Wavelets, images, and surface fitting. Papers from the 2nd international conference on curves and surfaces, held in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, June 10-16, 1993. (English) Zbl 0805.00017

Wellesley, MA: A. K. Peters. xv, 528 p. (1994).

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Amodei, L.; Benbourhim, M. N., A vector spline quasi-interpolation, 1-10 [Zbl 0812.65004]
Anderson, I. J.; Cox, M. G.; Harbour, S.; Mason, J. C., Implementation on a shared memory parallel computer of algorithms for approximating data on a family of parallel lines, 11-20 [Zbl 0812.65006]
Antoniadis, Anestis, Wavelet methods for smoothing noisy data, 21-28 [Zbl 0812.65148]
Atteia, M., Quasi-interpolants and (quasi-) wavelets P(D) manifold, 29-36 [Zbl 0835.41014]
Baszenski, G.; Tasche, M., Fast DCT-algorithms, interpolating wavelets, and hierarchical bases, 37-50 [Zbl 0812.65005]
Bouhamidi, A.; Le Méhauté, A., Spline curves and surfaces with tension, 51-58 [Zbl 0815.65009]
Bozzini, M.; De Tisi, F.; Rossini, M., Irregularity detection from noisy data with wavelets, 59-66 [Zbl 0815.65134]
Brown, J. L., Natural neighbor interpolation on the sphere, 67-74 [Zbl 0817.65006]
Brumme, Gisela, Error estimates for periodic interpolation by translates, 75-82 [Zbl 0815.41006]
Brunie, L.; Cinquin, P., An energy-based paradigm for multimodal images fusion, 83-91 [Zbl 0939.68900]
Buhmann, Martin D.; Ron, Amos, Radial basis functions: \(L^ p\)-approximation orders with scattered centres, 93-112 [Zbl 0824.41022]
Chalmond, B.; Coldefy, F.; Lavayssière, B., 3D curve reconstruction from degraded projections, 113-119 [Zbl 0814.68141]
Chui, Charles K.; Wang, Jianzhong, A study of compactly supported scaling functions and wavelets, 121-140 [Zbl 0816.42019]
Dahlke, Stephan, Multiresolution analysis and wavelets on locally compact Abelian groups, 141-156 [Zbl 0834.43004]
Dahmen, Wolfgang, Some remarks on multiscale transformations, stability, and biorthogonality, 157-188 [Zbl 0815.65070]
De Marchi, S.; Morandi Cecchi, M., Fractal interpolation functions for a class of finite elements, 189-196 [Zbl 0815.65022]
DeVore, Ronald A., Adaptive wavelet bases for image compression, 197-219 [Zbl 0815.68123]
Diamond, Harvey; Arakelian Raphael, Louise; Williams, Daniel A., A quasi-interpolant box-spline formulation for image compression and reconstruction, 221-228 [Zbl 0814.68142]
Dyn, N.; Levin, D., The subdivision experience, 229-244 [Zbl 0815.65010]
Gasca, M.; Micchelli, C. A.; Peña, J. M., Banded matrices with banded inverses. III: p-slanted matrices, 245-268 [Zbl 0817.65032]
Ghorbel, F.; Burdin, V., Invariant approximation of star-shaped form for medical applications, 269-276 [Zbl 0815.65023]
Greiner, Günther, Surface construction based on variational principles, 277-286 [Zbl 0815.65024]
Heß, Walter; Schmidt, Jochen W., Direct methods for constructing positive spline interpolants, 287-294 [Zbl 0815.65004]
Jetter, K., Conditionally lower Riesz bounds for scattered data interpolation, 295-302 [Zbl 0831.41002]
Kaasa, Johannes; Westgaard, Geir, The ‘face lift’ algorithm, 303-310 [Zbl 0815.65025]
Kergosien, Y. L., Some generic properties of the set of cross-sections and the set of orthogonal projections of a smooth surface, 311-318 [Zbl 0815.65026]
Kounchev, O. I., Splines constructed by pieces of polyharmonic functions, 319-326 [Zbl 0815.65011]
Kunoth, Angela, On the fast evaluation of integrals of refinable functions, 327-334 [Zbl 0817.65021]
Le Méhauté, A.; Agbévé, K. N., Rational \(C^{k+1}\) finite elements, 335-342 [Zbl 0815.65005]
Levesley, J., Convolution kernels for approximation by radial basis functions, 343-350 [Zbl 0815.65019]
Light, Will, Using radial functions on compact domains, 351-370 [Zbl 0815.65020]
Montès, Pierre, Smoothing noisy data by kriging with nugget effects, 371-378 [Zbl 0815.65016]
Mulansky, B.; Schmidt, Jochen W., Nonnegative interpolation by biquadratic splines on refined rectangular grids, 379-386 [Zbl 0815.65006]
Plonka, G., Spline wavelets with higher defect, 387-398 [Zbl 0815.65012]
Potier, Christine; Vercken, Christine, Regularity analysis of non-uniform data, 399-406 [Zbl 0815.65148]
Prestin, J.; Quak, E., A duality principle for trigonometric wavelets, 407-418 [Zbl 0813.42018]
Quak, E.; Weyrich, N., Decomposition and reconstruction algorithms for bivariate spline wavelets on the unit square, 419-428 [Zbl 0817.65150]
Rabut, Christophe, Some criteria to evaluate the quality of a quasi-interpolant, 429-436 [Zbl 0824.41013]
Rioul, O., Hölder regularity of subdivision schemes and wavelets, 437-444 [Zbl 0814.42019]
Sablonnière, Paul; Jeeawock-Zedek, Fatima, Hermite and Lagrange interpolation by quadratic splines on non-uniform criss-cross triangulations, 445-452 [Zbl 0815.65007]
Sbert, C., Partial differential equation techniques for surface determination, 453-458 [Zbl 0817.65017]
Schaback, Robert, Approximation of polynomials by radial basis functions, 459-466 [Zbl 0826.41022]
Springer, J., Modeling of geological surfaces using finite elements, 467-474 [Zbl 0815.65027]
Tasche, Manfred, Orthogonal periodic spline wavelets, 475-484 [Zbl 0815.65013]
Torrens, Juan José, Approximation of parametric surfaces with discontinuities by discrete smoothing \(D^ m\)-splines, 485-492 [Zbl 0815.65017]
Villemoes, Lars F., Wavelet analysis of refinable functions, 493-500 [Zbl 0815.42018]
Walker, Marshall, Interpolation of an arbitrary rectangular mesh with local control and prescribed continuity, 501-510 [Zbl 0815.65008]
Willemans, K.; Dierckx, P., Constrained surface fitting using Powell-Sabin splines, 511-520 [Zbl 0817.65009]
Zhao, ChangSheng; Mohr, Roger, B-spline patches for surface reconstruction in computer vision, 521-528 [Zbl 0815.65150]


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