Mathematical and numerical aspects of wave propagation. Proceedings of the third international conference, Mandelieu-La Napoule, France, April 24–28, 1995. (English) Zbl 0846.00038

Philadelphia, PA: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. xii, 808 p. (1995).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The second conference (1993) has been reviewed (see Zbl 0809.00018).
Indexed articles:
Martin, P. A., Multiple scattering: An invitation, 3-16 [Zbl 0873.35058]
Pichot, Christian; Papiernik, Albert, Numerical methods in electromagnetic scattering and radiation, 17-31 [Zbl 0870.65120]
Komech, A., Asymptotics of solutions to nonlinear wave equations, 32-46 [Zbl 0871.35062]
Sylvester, John, Inverse problems via layer stripping, 48-55 [Zbl 0877.34016]
Hoffman, David K.; Kouri, Donald J., Distributed approximating functionals: A new approach to approximating functions and their derivatives, 56-83 [Zbl 0871.41012]
Frank, A. M., Particle method for water waves simulation, 96-103 [Zbl 0874.76059]
Zhevandrov, P. N., Justification of some ray method approximations for trapped water waves, 104-111 [Zbl 0874.76012]
Onishi, K.; Kobayashi, K., A zoom-in technique for shallow water equations, 112-118 [Zbl 0877.76036]
Chernykh, Gennadij G.; Voropaeva, Olga F.; Zudin, Andrej N., Numerical simulation of internal waves generated by a local density perturbation in stratified medium, 119-128 [Zbl 0876.76054]
Bachelot, Alain; Lubet, Valérie, On the coupling of boundary element and finite element methods for a time problem, 130-139 [Zbl 0870.65121]
Filipe, M.; Forestier, A.; Ha-Duong, T., A time-dependent acoustic scattering problem, 140-150 [Zbl 0877.76067]
Bachelot, Alain; Lange, Virginie, Time dependent integral method for Maxwell’s system, 151-159 [Zbl 0872.65110]
Gay, Jean; Haugazeau, Yves; Heliot, Jean-Philippe, Integral equation for the system of Maxwell. Finite elements of surface for their links with thin wires, 160-169 [Zbl 0871.65104]
de La Bourdonnaye, Armel; Tolentino, Marc, Convergence of the approximation of a wave, by oscillatory functions in the limit of high frequencies, 170-177 [Zbl 0870.65013]
Abboud, Toufic; Nédélec, Jean-Claude; Zhou, Bin, Improvement of the integral equation method for high frequency problems, 178-187 [Zbl 0870.65122]
Chandler-Wilde, S. N., Boundary value problems for the Helmholtz equation in a half-plane, 188-197 [Zbl 0870.35031]
Duhamel, D., Static regularization of hypersingular integral equations in acoustics, 198-207 [Zbl 0874.76078]
Chandler-Wilde, S. N.; Ross, C. R., Scattering by one-dimensional rough surfaces, 208-215 [Zbl 0869.35069]
Roy, Arabinda, Diffraction of elastic waves by an elliptic crack, 216-228 [Zbl 0874.73018]
Harari, Isaac; Turkel, Eli, Reducing spurious wave dispersion, reflection and anisotropy in finite difference computation, 230-239 [Zbl 0869.76054]
Sei, Alain; Symes, W. W., Computational analysis of finite difference schemes for the wave equation in heterogeneous media, 240-249 [Zbl 0874.73073]
Cohen, Gary; Monk, Peter, Efficient edge finite element schemes in computational electromagnetism, 250-259 [Zbl 0870.65117]
Millot, Florence; Collino, Francis; Joly, Patrick, Fictitious domain method for unsteady problems: Application to electromagnetic scattering, 260-269 [Zbl 0870.65123]
Cohen, Gary; Joly, Patrick; Tordjman, Nathalie, Higher order triangular finite elements with mass lumping for the wave equation, 270-279 [Zbl 0870.65085]
Ettouney, Mohammed M.; Daddazio, Raymond P.; Abboud, Najib N., Scale independent elements for dynamic analysis of vibrating systems, 280-288 [Zbl 0875.73122]
Seriani, Géza; Priolo, Enrico; Pregarz, Alessandro, Modelling waves in anisotropic media by a spectral element method, 289-298 [Zbl 0879.73082]
Vigdergauz, Shmuel; Givoli, Dan, A finite element method for wave problems with geometrical singularities, 299-307 [Zbl 0874.73068]
Bermúdez, Alfredo; Durán, Ricardo; Rodríguez, Rodolfo, A finite element method for elastoacoustic and hydroelastic vibrations problems, 308-317 [Zbl 0879.73061]
Anné, Laurent; Bamberger, Alain; Brac, Jean; Duclos, Pierre, Generation of a realistic 3D synthetic seismic dataset. Numerical and computational aspects, MARMOUSI 3D, 318-327 [Zbl 0875.73043]
Song, Hua; Zhang, Guanquan, Wavefield splitting and extrapolation of the two-dimensional plasma wave equation, 328-337 [Zbl 0874.76098]
Albertsen, Niels Christian; Chesneaux, Jean-Marie; Christiansen, Soeren; Wirgin, Armand, Evaluation of round-off error by interval and stochastic arithmetic methods in a numerical application of the Rayleigh theory to the study of scattering from an uneven boundary, 338-346 [Zbl 0877.76066]
Yang, Dequan; Han, Qingshu; Wunenboyin, Investigation of the diffraction and vortex phenomenon of a dam break wave, 347-354 [Zbl 0875.76355]
Issautier, Didier; Poupaud, Frédéric; Cioni, Jean-Pierre; Fezoui, Loula, A 2-D Vlasov-Maxwell solver on unstructured meshes, 355-371 [Zbl 0874.76061]
Kalashnikov, Vyacheslav V.; Kostornoj, Sergej D., Problem of ideal liquid flowing around arbitrarily positioned bodies: Numerical solution and application to hydraulic machines, 372-383 [Zbl 0875.76476]
Kawarada, Hideo; Koshigoe, Hideyuku; Sasamoto, Akira, On penetration phenomenon of magnetic field into superconducting materials – Modeling and simulation, 385-394 [Zbl 0870.65118]
Saillard, M., Numerical study of resonant phenomena in electromagnetism, 395-403 [Zbl 0870.65124]
Joly, Patrick; Vacus, Olivier, Numerical simulations of electromagnetic wave propagation in ferromagnetic materials, 404-411 [Zbl 0871.65105]
Abboud, T.; Mathis, V.; Nédélec, J. C., Diffraction of an electromagnetic travelling wave by a periodic structure, 412-421 [Zbl 0870.65125]
Svobodny, Thomas, Analysis and computation of a mean-field dynamo model, 422-429 [Zbl 0874.76096]
Cessenat, Michel, Scattering of a stationary wave by a thin obstacle with a high conductivity, 431-438 [Zbl 0870.35074]
Abboud, Toufic; Ammari, Habib, Diffraction at a curved grating. TM and TE cases, homogenization, 439-448 [Zbl 0872.35010]
Gilbert, R.; Gnélécoumbaga, S.; Panasenko, G., Wave propagation in a system: Porous media with Dirichlet’s condition on the boundary – continuous media, 449-455 [Zbl 0874.76082]
Hedstrom, Gerald, Viscoelastic waves and multiple scales, 456-463 [Zbl 0874.73008]
Barucq, Hélène, Maxwell’s system with a one-parameter family of first-order absorbing boundary conditions, 465-473 [Zbl 0872.35110]
Hagstrom, Thomas, On the convergence of local approximations to pseudodifferential operators with applications, 474-482 [Zbl 0874.35140]
Tuomela, J., Discrete absorbing boundary conditions for one-dimensional wave equation, 483-488 [Zbl 0874.35064]
Bielak, Jacobo; Kallivokas, Loukas F.; Xu, Jifeng; Monopoli, Richard, Finite element absorbing boundary for the wave equation in a halfplane with an application to engineering seismology, 489-498 [Zbl 0879.73062]
Levy, M. F., Non-local boundary conditions for radiowave propagation, 499-505 [Zbl 0874.35120]
Meade, Douglas B.; Peterson, Andrew F.; Piellusch-Castle, Catherine, Derivation and comparison of radiation boundary conditions for the two-dimensional Helmholtz equation with non-circular artificial boundaries, 506-514 [Zbl 0870.35009]
Petkov, Vesselin; Stoyanov, Luchezar, Sojourn times of reflecting rays and singularities of the scattering kernel, 516-525 [Zbl 0870.35076]
Cutzach, Pierre-Marie; Hazard, Christophe, Maxwell’s equations in a two-layered medium, 526-535 [Zbl 0874.35117]
Bonnet Ben Dhia, Anne-Sophie; Powell, Blaise, A method for solving some problems set in a non-compactly perturbed half plane, 536-543 [Zbl 0869.35008]
Alves, Carlos; Ha Duong, Tuong, Numerical experiments on the resonance poles associated to acoustic and elastic scattering by a plane crack, 544-553 [Zbl 0874.73077]
Carcione, José M.; Seriani, Geza, Propagation of axially symmetric waves in infinitely long composite cylinder systems, 555-563 [Zbl 0882.73016]
Joly, P.; Pedreira, D. G., A method to compute guided modes in open stratified waveguides, 564-573 [Zbl 0876.35115]
Duterte, Jean; Joly, Patrick, Surface waves guided by a cylindrical perturbation of an elastic homogeneous half-space, 574-583 [Zbl 0881.73030]
Garnier, Josselin; Fouque, Jean-Pierre, Amplification of incoherent light with wide spectrum, 584-593 [Zbl 0874.35119]
Vassallo, Charles, Finite difference analysis of vectorial transversal fields in optical waveguides, 594-603 [Zbl 0870.65127]
Glushkov, Evgenij; Glushkova, Natal’ya; Kirillova, Evgeniya, Normal mode diffraction in elastic layered waveguides; resonances and energy vortices, 604-612 [Zbl 0874.73016]
Merzon, Anatolij E., On Ursell’s problem, 613-623 [Zbl 0874.76011]
Kuznetsov, N. G., Trapped modes of surface and internal waves in a channel occupied by two-layer fluid, 624-633 [Zbl 0874.76015]
Chen, Y. M.; Kim, T. G., A parallel algorithm for inverse scattering problems of Maxwell’s equations on hypercubes, 635-643 [Zbl 0870.65126]
Makhmutova, M., Fast algorithms for solving the direct and inverse problems of ionosphere sounding, 644-651 [Zbl 0870.65119]
Benamou, Jean-David, A domain decomposition method for the optimal control of systems governed by the Helmholtz equation, 653-662 [Zbl 0870.65051]
Ghanemi, S.; Collino, F.; Joly, P., Domain decomposition method for harmonic wave equations, 663-672 [Zbl 0870.65109]
Douglas, Jim jun.; Pereira, Felipe; Santos, Juan E., A parallelizable approach to the simulation of waves in dispersive media, 673-682 [Zbl 0879.73081]
Kern, M.; Versteeg, R.; Symes, W. W., Task level parallelization for seismic modeling and inversion, 684-693 [Zbl 0875.73386]
Bao, Gang, An inverse diffraction problem in periodic structures, 694-703 [Zbl 0874.35128]
Plessix, R. E.; Chavent, G.; De Roeck, Y. H., A quantitative Kirchhoff migration to estimate the 2D velocity distribution, 704-712 [Zbl 0877.73014]
Chavent, Guy; Clément, François; Gómez, Susana, Waveform inversion by MBTT formulation, 713-722 [Zbl 0877.73013]
Cordier, S.; Degond, P.; Markowich, P.; Schmeiser, C., Quasineutral limit of travelling waves for the Euler-Poisson model, 724-733 [Zbl 0874.76097]
Filimonov, Igor; Kidin, Nickolai, The influence of an electromagnetic field on the SHS process in the spin mode, 734-743 [Zbl 0873.35094]
Chen, Shuxing, M-D singularity structure of solutions to a quasilinear system, 744-753 [Zbl 0873.35050]
Bakhvalov, N. S.; Eglit, M. E., Averaging of the wave propagation dynamics in weakly viscous mixtures, 759-761 [Zbl 0875.76085]
Gilman, O. A.; Grimshaw, R.; Stepanyants, Yu. A., Analytical and numerical investigations of the structure and dynamics of nonlinear waves in a rotating ocean, 766-768 [Zbl 0875.76652]
Matignon, Denis; d’Andréa-Novel, Brigitte, Spectral and time-domain consequences of an integro-differential perturbation of the wave PDE, 769-771 [Zbl 0875.35066]
Okada, Masami; Ozawa, Kazufumi, Numerical study on wave propagation in branched lattice of LC circuit, 774-776 [Zbl 0870.65113]
Caviglia, G.; Morro, A., Two approaches to wave propagation in dissipative anisotropic solids, 780-782 [Zbl 0875.73047]
Kolikovskij, A. G.; Sveshnikova, E. I., Shock waves in a weakly anisotropic elastic media, 791-792 [Zbl 0875.73040]
Mirabel, Xavier; Marsili, Pierre-Marie, Optimal control in impedance tomography, 793-795 [Zbl 0889.49025]
Shardakov, Igor; Golotina, Ludmila, On the approach to solution of three-dimensional acoustic gas oscillation problem in regions with complex geometry, 801-803 [Zbl 0875.76570]


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