Development of mathematics 1900-1950. Based on a symposium organized by the Luxembourg Mathematical Society in June 1992, at Château Bourglinster, Luxembourg. (English) Zbl 0796.00016

Basel: Birkhäuser. xvii, 729 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Dugac, Pierre; Eckmann, Beno; Mawhin, Jean, Guidelines 1900–1950, 1-34 [Zbl 0814.01013]
Dieudonné, Jean, A short story of topology, 35-155 [Zbl 0810.01004]
Doob, Joseph L., The development of rigour in mathematical probability, (1900–1950), 157-170 [Zbl 0806.01014]
Fichera, Gaetano, Vito Volterra and the birth of functional analysis, 171-183 [Zbl 0807.01014]
Guillaume, Marcel, Mathematical logic in its youth, 185-367 [Zbl 0809.01009]
Hayman, Walter K., Function theory 1900–1950, 369-384 [Zbl 0807.01016]
Houzel, Christian, Prehistory of the Weil conjectures., 385-414 [Zbl 0806.01015]
Kahane, Jean-Pierre, Taylor series in Brownian motion, with a survey on the return, 415-429 [Zbl 0812.01025]
Lichnerowicz, André, Geometry and relativity., 431-441 [Zbl 0806.01016]
Mawhin, Jean, Boundary value problems for nonlinear ordinary differential equations: From successive approximations to topology, 443-477 [Zbl 0806.01011]
Nirenberg, Louis, Partial differential equations in the first half of the century, 479-515 [Zbl 0807.01017]
Pier, Jean-Paul, Integration and measure 1900–1950, 517-564 [Zbl 0806.01017]
Schwarz, Wolfgang, Some remarks on the history of the prime number theorem from 1896 to 1960, 565-616 [Zbl 0809.11001]
Dugac, Pierre (ed.), Bibliography. List of journals and references, 617-710 [Zbl 0809.01001]


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