Qualitative problems for differential equations and control theory. Dedicated to Aristide Halanay on occasion of his 70th birthday. (English) Zbl 0838.00012

Singapore: World Scientific. xvi, 326 p. (1995).

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From the foreword: Aristide Halanay is currently an Emeritus Professor with the University of Bucharest, Romania, and is actively participating in research activities organized in the framework of the “Seminarul de Teoria Calitativă a Ecuaţiilor Diferenţiale” – a group of dedicated people from various institutions of higher learning in Bucharest. This “Seminar” has been started by Halanay in 1952, and continued ever since on a permanent basis. During the last years, most of the attention in the “Seminar” has been focused on mathematical problems of Control Theory. Chapter headings: Stability Theory (5 contributions), Generalized differential equations (4), Integral and integrodifferential equations (3), Control theory (8), Partial differential equations (5), Stochastic dynamics (3), Discrete systems (2).
Indexed articles:
Bernfeld, S. R., Stability and bifurcation for planar polynomial differential systems, 3-13 [Zbl 0839.34048]
Hartung, Ferenc; Turi, Janos, Stability in a class of functional differential equations with state-dependent delays, 15-31 [Zbl 0840.34083]
Megan, M., On H-stability of evolution operators, 33-39 [Zbl 0839.34073]
Rasvan, Vladimir, Estimates for stability radii in the case of coupled delay-differential and difference equations, 41-52 [Zbl 0839.34080]
Reghis, M., About exponential dichotomy of linear autonomous differential equations, 53-60 [Zbl 0839.34071]
Cârjă, Ovidiu; Ursescu, Corneliu, Comparability and invariance for nonautonomous differential inclusions, 63-70 [Zbl 0839.34019]
Cernea, Aurelian; Mirică, Ştefan, Derived cones to reachable sets of differential inclusions and control systems, 71-79 [Zbl 0839.34020]
Mirică, Ştefan, Quasitangent differentiability with respect to initial data for Carathéodory-Lipschitz differential equations, 81-89 [Zbl 0839.34004]
Vrabie, Ioan I., Compactness in \(L^ p\) of the set of solutions to a nonlinear evolution equation, 91-101 [Zbl 0839.34077]
Constantin, Adrian, Some existence results for nonlinear integral equations, 105-111 [Zbl 0840.45004]
Corduneanu, C.; Mahdavi, M., Asymptotic behaviour of systems with abstract Volterra operators, 113-120 [Zbl 0844.34067]
O’Regan, Donal, Existence results for nonlinear integral equations on the half line, 121-131 [Zbl 0862.45006]
Aniculăesei, G.; Aniţa, Sebastian, A \(H_ \infty\)-control problem with impulsive parameter, 135-145 [Zbl 0867.93027]
Batinetu-Giurgiu, Maria, Linear feedback for optimal stabilization by boundary control of \(p\)-caloric equation, \(p > 1\), 147-156 [Zbl 0842.49005]
Dragan, V., Suboptimal two-block Nehari problem for time-varying infinite dimensional systems, 157-167 [Zbl 0844.93044]
Ionescu, Vlad, Strong stabilizing solution to the continuous and discrete-time Riccati equations, 169-176 [Zbl 0856.93083]
Morozan, T., Liapunov and Riccati equations connected with stability and quadratic control for time-varying linear systems with jump Markov perturbations, 177-184 [Zbl 0856.93104]
Prepeliţă, Valeriu; Drăguşin, Constantin, Linear boundary value systems in the space of regulated functions, 185-196 [Zbl 0842.93027]
Staffans, Olof J., The delay equation approach to quadratic optimal control, 197-205 [Zbl 0842.49019]
Stoica, A., Optimal robust design for aircraft control systems, 207-216 [Zbl 0837.49017]
Benkiran, Taoufiq, A singular perturbation system with change of type, 219-230 [Zbl 0841.34058]
Dinca, G.; Jebelean, P.; Mawhin, J., A result of Ambrosetti-Rabinowitz type for \(p\)-Laplacian, 231-242 [Zbl 0840.35036]
Marinov, Corneliu A.; Lehtonen, Ari, A dissipative operator in distributed parameter network dynamics, 243-250 [Zbl 0838.35054]
Neittaanmäki, P.; Räisänen, T.; Tiba, Dan, On the approximation of some ill-posed problems, 251-262 [Zbl 0844.65069]
Precup, Radu, Existence results for nonlinear boundary value problems under nonresonance conditions, 263-273 [Zbl 0838.35043]
Răşcanu, A.; Tudor, C., Approximation of stochastic equations by the splitting up method, 277-287 [Zbl 0851.60055]
Tudor, C., Almost periodic stochastic processes, 289-300 [Zbl 0842.60038]
Vasilache, T.; Vârsan, C., Singularly perturbed stochastic differential equations with dynamical limits, 301-311 [Zbl 0841.60043]
Graef, John R.; Spikes, Paul W.; Thandapani, E.; Pandian, S., Some oscillation theorems for perturbed nonlinear difference equations, 315-320 [Zbl 0847.39009]
Kannan, R., Convergence of a relaxation type algorithm for nonlinear equations, 321-326 [Zbl 0844.65048]


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