Artificial intelligence. A modern approach. (English) Zbl 0835.68093

Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall International. xxviii, 932 p. (1995).
This textbook offers an introduction to artificial intelligence (AI). The book is divided into eight parts. It starts with a view of the AI enterprise based around the idea of intelligent agents – self-contained systems that perceive, reason and act on their own. The problem solving part focuses on (blind and heuristic) search methods and game playing (considered as a search problem). The knowledge and reasoning chapter covers knowledge representation and inferencing with emphasis on first- order logic. Special attention is given to knowledge engineering principles underlying the building of knowledge bases and methods of automated reasoning within a logical framework, where a distinction is made between theorem provers and logic programming languages, production systems, frame systems and semantic networks, and description logic systems. The topic of logical acting is considered from the point of view of various planning methods, simple ones and more sophisticated ones involving conditional planning and replanning. Decision making under uncertainty is treated in the framework of probabilistic reasoning systems, belief networks in particular, including basic constructs from probability theory, utility theory, and decision theory. Machine learning methodologies are distinguished by learning from observations (learning from examples, inductive learning), learning in neural networks and belief networks, reinforcement learning, and knowledge-intensive learning methods (such as explanation-based learning or inductive logic programming). Communication of agents in natural language, a survey of techniques for natural language processing, perception (including vision, image processing and speech recognition) and robotic close the themes covered by that book. It ends with a consideration of the philosophical foundations of AI and its current and future perspectives. Throughout the book, algorithms are supplied for illustrating basic concepts for the design of intelligent agents.


68-01 Introductory exposition (textbooks, tutorial papers, etc.) pertaining to computer science
68Txx Artificial intelligence