Clustering and classification. (English) Zbl 0836.00014

Singapore: World Scientific. ix, 490 p. (1996).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually.
The aim of this edition is to provide an overview of much (but certainly not all) of cluster analysis and to comprehensively encompass many of the ongoing developments.
Indexed articles:
Arabie, Phipps; Hubert, Lawrence J., An overview of combinatorial data analysis, 5-63 [Zbl 0902.62005]
Gordon, Allan D., Hierarchical classification, 65-121 [Zbl 1126.62349]
Rosenberg, Seymour; Van Mechelen, Iven; De Boeck, Paul, A hierarchical classes model: Theory and method with applications in psychology and psychopathology, 123-155 [Zbl 0903.92041]
De Soete, Geert; Carroll, J. Douglas, Tree and other network models for representing proximity data, 157-197 [Zbl 0903.92039]
Day, William H. E., Complexity theory: An introduction for practitioners of classification, 199-233 [Zbl 0904.62075]
Murtagh, Fionn, Neural networks for clustering, 235-269 [Zbl 0903.92040]
Okada, Akinori, A review of cluster analysis research in Japan, 271-294 [Zbl 0900.92184]
Mirkin, Boris G.; Muchnik, Ilya, Clustering and multidimensional scaling in Russia (1960–1990): A review, 295-339 [Zbl 0900.92185]
Milligan, Glenn W., Clustering validation: Results and implications for applied analyses, 341-375 [Zbl 0895.62069]
Bock, Hans-Hermann, Probability models and hypotheses testing in partitioning cluster analysis, 377-453 [Zbl 1031.62504]


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