Variational inequalities and network equilibrium problems. Proceedings of a conference, Erice, Italy, June 19-25, 1994. (English) Zbl 0834.00044

New York, NY: xii, 305 p. xii, 305 p. (1995).

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Indexed articles:
Antoni, Carla, On a separation approach to variational inequalities, 1-7 [Zbl 0849.49011]
Bonuccelli, Maurizio A., Traffic scheduling in telecommunication systems and network flow, 9-19 [Zbl 0849.90058]
Castellani, Marco; Mastroeni, Giandomenico, On the duality theory for finite dimensional variational inequalities, 21-31 [Zbl 0847.49005]
Cubiotti, Paolo, Some properties of periodic solutions of linear control systems via quasi-variational inequalities, 33-44 [Zbl 0847.49006]
De Luca, Marino, Generalized quasi-variational inequalities and traffic equilibrium problem, 45-54 [Zbl 0847.49007]
Elster, Karl-Heinz; Elster, Rosalind, Vector variational inequality and geometric vector optimization, 55-67 [Zbl 0847.49004]
Facchinei, Francisco; Soares, João, Testing a new class of algorithms for nonlinear complementarity problems, 69-83 [Zbl 0849.90118]
Ferrari, Paolo, Equilibrium in transport networks with capacity constraints, 85-100 [Zbl 0849.90056]
Giannessi, Franco, Separation of sets and gap functions for quasi-variational inequalities, 101-121 [Zbl 0847.49008]
Gwinner, Joachim, Stability of monotone variational inequalities with various applications, 123-142 [Zbl 0848.49006]
Iwaoka, Kouichiro I.; Fukushima, Masao F.; Ibaraki, Toshihide, A primal-dual proximal point algorithm for variational inequality problems, 143-153 [Zbl 0847.49009]
Köksal, Muhammet, Relations between \(t\)-, \(s\)-, \(z\)-domain descriptions of periodically-switched networks, 155-168 [Zbl 0851.94032]
Larsson, Torbjörn; Patriksson, Michael, On side constrained models of traffic equilibria, 169-178 [Zbl 0849.90115]
Marcotte, Patrice, Advantages and drawbacks of variational inequalities formulations, 179-194 [Zbl 0849.90119]
Maugeri, Antonino, Variational and quasi-variational inequalities in network flow models. Recent developments in theory and algorithms, 195-211 [Zbl 0847.49010]
Murthy, Venkatesha M. K., A variational inequality associated to a scalar conservation law with unilateral constraints, 213-223 [Zbl 0851.35089]
Oettli, Werner; Yen Nguyen Dong, Continuity of the solution set of homogeneous equilibrium problems and linear complementarity problems, 225-234 [Zbl 0849.90116]
Rapcsák, Támas, Tensor approximations of smooth nonlinear complementarity systems, 235-249 [Zbl 0849.90120]
Ricceri, Biagio, Basic existence theorems for generalized variational and quasi-variational inequalities, 251-255 [Zbl 0847.49011]
Robinson, Stephen M., Sensitivity analysis of variational inequalities by normal-map techniques, 257-269 [Zbl 0861.49009]
Rockafellar, R. Tyrrell, Monotone relations and network equilibrium, 271-288 [Zbl 0847.49012]
Schaible, Siegfried, Generalized monotonicity – concepts and uses, 289-299 [Zbl 0847.49013]


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