Paul Halmos. Celebrating 50 years of mathematics. (English) Zbl 0777.00059

New York: Springer-Verlag. viii, 320 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Albers, Donald J., Paul Halmos by parts. (Interviews by Donald J. Albers), 3-32 [Zbl 0784.01014]
Gillman, Leonard, Paul Halmos’s expository writing, 33-48 [Zbl 0784.01028]
Priestley, W. M., Paul Halmos: Words more than numbers, 49-59 [Zbl 0784.01038]
Bibliography of Paul Halmos, 61-69 [Zbl 0784.01025]
Ambrose, Warren, Paul Halmos: Through the years (photos). Paul Halmos as graduate student, 72-78 [Zbl 0784.01015]
Boas, R. P., Early days at Mathematical Reviews, 79-86 [Zbl 0792.01057]
Kaplansky, Irving, Reminiscences, 87-89 [Zbl 0784.01031]
Kelley, J. L., Writing mathematics, 91-96 [Zbl 0784.01035]
Samelson, Hans, Some early memories around Paul Halmos, 97-102 [Zbl 0784.01040]
Spanier, E. H., Recollections of P. R. Halmos at Chicago, 103-107 [Zbl 0784.01041]
Hirsch, Morris W., Reminiscences of Chicago in the fifties, 109-118 [Zbl 0784.01030]
Douglas, R. G., Michigan years, 127-131 [Zbl 0784.01022]
Wallen, Lawrence J., Walking and talking with Halmos, 133-142 [Zbl 0784.01045]
Ewing, John H., Being professional, 143-148 [Zbl 0784.01024]
Alexanderson, G. L., Reflections of a department chair, 149-152 [Zbl 0784.01050]
Conway, John B., Paul Halmos and the progress of operator theory, 155-167 [Zbl 0803.47001]
Chern, Shiing-shen, Characteristic classes and characteristic forms, 169-177 [Zbl 0853.57025]
Rosenthal, Peter, Equivalents of the invariant subspace problem, 179-188 [Zbl 0819.47007]
Doob, Joseph L., Probability vs. measure, 189-193 [Zbl 0791.60001]
Sarason, Donald, New Hilbert spaces from old, 195-204 [Zbl 0845.46012]
Gehring, F. W.; Martin, G. J., Some universal constraints for discrete Möbius groups, 205-220 [Zbl 0784.30038]
Gillespie, T. A., Noncommutative variations on theorems of Marcel Riesz and others, 221-236 [Zbl 0810.46071]
Gustafson, William H., On products of involutions, 237-255 [Zbl 0801.20024]
Axler, Sheldon, Paul Halmos and Toeplitz operators, 257-263 [Zbl 0810.47021]
Berberian, S. K., Lebesgue’s “Fundamental theorem of calculus” revisited, 265-285 [Zbl 0858.26008]
Guy, Richard K., Mathematics from Fun \(\&\) Fun from mathematics: An informal autobiographical history of combinatorial games, 287-295 [Zbl 0800.90806]
Smullyan, Raymond M., Quantification theory in a nutshell, 297-304 [Zbl 0795.03002]
Duren, Peter, The Legendre relation for elliptic integrals, 305-315 [Zbl 0787.33010]


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