Higher dimensional complex varieties. Proceedings of the international conference, Trento, Italy, June 15–24, 1994. (English) Zbl 0859.00021

Berlin: Walter de Gruyter. viii, 381 p. (1996).

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Indexed articles:
Alexeev, Valery, Moduli spaces \(M_{g,n}(W)\) for surfaces, 1-22 [Zbl 0896.14014]
Ballico, E.; Russo, B., On the geometry and Brill-Noether theory of spanned vector bundles on curves, 23-38 [Zbl 0926.14014]
Batyrev, Victor V.; Borisov, Lev A., On Calabi-Yau complete intersections in toric varieties, 39-65 [Zbl 0908.14015]
Bouche, Thierry, Asymptotic results for hermitian line bundles over complex manifolds: The heat kernel approach, 67-81 [Zbl 0914.32010]
Braun, Robert; Müller-Stach, Stefan, Effective bounds for Nori’s connectivity theorem, 83-88 [Zbl 0905.14029]
Campana, Frédéric, Kodaira dimension and fundamental group of compact Kähler manifolds, 89-161 [Zbl 0923.32009]
Catanese, Fabrizio, Fundamental groups with few relations, 163-165 [Zbl 1076.32504]
Ciliberto, Ciro; Lopez, Angelo Felice; Miranda, Rick, Some remarks on the obstructedness of cones over curves of low genus, 167-182 [Zbl 0893.14007]
Ein, Lawrence; Lazarsfeld, Robert; Nakamaye, Michael, Zero-estimates, intersection theory, and a theorem of Demailly, 183-207 [Zbl 0892.14007]
Flenner, Hubert; Vogel, Wolfgang, Limits of joins and intersections, 209-220 [Zbl 0894.14003]
Ito, Yukari; Reid, Miles, The McKay correspondence for finite subgroups of \(SL(3,\mathbb{C})\), 221-240 [Zbl 0894.14024]
Kawamata, Yujiro, Divisorial contractions to 3-dimensional terminal quotient singularities, 241-246 [Zbl 0894.14019]
Lanteri, Antonio; Maeda, Hidetoshi, Ample vector bundle characterizations of projective bundles and quadric fibrations over curves, 247-259 [Zbl 0891.14011]
Nikulin, Viacheslav V., The diagram method for 3-folds and its application to the Kähler cone and Picard number of Calabi-Yau 3-folds. I. – With an appendix by Vyacheslav V. Shokurov: Anticanonical boundedness for curves, 261-328; appendix 321-328 [Zbl 0957.14030]
Oguiso, Keiji, On the complete classification of Calabi-Yau threefolds of type \(\text{III}_0\), 329-339 [Zbl 0957.14026]
Paoletti, Roberto, On Halphen’s speciality theorem, 341-355 [Zbl 0890.14015]
Peternell, Th.; Wilson, P. M. H., Threefolds with extremal Chern classes, 357-378 [Zbl 0894.14020]


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