First European congress of mathematics (ECM), Paris, France, July 6-10, 1992. Volume III: Round tables. (English, French) Zbl 0807.00009

Progress in Mathematics (Boston, Mass.). 121. Basel: Birkhäuser. xiv, 574 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Kahane, Jean-Pierre; Couchan, Michèle, Round Table A: Mathematics and the General Public. (Appendix: Replies to a questionnaire, written and dispatched by Jean-Michel Kantor), 1-35 [Zbl 0875.00039]
Bayer-Fluckiger, Eva, Round Table B: Women and mathematics. (Appendix: List of coordinators of European women in mathematics), 37-74 [Zbl 0820.00012]
Round Table C: Mathematics and educational policy. (organized by Jaques Camus), 75-127 [Zbl 1126.00311]
Dewilde, W., Round Table C: Mathematics in the school curricula in Flemish speaking Belgium, 80-88 [Zbl 0825.00019]
Camus, Jacques, Round Table C: Mathematics in the French eduactional system, 89-100 [Zbl 0825.00018]
Bungartz, Paul; Strasser, Rudolf, Round Table C: The role of mathematics in educational policies in Germany, 101-109 [Zbl 0825.00020]
Villani, Vinicio, Round Table C: Italy: Mathematic in higher education, 110-115 [Zbl 0825.00016]
Porter, Timothy, Round Table C: Mathematics and educational policy (United Kingdom), 115-127 [Zbl 0825.00017]
Chevallard, Yves, Round Table D: Let’s cultivate mathematics! (organized by Y. Chevallard and A. Rouchier), 129-156 [Zbl 0874.00024]
Rouchier, André, Round Table D: Institutional dimension in the definition of cultural strategies in mathematics, 131-134 [Zbl 0825.00034]
Hoyles, Celia, Round Table D: Television mathematics: Cultivation or distortion?, 134-137 [Zbl 0825.00033]
Keitel, Christine, Round Table D: Mathematicians and the need for critical self-reflection, 138-145 [Zbl 0825.00031]
Grugnetti, Lucia, Round Table D: Mathematics in its historical context, 145-149 [Zbl 0825.00032]
Godino, Juan D., Round Table D: Ecology of mathematical knowledge: An alternative vision of the popularization of mathematics, 150-156 [Zbl 0825.00035]
Round Table E: Mathematical Europe, myth or historical reality? (coordinated by Catherine Goldstein and James Ritter), 157-182 [Zbl 0817.01032]
Round Table F: Philosophy of mathematics: Why? How? (organized by Hourya Sinaceur), 183-228 [Zbl 0874.00019]
Granger, Gilles-Gaston, Round Table F: Forms, operations, objects in mathematics and in philosophy, 185-191 [Zbl 0825.03022]
Petitot, Jean, Round Table F: Transcendental platonism and the problem of objectivity, 192-201 [Zbl 0825.03023]
Longo, Giuseppe, Round Table F: Reflexions on formalism and reductionism in logic and computer science, 202-209 [Zbl 0825.03009]
Dubucs, Jacques, Round Table F: Why is mathematics difficult?, 210-216 [Zbl 0825.03008]
Chatelet, Gilles, Table Ronde F: Le geste bien plutôt que la règle, 217-222 [Zbl 0825.03007]
Guesnerie, Roger, Mathematics and social sciences (Organized by Pierre-André Chiappori and Roger Guesnerie), 229-256 [Zbl 0822.92026]
Chiappori, Pierre-André, Round Table G: On the use of mathematics in social sciences: Some remarks, 232-237 [Zbl 0825.92161]
Menger, Pieree-Michel, Round Table G: Sociology in the face of mathematization, 238-256 [Zbl 0825.92167]
Hunt, Julian C. R.; Neunzert, Helmut, Round Table H: Mathematics and industry, 257-275 [Zbl 0821.00007]
Berg, Christian; Munkholm, Hans J.; Netuka, Ivan; Salinger, David; Souček, Vladimir, Round Table I: Degree harmonization and student exchange programmes, 277-320 [Zbl 0821.00008]
Gabay, Daniel, Round Table J: The Pythagoras Programme. A European policy for mathematics, 321-346 [Zbl 0875.00038]
Bérard, Pierre, Round table K: Collaboration with developing countries, 347-396 [Zbl 0827.00009]
Round Table L: Mathematical libraries in Europe. (Organized by P. Barrat, G. Sureau and L. Zweig), 397-430 [Zbl 0821.00009]
Cornet, Bernard, Round Table M: Mathematics and economics, 431-450 [Zbl 0863.90048]
Soulié, Edgar, Round Table O: Mathematics and chemistry, 451-514 [Zbl 0874.00025]
Hanusse, Patrick, Round Table O: Mathematics and modeling in chemical dynamics, 455-460 [Zbl 0825.92146]
Bernard, Claude, Round Table O: Mathematics and materials science, 461-465 [Zbl 0825.92147]
Gasteiger, Joachim Johann, Round Table O: Knowledge acquisition in chemistry, 466-472 [Zbl 0825.92140]
Bricogne, Gérard, Round Table O: Mathematical methods for determining crystal structure, 473-476 [Zbl 0825.92141]
Golfier, Michel, Round Table O: Group theorie in chemistry, 477-488 [Zbl 0825.92143]
Allavena, Marcel, Round Table O: Mathematics and quantum chemistry, 489-496 [Zbl 0825.92145]
Moreau, Gilles, Round Table O: Mathematics and chemistry in pharmaceutical research, 497-502 [Zbl 0825.92144]
Gomez, Susana; Romero, David, Round Table O: Two global methods for molecular geometry optimization, 503-509 [Zbl 0825.92142]
Le Méhauté, Alain; Hélidore, Frédéric, Round Table O: Fractal geometry and differential equations of non-integral order in physical chemistry, 510-514 [Zbl 0825.92148]
Hiorns, Robert; Prum, Bernard, Mathematics in medicine and biology, 515-571 [Zbl 0822.92002]
Keiding, Niels, Round Table P: Medical statistics: An example from diabetes epidemiology, 517-519 [Zbl 0825.92117]
Arjas, Elja, Round Table P: Point process approach of life histories: Causal chains, 520-527 [Zbl 0825.92003]
Swinton, Jonathan, Round Table P: Two signal cell activation explored with simple mathematics, 528-535 [Zbl 0825.92089]
Chauvet, Gilbert, Round Table P: A theory of the functional organization of biological systems applied to neural networks, 536-549 [Zbl 0825.92019]
Tautu, Petre, Round Table P: Stochastic vistas to the analysis of physical mapping of the genome, 550-558 [Zbl 0825.92005]
Goldbeter, Albert, Round Table P: Rhythms and chaos in biological systems, 559-563 [Zbl 0825.92004]


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