Comparison methods and stability theory. The Symposium was held in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, June 3-6, 1993. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0798.00012

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 162. Basel: Marcel Dekker. xi, 365 p. $ 145.00 /sc (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Acker, A., On 2-layer free-boundary problems with generalized joining conditions: Convexity and successive approximation of solutions, 1-15 [Zbl 0853.35132]
Allegretto, W.; Xie, H., Nonisothermal semiconductor systems, 17-24 [Zbl 0818.35119]
Baxley, John V.; Cummings, Peter A., A model for the growth of the subpopulation of lawyers, 25-33 [Zbl 0819.92031]
Burton, T. A., Differential inequalities and existence theory for differential, integral, and delay equations, 35-56 [Zbl 0809.34006]
Chen, Ying; Liu, Xinzhi, Monotone iterative algorithms for coupled systems of nonlinear parabolic boundary value problems, 57-65 [Zbl 0810.35041]
Clarke, Bruce L., Steady state bifurcation hypersurfaces of chemical mechanisms, 67-85 [Zbl 0821.34032]
Corduneanu, C., Stability problems for Volterra functional differential equations, 87-99 [Zbl 0807.34087]
Cosner, Chris, Persistence (permanence), compressivity, and practical persistence in some reaction-diffusion models from ecology, 101-115 [Zbl 0828.35059]
Drici, Zahia, Perturbing vector Lyapunov functions and applications to large-scale dynamic systems, 117-126 [Zbl 0828.34037]
Erbe, L. H.; Hu, Shouchuan, Nonlinear boundary value problems, 127-135 [Zbl 0809.34031]
Finn, Robert, Gradient and Gauss curvature bounds for \(H\)-graphs, 137-150 [Zbl 0810.35027]
Ge, Zhong; Shadwick, W. F., Some applications of geometric methods in mechanics, 151-158 [Zbl 0807.70011]
Headley, Velmer B., Comparison of even-order elliptic equations, 159-168 [Zbl 0808.35008]
Hirsch, Morris W., Positive equilibria and convergence in subhomogeneous monotone dynamics, 169-188 [Zbl 0822.47051]
Hu, Bei; Yin, Hong-Ming, Blowup of solution for the heat equation with a nonlinear boundary condition, 189-198 [Zbl 0818.35047]
Kaul, Saroop K., On the existence of extremal solutions for impulsive differential equations with variable time, 199-202 [Zbl 0807.34011]
Koksal, Semen, Global asymptotic stability of competitive neural networks, 203-206 [Zbl 0806.34044]
Kunze, H.; Siegel, D., A graph theoretical approach to monotonicity with respect to initial conditions, 207-216 [Zbl 0808.34003]
Kurzhanski, A. B., On the stabilization of uncertain differential systems, 217-225 [Zbl 0867.93068]
Lakshmikantham, V., Comparison principle for impulsive differential equations with variable times, 227-236 [Zbl 0807.34012]
Lancaster, Kirk E., The relationship between the boundary behavior of and the comparison principles satisfied by approximate solutions of elliptic Dirichlet problems, 237-259 [Zbl 0813.35017]
Lin, Yanping, Numerical solutions for linear integro-differential equations of parabolic type with weakly singular kernels, 261-268 [Zbl 0815.65145]
Liu, Xinzhi; Willms, Allan R., Impulsive stabilization, 269-276 [Zbl 0812.93054]
Pao, C. V., Comparison methods and stability analysis of reaction diffusion systems, 277-292 [Zbl 0832.35076]
Philippin, G. A., Some applications of the maximum principle to a free Stekloff eigenvalue problem and to spatial gradient decay estimates, 293-301 [Zbl 0809.35065]
Roxin, Emilio O., Comparison methods in control theory, 303-308 [Zbl 0800.93052]
Starkermann, Rudolf, The self-destruction of the perfect democracy, 309-317 [Zbl 0802.92030]
Tsokos, Chris P., A nonlinear stochastic process for quality growth, 319-330 [Zbl 0805.60091]
Vatsala, A. S., An extension of the method of quasilinearization for reaction-diffusion equations, 331-337 [Zbl 0816.35057]
Zeeman, M. L., Geometric methods in population dynamics, 339-347 [Zbl 0861.92018]
Zhang, Bo, Uniform asymptotic stability in functional differential equations with infinite delay, 349-362 [Zbl 0807.34090]


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