Boundary value problems for partial differential equations and applications. Dedicated to Enrico Magenes on the occasion of his 70th birthday. (English) Zbl 0782.00097

Research Notes in Applied Mathematics 29. Paris: Masson (ISBN 2-225-84334-1/pbk). vii, 460 p. (1993).

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Indexed articles:
Bensoussan, A.; Frehse, J., Asymptotic behaviour of Norton-Hoff’s law in plasticity theory and \(H^ 1\) regularity, 3-25 [Zbl 0831.35047]
Berestycki, H.; Caffarelli, L. A.; Nirenberg, L., Symmetry for elliptic equations in a half space, 27-42 [Zbl 0793.35034]
Brézis, Haïm, Convergence in \({\mathcal D}'\) and in \(L^ 1\) under strict convexity, 43-52 [Zbl 0813.49016]
Caffarelli, Luis A., A monotonicity formula for heat functions in disjoint domains, 53-60 [Zbl 0808.35042]
Ciarlet, Philippe G., Two-dimensional shell models: Asymptotic analysis and existence theorems, 61-80 [Zbl 0840.73038]
De Giorgi, Ennio, New problems on minimizing movements, 81-98 [Zbl 0851.35052]
Douglas, Jim jun.; Paes-Leme, Paulo Jorge; Giorgi, Tiziana, Generalized Forchheimer flow in porous media, 99-111 [Zbl 0805.35060]
Fonseca, Irene; Kinderlehrer, David; Pedregal, Pablo, Relaxation in \(BV \times L^ \infty\) of functionals depending on strain and composition, 113-152 [Zbl 0796.49042]
Friedman, Avner, Free boundary problems arising in industry, 153-158 [Zbl 0805.35163]
Glowinski, Roland; Pan, Tsorng-Whay; Périaux, Jacques, A least squares/fictitious domain method for mixed problems and Neumann problems, 159-178 [Zbl 0796.65118]
Hörmander, Lars; Bernhardsson, Bo, An extension of Bohr’s inequality, 179-194 [Zbl 0803.41030]
Lions, J.-L., On the controls with least regrets, 195-210 [Zbl 0813.49022]
Manselli, Paolo; Pucci, Carlo, Maximum principle with respect to the Hölder ratio of an elliptic equation, 211-222 [Zbl 0823.35023]
Ockendon, J. R., A reminiscence of twenty years of free boundary problems, 223-228 [Zbl 0805.35166]
Tartar, Luc, Remarks on some interpolation spaces, 229-252 [Zbl 0803.46039]
Temam, Roger, Multiresolution methods in numerical analysis, 253-276 [Zbl 0801.65118]
Albertoni, S.; Pellegrini, L.; Tablino Possio, C., Different roads to chaos in chemical reactors, 279-286 [Zbl 0788.92027]
Arnold, Douglas N.; Brezzi, Franco, Some new elements for the Reissner-Mindlin plate model, 287-292 [Zbl 0817.73058]
Baiocchi, Claudio, On some trace-estimates, 293-297 [Zbl 0836.46019]
Bernardi, Marco Luigi; Luterotti, Fabio, On a class of Schrödinger-type evolution inequalities, 299-304 [Zbl 0828.35001]
Biroli, M.; Mosco, U., Sobolev inequalities for Dirichlet forms on homogeneous spaces, 305-311 [Zbl 0820.35035]
Biscari, Paolo; Capriz, Gianfranco; Virga, Epifanio G., Biaxial nematic liquid crystals, 313-318 [Zbl 0800.49071]
Campanato, S., A history of Cordes condition for second order elliptic operators, 319-325 [Zbl 0819.35029]
Canuto, Claudio, On the approximation of advection-diffusion problems by high-order methods, 327-332 [Zbl 0813.35077]
Capelo, António C., Some mathematical problems related to the theory of semiconductor devices, 333-338 [Zbl 0803.35144]
Colli Franzone, Piero; Guerri, Luciano; Meuli, A., Mathematical models of cardiac excitation, 339-344 [Zbl 0789.92008]
Comincioli, V.; Toscani, G., Operator splitting for the Boltzmann equation of a Maxwell gas, 345-350 [Zbl 0799.35208]
Fasano, Antonio; Primicerio, Mario, On mathematical models for nucleation and crystal growth processes, 351-358 [Zbl 0810.35160]
Garroni, Maria Giovanna; Menaldi, José Luis, Maximum principles in unbounded domains for integro-differential parabolic operators, 359-365 [Zbl 0795.45013]
Gastaldi, Fabio, On the domain decomposition for boundary value problems, 367-372 [Zbl 0796.65134]
Gazzaniga, Gianna; Sacchi, Gianni, Some results on the numerical solution of elliptic boundary value problems on a parallel computer, 373-378 [Zbl 0792.65090]
Geymonat, G.; Loreti, P.; Valente, V., Exact controllability of a thin elastic hemispherical shell via harmonic analysis, 379-385 [Zbl 0925.93089]
Gilardi, Gianni, Recent results on the dam problem, 387-392 [Zbl 0814.35150]
Marini, Donatella; Pietra, Paola, Finite element approximation of a degenerate eigenvalue problem, 393-398 [Zbl 0795.65070]
Miranda, Mario, A nontrivial solution to the minimal surface equation in \(R^ 8\), 399-402 [Zbl 0792.49028]
Nochetto, Ricardo H., Geometric mortion of interfaces, 403-408 [Zbl 0797.65074]
Pozzi, Gianni A., Singular evolution inequalities, 409-414 [Zbl 0834.35074]
Prouse, Giovanni, On some problems connected to a modified Navier-Stokes equation, 415-419 [Zbl 0823.35143]
Scarpini, F., An optimal control problem applied to the engineering and environmental science numerical treatment, 421-428 [Zbl 0792.65042]
Talenti, Giorgio, On the decay of solutions to parabolic PDE, 429-435 [Zbl 0828.35052]
Torelli, Alessandro, Study of vortex free boundary problem by the complex method, 437-442 [Zbl 0796.30035]
Verdi, Claudio; Paolini, Maurizio; Nochetto, Ricardo H., Linearization and adaptivity for FBPs, 443-448 [Zbl 0791.65093]
Villaggio, Piero, The flattening of mountain chains, 449-454 [Zbl 0821.73052]
Visintin, Augusto, Remarks on the Stefan problem with surface tension, 455-460 [Zbl 0803.35173]


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