Robust control via variable structure and Lyapunov techniques. Based on the IEEE workshop, Benevento, Italy, September 1994. (English) Zbl 0845.00064

Lecture Notes in Control and Information Sciences. 217. Berlin: Springer-Verlag. xxi, 307 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Freeman, Randy A.; Kokotović, Petar V., Approaches to robust nonlinear control, 1-14 [Zbl 0875.93003]
Rios-Bolívar, Miguel; Zinober, Alan S. I.; Sira-Ramírez, Hebertt, Dynamical sliding mode control via adaptive input-output linearization: A backstepping approach, 15-35 [Zbl 0936.93015]
Qu, Zhihua; Kaloust, Joseph, A generic Lyapunov procedure to design robust control for nonlinear uncertain systems: Introducing interlacing into recursive design, 37-73 [Zbl 0857.93041]
Bartolini, Giorgio; Ferrara, Antonella; Zolezzi, Tullio, Nonlinear tracking via discontinuous feedback under uncertainty, 75-86 [Zbl 0949.93508]
Su, Wu-Chung; Drakunov, Sergey V.; Özgüner, Ümit, Implementation of variable structure control for sampled-data systems, 87-106 [Zbl 0859.93012]
Fridman, Leonid; Levant, Arie, Higher order sliding modes as a natural phenomenon in control theory, 107-133 [Zbl 0854.93021]
Ryan, Eugene P., An adaptive servomechanism for a class of uncertain nonlinear systems encompassing actuator hysteresis, 135-148 [Zbl 0856.93054]
Başar, Tamer; Didinsky, Garry; Pan, Zigang, A new class of identifiers for robust parameter identification and control in uncertain systems, 149-173 [Zbl 0858.93029]
Corless, Martin; Leitmann, George, Exponential convergence for uncertain systems with component-wise bounded controllers, 175-196 [Zbl 0857.93084]
Amato, Francesco; Garofalo, Franco; Glielmo, Luigi; Pironti, Alfredo, Quadratic stabilization of uncertain linear systems, 197-211 [Zbl 0857.93079]
Blanchini, Franco; Miani, Stefano, Piecewise-linear functions in robust control, 213-243 [Zbl 0858.93063]
Fliess, Michel; Lévine, Jean; Martin, Philippe; Rouchon, Pierre, A Lie-Bäcklund approach to dynamic feedback equivalence and flatness, 245-268 [Zbl 0858.93034]
Rapoport, Lev B., Asymptotic stability and periodic motions of selector-linear differential inclusions, 269-285 [Zbl 0878.93053]
Savkin, Andrey V.; Petersen, Ian R., Structured dissipativity and absolute stability of nonlinear systems, 287-307 [Zbl 0857.93075]


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