Problems and methods in mathematical physics. 10th Conference, 10th TMP, TU of Chemnitz-Zwickau in Chemnitz, Germany, September 13-17, 1993. (English) Zbl 0796.00021

Teubner-Texte zur Mathematik. 134. Leipzig: Teubner. 221 p. DM 44.80/pbk (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Antonevich, Anatolij; Radyno, Yakov, On the problem of distributions multiplication, 9-16 [Zbl 0805.46039]
Costabel, Martin, Developments in boundary element methods for time-dependent problems, 17-32 [Zbl 0808.65099]
Feistauer, Miloslav, Finite element variational crimes in the solution of nonlinear stationary problems, 33-42 [Zbl 0814.65106]
Goldstein, Robert; Zhitnikov, Yurij, Elasticity boundary value problems on cracks with partial contact of their surfaces, 43-58 [Zbl 0806.73051]
Grudskij, Sergej M., \(u\)-factorization and Toeplitz operators with infinite index, 59-70 [Zbl 0819.47036]
Hackbusch, Wolfgang, Implementational details of the boundary element method, 71-78 [Zbl 0811.65103]
Hsiao, George C., On the boundary-field equation methods for fluid-structure interactions, 79-88 [Zbl 0849.76040]
Meister, Erhard, Some solved and unsolved canonical transmission problems of diffraction theory, 89-99 [Zbl 0817.35113]
Natroshvili, David, Mathematical problems of the anisotropic elasticity for piece-wise homogeneous bodies, 100-110 [Zbl 0830.73009]
Nečas, Jindřich, Theory of multipolar fluids, 111-119 [Zbl 0815.76009]
Nepomnyashchikh, Sergej V., Domain decomposition methods for singular elliptic problems, 120-129 [Zbl 0809.65119]
Nicaise, Serge, Singularities in interface problems, 130-137 [Zbl 0814.35021]
Okhezin, Sergej; Kalistratov, Valerij, Domain control and free boundary problems, 138-147 [Zbl 0810.65120]
Prössdorf, Siegfried, Wavelet approximation methods for integral and pseudodifferential equations, 148-164 [Zbl 0815.65115]
Rannacher, Rolf, On the theoretical foundation of CFD, 165-174 [Zbl 0810.76073]
Roch, Steffen, Spectral theory of approximation methods for convolution equations, 175-184 [Zbl 0818.65041]
Shaĭdurov, Vladimir, The convergence of the cascadic conjugate-gradient method under a deficient regularity, 185-194 [Zbl 0808.65132]
Stein, Erwin; Seifert, Bengt; Ohnimus, Stephan, Selfadaptive FE-approach to shell buckling and postcritical solution branches including dimensional recovery in disturbed subdomains, 195-208 [Zbl 0860.73072]
Vaněk, Petr, Multigrid method on unstructured meshes, 209-218 [Zbl 0814.65118]


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