White noise analysis: mathematics and applications. Proceedings of of a conference, held in Bielefeld, Germany, 9-15 July, 1989. (English) Zbl 0812.00015

Singapore: World Scientific Publishing. ix, 424 p. (1990).

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Indexed articles:
Albeverio, Sergio; Röckner, Michael, Infinite dimensional diffusions connected with positive generalized white noise functionals, 1-21 [Zbl 0818.60051]
Apolloni, Bruno; de Falco, Diego, Probabilistic aspects of machine learning, 22-30 [Zbl 0816.60071]
Betounes, David; Redfern, Mylan, Differential forms with values in \((L^ 2)^ -\), 31-42 [Zbl 0817.60039]
Carlen, Eric A.; Krée, Paul, On sharp \(L^ p\) estimates for iterated stochastic integrals and some related topics, 43-48 [Zbl 0818.60042]
Castrigiano, Domenico P. L.; Stärk, Florian, Intrinsic clock as a tool for path integration: An example, 49-65 [Zbl 0817.60060]
Chow, Pao-Liu, Exponential estimates of large deviation type for Itô processes in Hilbert spaces, 66-72 [Zbl 0817.60025]
Cutland, Nigel J., Nonstandard representation of Gaussian measures, 73-92 [Zbl 0817.60004]
Dawson, D. A.; Hochberg, K. J.; Wu, Y., Multilevel branching systems, 93-107 [Zbl 0817.60087]
Gross, Leonard, Logarithmic Sobolev inequalities for the heat kernel on a Lie group, 108-130 [Zbl 0817.60007]
Haba, Zbigniew, Solutions of quantum mechanics and field theory in terms of stochastic (partial) differential equations, 131-139 [Zbl 0817.60070]
Hida, T.; Potthoff, J., White noise analysis – an overview, 140-165 [Zbl 0819.60041]
Itô, Kiyosi, Positive generalized functionals on \((\mathbb{R}^ \infty,{\mathcal B}^ \infty, N^ \infty)\), 166-179 [Zbl 0817.60065]
Ito, Yoshifusa; Kubo, Izumi; Takenaka, Shigeo, Calculus on Gaussian white noise and Kuo’s Fourier transform, 180-207 [Zbl 0817.60040]
Johnson, G. W.; Kallianpur, G., Multiple Wiener integrals on abstract Wiener spaces and liftings of \(p\)- linear forms, 208-219 [Zbl 0818.60043]
Khandekar, Dinkar C., White-noise analysis as a tool in computing Feynman integrals, 220-230 [Zbl 0817.60041]
Korezlioglu, H.; Üstünel, A. S., Distributions, Girsanov and degree theorems on Wiener spaces, 231-244 [Zbl 0818.60034]
Kree, Paul, An interpretation of Kolmogoroff’s axioms in agreement with white noise and distributions methods, 245-255 [Zbl 0817.60003]
Kuo, H.-H.; Potthoff, J., Anticipating stochastic integrals and stochastic differential equations, 256-273 [Zbl 0817.60061]
Lee, Yuh-Jia, A reformulation of white noise calculus, 274-293 [Zbl 0817.60042]
Meyer, P. A., White noise from a Hilbert space point of view, 294-297 [Zbl 0817.60043]
Ocone, Daniel L., Anticipating stochastic calculus and applications, 298-314 [Zbl 0817.60062]
Oosawa, Fumio, Hierarchy of noise production in living cells, 315-330 [Zbl 0817.92005]
Protter, Philip, Weak convergence in stochastic analysis, 331-336 [Zbl 0817.60063]
Redfern, Mylan; Betounes, David, A generalized Itô formula for \(N\)-dimensional time, 337-343 [Zbl 0817.60056]
Ricciardi, Luigi M.; Giorno, Virginia; Nobile, Amelia G., On the asymptotics of first passage time densities, 344-359 [Zbl 0817.60085]
Sato, Ken-iti, Distributions of class \(L\) and self-similar processes with independent increments, 360-373 [Zbl 0817.60038]
Shieh, Narn-Rueih; Yokoi, Yoshitaka, Positivity of Donsker’s delta function, 374-382 [Zbl 0817.60044]
Smoleński, W., Linear kernels associated with distributions of stochastic processes, 383-391 [Zbl 0817.60035]
Vilela Mendes, R., Construction of gauge fields in four dimensions from ground state processes, 392-406 [Zbl 0817.60100]
Yokoi, Yoshitaka, Positive generalized Brownian functionals, 407-422 [Zbl 0817.60045]


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