Advanced robot control. Proceedings of the international workshop on nonlinear and adaptive control: issues in robotics, Grenoble, France, November 21-23, 1990. (English) Zbl 0778.00019

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. 162. Berlin: Springer- Verlag. ix, 314 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Ghorbel, Fathi; Fitzmorris, Alan; Spong, Mark W., Robustness of adaptive control of robots: Theory and experiment, 1-29 [Zbl 0800.93695]
El Serafi, K.; Khalil, W., Energy based adaptive robots controller, 30-48 [Zbl 0800.93693]
Arimoto, Suguru, Passivity of robot dynamics implies capability of motor program learning, 49-68 [Zbl 0800.93907]
Canudas de Wit, C.; Fixot, N., Adaptive control of robot manipulators via velocity estimated feedback, 69-82 [Zbl 0800.93692]
Nakamura, Yoshihiko; Mukherjee, Ranjan, Nonlinear control for the nonholonomic motion of space robot systems, 83-105 [Zbl 0800.93504]
Campion, G.; d’Andrea-Novel, B.; Bastin, G., Controllability and state feedback stabilizability of non holonomic mechanical systems, 106-124 [Zbl 0825.93635]
Samson, Claude, Velocity and torque feedback control of a nonholonomic cart, 125-151 [Zbl 0800.93910]
Espiau, Bernard; Chaumette, François, Some issues in the control of rigid robots in a sensory space, 152-171 [Zbl 0800.93909]
Necsulescu, D. S., Artificial impedance approach of the trajectory generation and collision avoidance for single and dual arm robots, 172-189 [Zbl 0800.93911]
De Luca, Alessandro; Lanari, L.; Ulivi, G., End-effector trajectory tracking in flexible arms: Comparison of approaches based on regulation theory, 190-206 [Zbl 0800.93912]
Di Benedetto, M. D.; Lucibello, P., An inversion procedure for nonlinear time-varying systems, 207-215 [Zbl 0815.93005]
Tomei, Patrizio, Positioning control of flexible joint robots, 216-228 [Zbl 0800.93908]
Dion, J. M.; Dugard, L.; Nguyen Thi Thanh, T., Long range predictive multivariable control of a two links flexible manipulator, 229-250 [Zbl 0800.93624]
Benallegue, A.; M’Sirdi, N. K., Control of robot manipulators with joints flexibility, 251-272 [Zbl 0800.93904]
Nicosia, S.; Tornambè, A.; Valigi, P., Observers in the control of rigid robots, 273-284 [Zbl 0800.93189]
Chiaverini, Stefano; Sciavicco, Lorenzo; Siciliano, Bruno, Control of robotic systems through singularities, 285-295 [Zbl 0800.93905]
Egeland, Olav; Spangelo, Inge, Manipulator control in singular configurations. – Motion in degenerate directions, 296-306 [Zbl 0800.93915]
Nielsen, Lars; Canudas de Wit, Carlos; Hagander, Per, Controllability issues of robots near singular configurations, 307-314 [Zbl 0800.93906]


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