Partial differential equations and related subjects. Proceedings of the conference dedicated to Louis Nirenberg held in Trento, Italy, September 3-8, 1990. (English) Zbl 0785.00033

Pitman Research Notes in Mathematics Series. 269. Harlow: Longman Scientific & Technical. vii, 256 p. (1992).

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Indexed articles:
Agmon, S., On the representation theorem for solutions of the Helmholtz equation on the hyperbolic space, 1-20 [Zbl 0798.58077]
Ambrosetti, A.; Bertotti, M. L., Homoclinics for second order conservative systems, 21-37 [Zbl 0804.34046]
Brézis, Haïm, Uniform estimates for solutions of \(-\Delta u = V(x)u^ p\), 38-52 [Zbl 0829.35015]
Caffarelli, L., The regularity of mappings with convex potentials, 53-58 [Zbl 0831.35026]
Chang, K., On the homology method in the critical point theory, 59-77 [Zbl 0798.58012]
Da Prato, G., Some results for semilinear equations perturbed by white noise, 78-84 [Zbl 0820.35151]
De Giorgi, E., Conjectures on limits of some quasilinear parabolic equations and flow by mean curvature, 85-95 [Zbl 0802.35063]
Fichera, G., Conditions for holomorphy of \(L^ 1_{loc}\) functions, 96-124 [Zbl 0799.46027]
Kinderlehrer, David; Pedregal, P., Remarks about the analysis of gradient Young measures, 125-150 [Zbl 0833.49012]
Kohn, J. J., Embeddings of CR manifolds, 151-162 [Zbl 0816.32008]
Kondratiev, V. A.; Oleinik, O. A., On asymptotic behaviour of solutions of some nonlinear elliptic equations in unbounded domains, 163-195 [Zbl 0808.35034]
Lions, J. L., On some hyperbolic equations with a pressure term, 196-208 [Zbl 0819.35089]
Magenes, E., On a Stefan problem on the boundary of a domain, 209-226 [Zbl 0803.35170]
Solonnikov, V. A., On boundary value problems for the Navier-Stokes equations with discontinuous data, 227-237 [Zbl 0802.35117]
Treves, F., Local homotopy formulas for the tangential Cauchy-Riemann equations, 238-243 [Zbl 0799.32016]
Vishik, M. I.; Skvortzov, V. J., Stabilized asymptotics of solutions to reaction-diffusion type system equations with small parameter, 244-256 [Zbl 0827.35059]


00B25 Proceedings of conferences of miscellaneous specific interest
35-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to partial differential equations

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Nirenberg, Louis