Nonlinear hyperbolic equations and field theory. Papers from a workshop on nonlinear hyperbolic equations held in Varenna, Italy, 1990. (English) Zbl 0780.00036

Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. 253. Harlow: Longman Scientific & Technical. New York: Wiley. iv, 227 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Alinhac, S., Some remarks about the instability of the vortex patch problem, 1-7 [Zbl 0831.35134]
Arosio, A.; Natalini, R.; Panizzi, S.; Paoli, M. G., Fourth order abstract evolution equations, 8-22 [Zbl 0787.34053]
Bachelot, A., Scattering of electromagnetic field by De Sitter-Schwarzschild black hole, 23-35 [Zbl 0823.35162]
Beals, M., Singularities due to cusp interactions in nonlinear waves, 36-51 [Zbl 0832.35095]
Choquet-Bruhat, Y.; Noutchegueme, N., Yang-Mills Vlasov systems, 52-71 [Zbl 0799.35188]
Ginibre, J.; Velo, G., Conformal invariance and time decay for nonlinear wave equations, 72-86 [Zbl 0824.35075]
Glassey, R. T.; Schaeffer, J., The relativistic Vlasov-Maxwell equations in low dimension, 87-101 [Zbl 0808.35161]
Godin, P., Long time existence of radial sound waves for second order quasilinear wave equations, 102-109 [Zbl 0826.35074]
Grillakis, Manoussos G., Some remarks on the regularity of wave equations with a critical nonlinearity, 110-120 [Zbl 0818.35065]
Joly, J. L.; Metivier, G.; Rauch, J., Nonlinear high frequency hyperbolic waves, 121-143 [Zbl 0824.35077]
Lindblad, H., Blow-up and large time existence for solutions of nonlinear wave equations with small initial data, 144-153 [Zbl 0826.35075]
Rendall, A. D., The characteristic initial value problem for the Einstein equations, 154-163 [Zbl 0795.35127]
SablĂ©-Tougeron, Monique, The Cauchy problem for multidimensional gradients waves, 164-177 [Zbl 0827.35074]
Shibata, Y., On one-dimensional nonlinear thermoelasticity, 178-184 [Zbl 0799.73018]
Toscani, G., Existence results for some nonlinear hyperbolic systems from kinetic theory of gases, 185-196 [Zbl 0824.35102]
Vuillermot, P.-A., Small divisors and the construction of stable manifolds for nonlinear Klein-Gordon equations on \(\mathbb{R}_ 0^ +\times\mathbb{R}\), 197-213 [Zbl 0799.35199]
Shu, Wei-Tong, Global existence of Maxwell-Higgs fields, 214-227 [Zbl 0799.35189]


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