Group theory from a geometrical viewpoint. Proceedings of a workshop, held at the International Centre for Theoretical Physics in Trieste, Italy, 26 March to 6 April 1990. (English) Zbl 0809.00017

Singapore: World Scientific,. viii, 733 p. (1991).

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Indexed articles:
Alonso, J. M.; Brady, T.; Cooper, D.; Ferlini, V.; Lustig, M.; Mihalik, M.; Shapiro, M.; Short, H., Notes on word hyperbolic groups, 3-63 [Zbl 0849.20023]
Bowditch, B. H., Notes on Gromov’s hyperbolicity criterion for path-metric spaces, 64-167 [Zbl 0843.20031]
Short, Hamish, Quasiconvexity and a theorem of Howson’s, 168-176 [Zbl 0869.20023]
Delzant, Thomas, Two-generator subgroups of hyperbolic groups, 177-189 [Zbl 0845.20027]
de la Harpe, Pierre, An invitation to Coxeter groups, 193-253 [Zbl 0840.20033]
Brown, Kenneth S., Five lectures on buildings, 254-295 [Zbl 0846.20032]
Abels, Herbert, The group of values of a \(W\)-distance is a Coxeter group, 296-301 [Zbl 0840.20024]
Paris, Luis, Growth series of Coxeter groups, 302-310 [Zbl 0841.20035]
Paulin, Frédéric, Constructions of hyperbolic groups via hyperbolizations of polyhedra, 313-372 [Zbl 0843.20032]
Bridson, Martin R., Geodesics and curvature in metric simplicial complexes, 373-463 [Zbl 0844.53034]
Januszkiewicz, Tadeusz, Hyperbolizations, 464-490 [Zbl 0845.53030]
Stallings, John R., Non-positively curved triangles of groups, 491-503 [Zbl 0843.20033]
Haefliger, André, Complexes of groups and orbihedra, 504-540 [Zbl 0858.57013]
Shalen, Peter B., Dendrology and its applications, 543-616 [Zbl 0843.20018]
Barge, Jean; Ghys, Etienne, Bounded cocycles and actions of groups on real trees, 617-621 [Zbl 0846.20029]
Sergiescu, Vlad, A quick introduction to Burnside’s problem, 622-629 [Zbl 0849.20030]
Greenberg, Peter, Projective aspects of the Higman-Thompson group, 633-644 [Zbl 0860.57038]
Kulkarni, Ravi S., Hyperbolic geometry and the subgroups of the modular group, 645-686 [Zbl 0840.20046]
Pride, Stephen J., Identities among relations of group presentations, 687-717 [Zbl 0843.20026]
Shah, Nimish A., Closures of totally geodesic immersions in manifolds of constant negative curvature, 718-732 [Zbl 0846.53041]


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