Functional analysis, approximation theory and numerical analysis. Dedicated to Stefan Banach on his 100th birthday, Alexander Markowiç Ostrowski on his 99th birthday, Stanislaw Marcin Ulam on his 83rd birthday. (English) Zbl 0867.00015

Singapore: World Scientific. xi, 325 p. (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Rassias, John Michael, Stefan Banach, Alexander Morkowiç Ostrowski, Stanislaw Marcin Ulam, 1-4 [Zbl 0877.01027]
Alsina, Claudi; García-Roig, Jaime L., On a conditional Cauchy equation on rhombuses, 5-7 [Zbl 0877.39015]
Berg, Lothar; Engel, Konrad, Spectral properties of matrices with products of binomial coefficients as entries, 9-17 [Zbl 0877.15019]
Bhakta, P. C., Optimization of functionals and application to differential equations, 19-32 [Zbl 0897.49004]
Borelli-Forti, Costanza; Forti, Gian Luigi, On an alternative functional equation in \(\mathbb{R}^ n\), 33-44 [Zbl 0877.39019]
Brillouet-Belluot, Nicole, On a generalization of the Golab-Schinzel functional equation, 45-74 [Zbl 0877.39016]
Castillo, E.; Ruiz-Cobo, R., Functional equations and exact discrete solutions of ordinary differential equations, 75-92 [Zbl 0877.39020]
Chabrowski, J.; Zhang, Kewei, On shape from shading problem, 93-105 [Zbl 0878.35026]
Chang, Chiu-Cheng, On the approximations to analytic functions, 107-119 [Zbl 0895.30026]
Wu, Ciqian; Wang, Zhehui, Error estimate in non-equi-mesh spline finite strip method for thin plate bending problem, 121-132 [Zbl 0894.73222]
Gajda, Zbigniew, The Hyers-Ulam stability of a functional equation containing partial difference operators, 133-141 [Zbl 0877.39021]
Izé, A. F., Asymptotic behavior of dynamical systems and processes on infinite dimensional Banach spaces, 143-153 [Zbl 0887.34061]
Kreyszig, Erwin, Banach spaces in Bergman operator theory, 155-165 [Zbl 0877.47018]
Laha, R. G., Some characterization problems in Hilbert space, 167-170 [Zbl 0876.46014]
Nocilla, Silvio, Fixed point procedure in Banach spaces for calculating periodical solutions of Duffing type equations, 171-203 [Zbl 0881.34059]
Pleshchinskaya, Irina E.; Pleshchinskij, Nicolai B., On Banach algebras of the potential differential and pseudodifferential operators, 205-217 [Zbl 0882.35141]
Podgaev, A. G., On relative compactness set of abstract functions from scale of the Banach spaces, 219-236 [Zbl 0885.46008]
Rassias, John M., On the extended Ostrowski constant, 237-239 [Zbl 0878.30014]
Rassias, John M., Solution of a stability problem of Ulam, 241-249 [Zbl 0878.46032]
Yanushauskas, Algimantas, An interpretation of Gegenbauer polynomials and their generalization for the case with many variables, 251-257 [Zbl 0893.33006]
Liu, Yunkang; Wu, Ciqian, Solution of quasi-tridiagonal system of linear equations, 259-269 [Zbl 0877.65012]
Wang, Zhehui; Wu, Ciqian, The uniqueness and existence of solutions and normal boundary condition for thin plate bending problem, 271-275 [Zbl 0879.35046]
Tsertos, Yannis, A characterization of Q-algebras, 277-280 [Zbl 0876.46035]
Rassias, John M., Landau’s type inequalities, 281-301 [Zbl 0876.47024]
Rassias, John M., Generalized Landau’s type inequalities, 303-325 [Zbl 0876.47023]


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