Complex analytic methods in dynamical systems. Proceedings of the congress held at Instituto de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, January 1992. (English) Zbl 0797.00019

Astérisque. 222. Paris: Société Mathématique de France, 422 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Bonatti, Ch.; Gómez-Mont, X., The index of holomorphic vector fields on singular varieties. I, 9-35 [Zbl 0810.32017]
Brunella, Marco, Vanishing holonomy and monodromy of certain centres and foci, 37-48 [Zbl 0841.32020]
Cerveau, D., Theorems of Fuchs type for foliated webs, 49-92 [Zbl 0824.32008]
Cerveau, D.; Lins Neto, Alcides, Codimension one foliations in \({\mathbb{C}}P^ n,\;n\geq 3\), with Kupka components, 93-133 [Zbl 0823.32014]
Ecalle, Jean, Compensation of small denominators and ramified linearisation of local objects, 135-199 [Zbl 0810.58036]
Fornaess, John Erik; Sibony, Nessim, Complex dynamics in higher dimension. I, 201-231 [Zbl 0813.58030]
Ilyashenko, Yu. S., Normal forms for local families and nonlocal bifurcations, 233-258 [Zbl 0811.58051]
Kostov, V. P., Regular linear systems on \({\mathbb{C}}P^ 1\) and their monodromy groups, 259-283 [Zbl 0814.34006]
Mattei, Jean François; Nicolau, Marcel, Equisingular unfoldings of foliations by curves, 285-302 [Zbl 0826.32026]
El Morsalani, M.; Mourtada, A.; Roussarie, R., Quasi-regularity property for unfoldings of hyperbolic polycycles, 303-326 [Zbl 0810.58028]
Nakai, Isao, A rigidity theorem for transverse dynamics of real analytic foliations of codimension one, 327-343 [Zbl 0831.57017]
Pérez-Marco, Ricardo; Yoccoz, Jean-Christophe, Germs of holomorphic foliations with prescribed holonomy, 345-371 [Zbl 0809.32008]
Roche, C., Densities for certain leaves of real analytic foliations, 373-387 [Zbl 0831.32004]
Shishikura, Mitsuhiro, The boundary of the Mandelbrot set has Hausdorff dimension two, 389-405 [Zbl 0813.58047]
Tischler, David, Perturbations of critical fixed points of analytic maps, 407-422 [Zbl 0810.30005]


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