The state of the art in numerical analysis. Based on the proceedings of a conference organized by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA), University of York, York, GB, April 1–4, 1996. (English) Zbl 0869.00046

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Indexed articles:
Higham, Nicholas J., Recent developments in dense numerical linear algebra, 1-26 [Zbl 0881.65018]
Duff, Iain S., Sparse numerical linear algebra: Direct methods and preconditioning, 27-62 [Zbl 0881.65030]
Golub, Gene H.; van der Vorst, Henk A., Closer to the solution: Iterative linear solvers, 63-92 [Zbl 0881.65025]
van der Vorst, Henk A.; Golub, Gene H., 150 years old and still alive: Eigenproblems, 93-119 [Zbl 0881.65026]
Sanz-Serna, J. M., Geometric integration, 121-143 [Zbl 0886.65074]
Stuart, Andrew, Convergence and stability in the numerical approximation of dynamical systems, 145-169 [Zbl 0884.65069]
Iserles, Arieh, Beyond the classical theory of computational ordinary differential equations, 171-192 [Zbl 0886.65073]
Baker, Christopher T. H., Numerical analysis of Volterra functional and integral equations, 193-222 [Zbl 0881.65140]
Atkinson, Kendall E., The numerical solution of boundary integral equations, 223-259 [Zbl 0881.65105]
Watson, G. A., Aspects of approximation with emphasis on the univariate case, 261-281 [Zbl 0881.65145]
Powell, M. J. D., A review of methods for multivariable interpolation at scattered data points, 283-309 [Zbl 0881.65003]
Nocedal, Jorge, Large scale unconstrained optimization, 311-338 [Zbl 0881.65055]
Shanno, David F.; Simantiraki, Evangelia M., Interior point methods for linear and nonlinear programming, 339-362 [Zbl 0881.65052]
Conn, Andrew R.; Gould, Nicholas I. M.; Toint, Philippe L., Methods for nonlinear constraints in optimization calculations, 363-390 [Zbl 0881.65056]
Brezzi, F.; Franca, L. P.; Hughes, T. J. R.; Russo, A., Stabilization techniques and subgrid scales capturing, 391-406 [Zbl 0881.65100]
Elliott, C. M., Approximation of curvature dependent interface motion, 407-440 [Zbl 0881.65131]
Süli, Endre; Houston, Paul, Finite element methods for hyperbolic problems: A posteriori error analysis and adaptivity, 441-471 [Zbl 0886.65104]
Morton, K. W., Approximation of multidimensional hyperbolic partial differential equations, 473-502 [Zbl 0904.65092]
Natterer, Frank, Algorithms in tomography, 503-523 [Zbl 0881.65133]
Guichard, Frédéric; Morel, Jean-Michel, Partial differential equations and image iterative filtering, 525-562 [Zbl 0881.65122]


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65-06 Proceedings, conferences, collections, etc. pertaining to numerical analysis