57017]
Lutwak, Erwin, On the affine isoperimetric inequality, 109-118 [Zbl 0798.53011]
Margalef, J.; Outerelo, E.; Padrón, E., On submersions preserving the boundary and quotient manifolds, 119-128 [Zbl 0789.58007]
Mikeš, Josef, On existence of nontrivial global geodesic mappings on \(n\)-dimensional compact surfaces of revolution, 129-137 [Zbl 0790.53003]
Moldobayev, D.; Sedikova, A. B., On some special transformation preserving the Ricci tensor, 138-139 [Zbl 0786.53011]
Nguyen Huynh Phan, The cohomology algebra of the manifold of the controllable and observable linear systems of dimension 1, 140-143 [Zbl 0790.57017]
Nikić, Jovanka, An almost paracontact structure on a submanifold of a manifold with a \(\phi(4,-2)\)-structure, 144-147 [Zbl 0788.53020]
Oziewicz, Zbigniew, Lie algebras for arbitrary grading group, 148-154 [Zbl 0789.17024]
Rahula, M., Iterations of a tangent functor and connections in multifold bundles, 155-162 [Zbl 0790.53027]
Sethi, Mohini, Prolongations of certain tensor fields from a manifold to its cotangent bundle, 163-177 [Zbl 0791.53032]
Slovák, Jan, Actions of jet groups on manifolds, 178-186 [Zbl 0791.58006]
Vanžura, Jiří, Derived algebra of the Nijenhuis-Schouten bracket algebra, 187-192 [Zbl 0786.53008]
Anniballi, Davide; Mangiarotti, Luigi, Invariant Lagrangians and operators, 195-199 [Zbl 0786.53015]
Borowiec, Andrzej, Remarks on globalization of the Lagrangian formalism, 200-202 [Zbl 0793.58014]
Dao Trong Thi, Langrangian calibrations on Hermitian manifolds, 203-219 [Zbl 0788.49035]
Harding, T. J.; Bloore, F. J., A fresh approach to the Poincaré-Cartan form for a linear P.D.E. and a map between cohomologies, 220-229 [Zbl 0793.58003]
Kawaguchi, Hiroaki, The \(d\)-connections in Lagrange geometry, 230-235 [Zbl 0791.53019]
Krupka, D., Variational sequences on finite order jet spaces, 236-254 [Zbl 0813.58014]
de León, Manuel; Rodrigues, Paulo R., Equivalence of degenerate Lagrangians of higher order, 255-264 [Zbl 0810.58010]
Motreanu, D., Transversality methods in variational and control problems, 265-269 [Zbl 0787.49010]
Shimada, Hideo, Cartan-like connections of special generalized Finsler spaces, 270-275 [Zbl 0791.53030]
Vondra, Alexandr, Semisprays, connections and regular equations in higher order mechanics, 276-287 [Zbl 0809.58015]
Beem, John K.; Parker, Phillip E., Degenerate sections and acceleration, 291-296 [Zbl 0786.53042]
Cataldo, M.; Horský, J.; Mitskiévič, N. V., Killing vectors and Einstein-Maxwell field, 297-302 [Zbl 0786.53045]
Giachetta, Giovanni; Mangiarotti, Luigi, Covariant operators in gauge field theories, 303-307 [Zbl 0786.53048]
Gliklikh, Yu. E., Velocity hodograph equation in mechanics on Riemannian manifolds, 308-312 [Zbl 0787.70009]
Grabowski, Janusz, Quantum \(\text{SU}(2)\) group of Woronowicz and Poisson structures, 313-322 [Zbl 0785.17015]
Jezierski, Jacek; Kijowski, Jerzy, On the local canonical formalism in gauge field theories, 323-335 [Zbl 0789.58039]
Klapka, Lubomír, Configuration in-out manifolds in mechanics, 336-340 [Zbl 0792.53014]
Kučera, Jaromír, The exact static plane symmetric solution of five-dimensional Einstein’s equations, 341-342 [Zbl 0796.35162]
Kůrka, Petr, Communication metric and organic form, 343-348 [Zbl 0786.53026]
Kuusk, P., Geometry of the covariant Brink-Schwarz superparticle in a curved superspace, 349-354 [Zbl 0786.53053]
Lychagin, V. V.; Romanovskij, Yu. R., Nonholonomic intermediate integrals of partial differential equations, 355-360 [Zbl 0788.35093]
Marvan, Michal, On the \({\mathcal C}\)-spectral sequence with “general” coefficients, 361-371 [Zbl 0790.55013]
Mitskiévič, N. V., Dragging phenomenon and the space-time symmetry, 372-382 [Zbl 0810.53080]
Novotný, Jan, Identities connected with the second theorem of E. Noether in generally invariant gravitational theories, 383-388 [Zbl 0803.49034]
Palovský, Radomír, Geometry of the leaf, 389-391 [Zbl 0786.53027]
Prástaro, Agostino, Geometry of quantized PDE’s, 392-404 [Zbl 0796.35006]
Schmidt, Hans-Jürgen, The metric in the superspace of Riemannian metrics and its relation to gravity, 405-411 [Zbl 0792.58009]
Sarlet, W., Adjoint symmetries of second-order differential equations and generalizations, 412-421 [Zbl 0787.58018]
Shipov, G. I.; Skalský, V., On the creation of the universes from vacuum, 422-431 [Zbl 0786.53057]
Siegl, Roman, Spherically symmetric vacuum spacetimes: Global approach, 432-440 [Zbl 0786.53044]
Vladimirov, Yu. S., Theory of physical structures and multi-dimensional unified field theories, 441-463 [Zbl 0793.53082]


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