International conference on differential equations. Vol. 1, 2. Proceedings of the conference, EQUADIFF 91, Barcelona, Spain, August 26-31, 1991. (English) Zbl 0863.00035

Singapore: World Scientific. 992 p. (1993).

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The articles of this volume will be reviewed individually. The 1987 conference has been reviewed (see Zbl 0675.00011).
Indexed articles:
Hale, Jack K.; Raugel, Geneviève, Attractors for dissipative evolutionary equations, 3-22 [Zbl 0938.34536]
Ladyzhenskaya, Olga, Attractors for nonlinear parabolic systems, 23-37 [Zbl 0938.35552]
Morton, K. W., Finite volume methods for modelling the compressible Navier-Stokes equations, 38-55 [Zbl 0938.76576]
Alikakos, Nicholas D.; Fusco, Giorgio, Equilibrium and dynamics of bubbles for the Cahn-Hilliard equation, 59-67 [Zbl 0938.35565]
Arnold, Ludwig; Xu, Kedai, Simultaneous normal form and center manifold reduction for random differential equations, 68-80 [Zbl 0938.60512]
Broer, H. W.; Roussarie, R.; Simó, C., On the Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation for planar diffeomorphisms, 81-92 [Zbl 0938.37512]
Calvo, M. P.; Sanz-Serna, J. M., Reasons for a failure. The integration of the two-body problem with a symplectic Runge-Kutta-Nyström code with stepchanging facilities, 93-102 [Zbl 0938.65534]
Delshams, Amadeu; Seara, Tere M., Splitting of separatrices in rapidly forced systems, 103-113 [Zbl 0943.34033]
Demkowicz, L., On the impact of the entropy function in computational fluid dynamics (by finite elements), 114-125 [Zbl 0938.76570]
Fernández Cara, Enrique; Real, José, On a conjecture due to J. -L. Lions concerning weak controllability for Navier-Stokes flows, 126-135 [Zbl 0938.35516]
Hornung, Ulrich; Jäger, Willi, Homogenization of reactive transport through porous media, 136-152 [Zbl 0938.76586]
Kačur, J.; Jäger, W., Solution of degenerate parabolic problems by linear approximation schemes, 153-162 [Zbl 0938.35507]
Lazutkin, Vladimir F., Resurgent approach to the separatrices splitting, 163-176 [Zbl 0938.37524]
Llibre, Jaume, Periodic orbits of periodic differential systems, 177-184 [Zbl 0938.37503]
Morgan, K.; Lefebvre, D.; Peraire, J., Adaptive least squares finite element methods for flow simulations on unstructured grids, 185-194 [Zbl 0938.76568]
Neishtadt, Anatoly I., On destruction of adiabatic invariants in multi-frequency systems, 195-207 [Zbl 0938.34529]
Oliva, W. M., Monotone systems and transversality, 208-214 [Zbl 0938.37506]
Poláčik, P., Dynamics of scalar semilinear parabolic equations, 215-224 [Zbl 0938.35554]
Raviart, P.-A.; Sainsaulieu, L., Nonconservative hyperbolic systems and two-phase flows, 225-233 [Zbl 0938.35575]
Vázquez, Juan Luis, Singular solutions and asymptotic behaviour of nonlinear parabolic equations, 234-249 [Zbl 0938.35558]
Aguilar, Gloria; Lisbona, Francisco, Singular perturbation analysis of the coupling of elliptic and hyperbolic differential equations, 253-257 [Zbl 0938.35510]
Ahués, Mario; Hocine, Farida, Finite element error bounds in spectral approximations, 258-262 [Zbl 0938.65517]
Alabau, Fatiha, An analysis of the uniqueness of the solutions of the one-dimensional steady-state semiconductor device equations, 263-266 [Zbl 0938.82522]
Al’ber, Ya., Geometry of Banach spaces and asymptotic and nonasymptotic properties of monotone equations of evolution, 267-271 [Zbl 0938.34534]
Anisiu, Mira-Cristiana, Existence of periodic solutions of ODE via fixed point theorems, 272-276 [Zbl 0938.34525]
Arcoya, D., Some discontinuous problems, 277-281 [Zbl 0938.35541]
Arosio, A.; Natalini, R.; Panizzi, S.; Paoli, M. G., Fourth order evolution equations, 282-287 [Zbl 0938.34538]
Asakura, Fumioki, Decay of solutions for the equations of isothermal gas dynamics, 288-291 [Zbl 0938.35571]
Atela, Pau; McLachlan, Robert I., A note on the charged isosceles three-body problem, 292-297 [Zbl 0938.70504]
Battelli, Flaviano, Exponential trichotomies and heteroclinic orbits, 303-308 [Zbl 0938.34527]
Smith, Hal L., Existence and uniqueness of global solutions for a size-structured model of an insect population with variable instar duration, 311-334 [Zbl 1080.92517]
Blizorukov, M. G.; Shimanov, S. N., Improved method of auxiliary systems for quasilinear difference equations, 325-329 [Zbl 0938.39500]
Bock, Igor, On optimal control problems for pseudoparabolic variational inequalities, 330-333 [Zbl 0938.49500]
Boucherif, Abdelkader; Daoudi, N., Periodic boundary value problems, a bifurcation analysis, 334-336 [Zbl 0938.34508]
Brandi, Primo; Marcelli, Cristina, Functional extension of Gronwall’s inequality and Haar’s lemma, 337-341 [Zbl 0938.34541]
Calsina, Àngel, A nonlinear model for size-dependent population dynamics, 345-351 [Zbl 0938.35624]
Can, Mehmet, On the self-similar solutions of the nonlinear Schrödinger equation, 352-357 [Zbl 0938.35615]
Cantarelli, G.; Risito, C., On the continuation of the solutions of Lagrange equations for holonomic scleronomic systems, 358-362 [Zbl 0938.70511]
Casas, E.; Fernández, L. A., A Green’s formula for quasilinear parabolic operators, 363-367 [Zbl 0938.35549]
Casasayas, J.; Martínez Alfaro, J.; Nunes, A., Knotted periodic orbits in van der Pol type equations, 368-374 [Zbl 0938.37523]
Castillo Aranguren, F.; Juárez-Valencia, H.; Nicolás-Carrizosa, A., Cauchy problem for a semilinear vector wave equation, 375-378 [Zbl 0938.35578]
Cavani, Mario; Farkas, Miklós, Bifurcations in a predator-prey model with memory and diffusion, 379-384 [Zbl 0938.92502]
Cecchi, Mariella; Marini, Mauro; Villari, Gabriele, Integral criteria for the asymptotic behavior of solutions of linear differential equations—the duality principle, 385-389 [Zbl 0938.34519]
Cherkas, L. A., Bifurcation of limit cycles of quadratic system on the plane, 390-392 [Zbl 0938.34524]
Chernyavskaya, N.; Shuster, L., Asymptotic equivalence of fundamental systems of solutions for Sturm-Liouville equations, 393-397 [Zbl 0938.34533]
Clavero, C.; Jorge, J. C.; Lisbona, F., Splitting-time and exponential fitting-space discretizations for diffusion-reaction problems, 398-403 [Zbl 0938.65544]
Coll, B.; Gasull, A.; Prohens, R., Singular limit cycles for a class of differential equations, 404-409 [Zbl 0938.34518]
Delgado Fernández, Joaquín, Persistence of invariant tori in Hill’s problem, 410-414 [Zbl 0938.70512]
Delshams, Amadeu; Gutiérrez, Pere, Effective stability for nearly integrable Hamiltonian systems, 415-420 [Zbl 0938.37521]
Derfel, Gregory, Functional-differential equations with linearly transformed arguments and their applications, 421-424 [Zbl 0938.34551]
Devasahayam, M. Paul, Existence of multiple solutions for first order integrodifferential equations, 425-432 [Zbl 0938.45500]
Diacu, Florin N., Syzygy solutions of the planar three-body problem, 433-436 [Zbl 0938.70507]
Dzhenaliev, M. T., On boundary problems for loaded equations, 437-441 [Zbl 0938.35548]
Edelson, Allan L.; Rumbos, Adolfo J., Connected branches of minimal solutions to semilinear elliptic equations in \({\mathbb{R}}^n\), 442-447 [Zbl 0938.35529]
Abd El-Rady, A. S.; El-Sherbiny, H. M.; Akll, M. S., On asymptotic properties of solutions of inhomogeneous second order elliptic equations in the exterior of a bounded region, 448-453 [Zbl 0938.35518]
El-Sherbiny, H. M.; Abd El-Rady, A. S.; Abdel-Razek, M. A., Solitary waves and Bäcklund transformation of a class of nonlinear dispersive dissipative differential equations, 454-462 [Zbl 0938.35605]
Elias, Uri; Gingold, Harry, Oscillation of two-term differential equations through asymptotics, 463-467 [Zbl 0938.34520]
Faierman, M., The oblique derivative problem for the case of an indefinite weight, 468-473 [Zbl 0938.35525]
Faria, Teresa; Magalhães, Luis T., Normal forms for functional-differential equations and applications, 474-478 [Zbl 0938.34547]
Fernández Cara, Enrique; Guillén, Francisco, The existence of incompressible, nonconstant density, Navier-Stokes \(3\)D flows in unbounded domains, 479-483 [Zbl 0938.35595]
Ferreira, José M., Oscillations in difference equations, 484-490 [Zbl 0938.39502]
Fijałkowski, Piotr, On a class of nonlinear elliptic boundary problems in unbounded domains, 491-495 [Zbl 0938.35537]
Freitas, Pedro; Rocha, Carlos, Bogdanov singularity in the FitzHugh-Nagumo equations, 496-500 [Zbl 0938.35553]
Furter, J. E., Symplectic structure vs. reversibility in the bifurcation of periodic points of maps, 501-506 [Zbl 0938.37519]
Furumochi, Tetsuo, Oscillation in delay differential equations with piecewise constant arguments, 507-511 [Zbl 0938.34545]
Galperin, Efim A.; Pan, Zhong Xiong; Zheng, Quan, Application of global optimization to implicit solution of partial differential equations, 512-516 [Zbl 0938.35514]
Gamero, E.; Freire, E.; Rodríguez-Luis, A. J., Hopf-zero bifurcation: Normal form calculation and application to an electronic oscillator, 517-524 [Zbl 0938.37514]
García-Reimbert, C.; Minzoni, A. A., The frequency plateaus for a chain of forced oscillators, 525-530 [Zbl 0938.34523]
Gasull, Armengol, On polynomial systems with invariant algebraic curves, 531-537 [Zbl 0938.34516]
Gasull, A.; Guillamon, A., Nonexistence of limit cycles for some predator-prey systems, 538-543 [Zbl 0938.34515]
Georgiou, D. A.; Ladas, G., Oscillations and attractivity of discrete difference equation, 544-548 [Zbl 0938.39501]
Gonçalves Ribeiro, J. M., Instability of symmetric stationary states for some nonlinear Schrödinger equations with an external magnetic field, 549-560 [Zbl 0938.35613]
Gouzé, Jean-Luc, Global behaviour of polynomial differential systems in the positive orthant, 561-567 [Zbl 0938.34528]
Grinfeld, M., Dynamics of a model equation in viscoelasticity, 568-572 [Zbl 0938.76523]
Grispos, E.; Kalogeropoulos, G., State transition matrix of generalised linear differential systems: A matrix pencil based approach, 573-578 [Zbl 0938.93508]
Grobbelaar-van Dalsen, Marié, Solutions in Lebesgue spaces of the Navier-Stokes equations with dynamic boundary conditions, 579-583 [Zbl 0938.35594]
Habets, P.; Ramos, M.; Sanchez, L., Solutions of prescribed sign for BVPs with asymmetric nonlinearities, 584-588 [Zbl 0938.34509]
Hanebaly, Elaïdi, Bornage et presque-périodicité des solutions d’équations différentielles dissipatives, 589-592 [Zbl 0938.34537]
Hara, Tadayuki, Volterra integro-differential inequality and boundedness criteria, 593-597 [Zbl 0938.45501]
Hayashi, Nakao, Global existence of small solutions to nonlinear Schrödinger equations, 598-602 [Zbl 0938.35612]
Itoh, Tatsuo, Asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonlinear elliptic equations with the critical Sobolev exponent, 603-605 [Zbl 0938.35534]
Jankowski, Tadeusz, Convergence of difference methods for BVPs of deviated differential equations, 606-610 [Zbl 0938.65529]
Jimbo, Shuichi, Perturbation formula of eigenvalues in a domain with a thin handle, 611-615 [Zbl 0938.35588]
Jorba, Àngel; Simó, Carles, On quasiperiodic perturbations of ordinary differential equations near equilibrium points, 616-620 [Zbl 0938.34526]
Cecchi, M.; Marini, M.; Villari, Gab., On a duality principle for the self-adjoint differential equation of second order, 617-632 [Zbl 1080.34524]
Khapalov, A. Yu., Moving sensors for parabolic system, 627-632 [Zbl 0938.93551]
Kisaka, Masashi, Bifurcation of critically twisted homoclinic orbits, 633-637 [Zbl 0938.37522]
Koch, Herbert, Small periodic solutions of quasilinear hyperbolic equations, 638-644 [Zbl 0938.35512]
Kooij, Robert E., Existence and uniqueness of limit cycles for a special system of differential equations on the plane, 645-649 [Zbl 0938.34513]
Koshelev, A., Regularity of solutions for quasilinear parabolic systems, 650-655 [Zbl 0938.35520]
Kröger, Pawel, Regularity properties of parabolic measures, 656-660 [Zbl 0938.35547]
Kuo, Ts’ang Hai, Existence of strong solutions to certain quasilinear elliptic problems, 661-665 [Zbl 0938.35536]
Kutev, Nickolai, On the solvability of Dirichlet’s problem for a class of nonlinear elliptic and parabolic equations, 666-670 [Zbl 0938.35500]
Kwapisz, Marian, On integral equations arising in numerical-analytic method of solving boundary value problems for differential-functional equations, 671-677 [Zbl 0938.34543]
Laghdir, M., Dynamique de système de particules soumises à des percussions et au frottement sec, 678-681 [Zbl 0938.70509]
Lalli, B. S.; Zhang, B. G., Attractivity and oscillation for neutral equations, 682-686 [Zbl 0938.34544]
Lauterbach, Reiner, Forced symmetry breaking on hemispheres, 687-693 [Zbl 0938.58505]
Liang, J., Dirichlet problem for a nonlinear integrodifferential semiconductor system from n-GaAs model, 694-698 [Zbl 0938.45502]
Londen, Stig-Olof, On a nonlinear integrodifferential equation of parabolic type, 699-702 [Zbl 0938.45503]
López-Gómez, Julián, On the uniqueness for the periodic Lotka-Volterra competition model with diffusion, 703-707 [Zbl 0938.35508]
Lungu, Nicolae, Continuability of the solutions of a differential system without uniqueness, 708-710 [Zbl 0938.34501]
Magalhães, Luis T., Finite- and infinite-dimensional dynamics defined by retarded functional-differential equations, 711-715 [Zbl 0938.34546]
Maier, Stanislaus, Radial solutions of semilinear elliptic equations with prescribed numbers of zeros, 716-721 [Zbl 0938.35531]
Marín Malavé, Santiago, About a Fatou theorem for the \(p\)-Laplacian and related estimates for the Hausdorff dimension of the support of certain \(L\)-harmonic measures, 722-726 [Zbl 1079.35512]
Martín Alustiza, J. A.; Jódar, L., Explicit solution of coupled differential-difference systems avoiding the Laplace transform, 727-731 [Zbl 0938.34540]
Martínez Alfaro, J.; Chiralt, Cristina, Regular motion in Sitnikov’s problem, 732-735 [Zbl 0938.70506]
Matos, João P., Young measures: Regularity results in the two well problem, 736-739 [Zbl 0938.49502]
Matsumoto, Waichirô, Normal form of systems of partial differential and pseudo-differential operators in the formal symbol class and applications, 740-745 [Zbl 0938.35628]
Mierczyński, Janusz, Strongly monotone skew-product semidynamical systems and their applications in partial differential equations, 746-749 [Zbl 0938.35559]
Mikhalev, Vladimir G., On Hamiltonian structure of hydrodynamic type systems and the Korteweg-de Vries type hierarchies, 750-753 [Zbl 0938.37517]
Mir, Arnau; Delshams, Amadeu, Singularity analysis for two-dimensional systems with an oscillatory forcing, 754-758 [Zbl 0938.34522]
Morales, J. J.; Simó, C., On the solvability of the Lamé equation, 759-762 [Zbl 0938.34552]
Morita, Yoshihisa, Dynamics on inertial manifolds for reaction-diffusion systems in a domain with thin channels, 763-767 [Zbl 0938.35562]
Morita, Yoshihisa; Ninomiya, Hirokazu; Yanagida, Eiji, Nonlinear boundary value problem and inertial manifold, 768-772 [Zbl 0938.35563]
Movchan, A. B., An asymptotic analysis of elasticity problems in noncompact domains with imperfections, 773-777 [Zbl 0938.35621]
Mureşan, Marian, On partial stability for differential inclusions, 778-780 [Zbl 0938.34504]
Naito, Toshiki, Dual semigroups associated with linear functional-differential equations with infinite delay, 781-785 [Zbl 0938.47505]
Naumkin, P. I.; Shishmarëv, I. A., Asymptotic behaviour for large time of solutions to nonlinear dissipative evolutional equations, 786-789 [Zbl 0938.35517]
Novo, Sylvia; Rojo, Jesús, A long-term integrator based on Kirchgraber’s LIPS code, 790-794 [Zbl 0938.65528]
Novotný, A., Existence and uniqueness of stationary solutions for viscous compressible heat-conductive fluid with great potential and small nonpotential forces, 795-799 [Zbl 0938.35596]
Ortega, Rafael, Critical growth for a superlinear elliptic problem, 800-803 [Zbl 0938.35535]
Padron, Victor, A model for aggregating populations, 804-809 [Zbl 0938.35551]
Pankratova, T. F., Olver’s form asymptotics for the localized solution of the Schrödinger equation, 810-813 [Zbl 0938.35522]
Peirone, Roberto, The rotation number of ODEs with a chessboard structure, 820-822 [Zbl 0938.37502]
Ponosov, Arcady V., Stationary solutions to infinite-dimensional stochastic equations and nonstandard analysis, 823-826 [Zbl 0938.60513]
Ramírez, Rafael, On the integrability of complex Hamiltonian systems, 827-831 [Zbl 0938.37518]
Rocha, Carlos, Some remarks on the singular problem for the scalar parabolic equation with variable diffusion, 832-837 [Zbl 0938.35513]
Rodríguez-Bernal, Aníbal, Inertial manifolds, symmetry and applications: dynamics on thin domains, 838-844 [Zbl 0938.35556]
Ruf, Bernhard, On a surjectivity result for a superlinear Sturm-Liouville equation, 854-860 [Zbl 0938.34507]
Sabatini, M., A geometric condition for a plane critical point to be globally asymptotically stable, 861-863 [Zbl 0938.34530]
Sabina, José; Fraile, José M., An elliptic semilinear problem arising in the undulatory behaviour of nonlinear diffusion equations, 864-872 [Zbl 0938.35533]
Sadyrbaev, Felix Zh., Existence theorems for \(n\)th order boundary value problems, 873-876 [Zbl 0938.34506]
Sánchez-Pedreño G., S., Two-point BVP for the equations \(\ddot x=f(t,x)^{2n+1}\), for large \(n\), 877-882 [Zbl 0938.34510]
Sanders, J. A., Versal normal form and quadratic convergence, 883-887 [Zbl 0938.37513]
Sandstede, Björn, Asymptotic behavior of solutions of nonautonomous scalar reaction-diffusion equations, 888-892 [Zbl 0938.35561]
Schneider, Klaus R., On the existence of wave trains in partly dissipative systems, 893-898 [Zbl 0938.35564]
Smith, Hal L., Threshold delay differential equations are equivalent to standard FDEs, 899-904 [Zbl 0938.34542]
Soler, Juan, \(L^\infty\) stability for weak solutions of the Navier-Stokes equations in \({\mathbb{R}}^3\) with singular initial data, 905-909 [Zbl 0938.35590]
Staicu, Vasile, Qualitative properties of solution sets to Lipschitzean differential inclusions, 910-914 [Zbl 0938.34505]
Suri, Manil, On uniform regularity estimates and robust approximations for parameter dependent problems, 915-920 [Zbl 0938.65503]
Susín, A.; Simó, C., Moduli of conjugacy in the triple collision collinear problem, 921-926 [Zbl 0938.70505]
Szigeti, F., Kalman’s rank conditions for infinite-dimensional time-dependent systems, 927-931 [Zbl 0938.93503]
Tiba, Dan, Controllability properties for elliptic systems, 932-936 [Zbl 0938.35515]
Trabucho, L., A Galerkin type approximation for elliptic problems, 937-942 [Zbl 0938.65538]
Uteshev, Alexei Yu., On the existence of a polynomial Lyapunov function, 943-946 [Zbl 0938.34531]
Vanderbauwhede, André, Pitchfork interactions in equivariant bifurcation problems, 947-952 [Zbl 0938.58506]
Vasilevski, N. L., On ”discontinuous” boundary value problems for pseudodifferential operators, 953-958 [Zbl 0938.47508]
Vegas, José M., Stability of some nonlinear PD feedback control systems, 959-963 [Zbl 0938.93600]
Vera, Carmen E., Product of operator semigroups as solutions of time-dependent differential equations, 964-968 [Zbl 0938.47506]
Vereschagin, Vadim L., Volterra lattice wavetrains and the Whitham method, 969-972 [Zbl 0938.35611]
Wang, Ya Guang, A conically singular solution to the semilinear wave equation, 973-975 [Zbl 0938.35577]
Wolansky, Gershon, Quasi-stationary shock waves for the modified Burger’s equation, 976-982 [Zbl 0938.35607]
Ye, Yan Qian, Problems and conjectures in the qualitative theory of planar autonomous differential systems, 983-987 [Zbl 0938.34517]
Zampieri, Gaetano, On the inversion of smooth functions, 988-992 [Zbl 0938.58503]


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