On the efficiency of effective Nullstellensätze. (English) Zbl 0824.68051

Summary: Let \(k\) be an infinite and perfect field, \(x_ 1, \dots, x_ n\) indeterminates over \(k\) and let \(f_ 1, \dots, f_ s\) be polynomials in \(k[x_ 1, \dots, x_ n]\) of degree bounded by a given number \(d\), which satisfies \(d \geq n\). We prove an effective affine Nullstellensatz of the following particular form: For arbitrary given parameters \(d,s,n\) there exists a probabilistic (randomized) arithmetic network over \(k\) of size \(s^{O (1)}\) \(d^{O (n)}\) and depth \(O(n^ 4 \log^ 2 sd)\) solving the following task: It decides whether the ideal generated by \(f_ 1, \dots, f_ s\) in \(k[x_ 1, \dots, x_ n]\) is trivial and, if this is the case, it produces a straight-line program of size \(s^{O (1)}\) \(d^{O (n)}\) and depth \(O (n^ 4 \log^ 2 sd)\) in the function field \(k(x_ 1, \dots, x_ n)\) which computes polynomials \(p_ 1, \dots, p_ s\) of \(k[x_ 1, \dots, x_ n]\) of degree \(d^{O (n^ 2)}\) satisfying \(1 = \sum_{1 \leq j \leq s} p_ j f_ j\).


68Q25 Analysis of algorithms and problem complexity
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