Theory and applications of nonlinear operators of accretive and monotone type. (English) Zbl 0840.00034

Lecture Notes in Pure and Applied Mathematics. 178. New York, NY: Marcel Dekker. x, 319 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Aizicovici, S.; Barbu, V., Periodic solutions for a second order semilinear Volterra equation, 1-14 [Zbl 0856.45017]
Alber, Y. I., Metric and generalized projection operators in Banach spaces: Properties and applications, 15-50 [Zbl 0883.47083]
Baillon, J.; Bruck, R. E., The rate of asymptotic regularity is \(O(1/n)\), 51-81 [Zbl 0865.47038]
Dougias, S. K.; Tsamatos, P. C., Global existence for second order functional differential equations, 83-92 [Zbl 0856.34072]
Gillespie, A.; Kannan, R., Iterative process for finding common fixed points of nonlinear mappings, 93-97 [Zbl 0943.47050]
Goldstein, G. R.; Goldstein, J. A., Regularity for semilinear abstract Cauchy problems, 99-105 [Zbl 0858.34046]
Goldstein, J. A., The KdV equation via semigroups., 107-114 [Zbl 1050.35511]
Guan, Zhengyuan; Kartsatos, Athanassios G., A degree for maximal monotone operators, 115-130 [Zbl 0862.47040]
Hirano, N., On surjectivity of perturbed nonlinear \(m\)-accretive operators., 131-140 [Zbl 1050.47504]
Kirk, W. A., The fixed point property and mappings which are eventually nonexpansive, 141-147 [Zbl 0861.47034]
Milojevic, P. S., Approximation-solvability of semilinear equations and applications, 149-208 [Zbl 0946.47045]
Morales, Claudio H., On the approximation of zeros for locally accretive operators, 209-213 [Zbl 0883.47055]
Mustonen, V., Quasimonotonicity and the Leray-Lions condition, 215-222 [Zbl 0857.35039]
Nashed, M. Z.; Liu, F., On nonlinear ill-posed problems. II: Monotone operator equations and monotone variational inequalities, 223-240 [Zbl 0880.47041]
Paule, Peter, A classical hypergeometric proof of an important transformation formula found by J.-B. Baillon and R. E. Bruck, 241-242 [Zbl 0868.33003]
Pavel, N. H., Periodic solutions to nonlinear 2-D wave equations, 243-249 [Zbl 0861.35061]
Reich, Simeon; Shoikhet, David, The existence of resolvents of holomorphic generators in Banach spaces, 251-258 [Zbl 0879.47038]
Ruess, W. M., Existence of solutions to partial functional differential equations with delay, 259-288 [Zbl 0859.35132]
Webb, J. R. L., Zeros of weakly inward accretive mappings via \(A\)-proper maps, 289-297 [Zbl 0883.47065]
You, Y., Nonlinear wave equations with asymptotically monotone damping, 299-311 [Zbl 0858.35088]
Reich, Simeon, A weak convergence theorem for the alternating method with Bregman distances, 313-318 [Zbl 0943.47040]


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