Temporal logic. 1st international conference, ICTL ’94, Bonn, Germany, July 11–14, 1994. Proceedings. (English) Zbl 0875.03007

Lecture Notes in Computer Science 827. Lecture Notes in Artificial Intelligence. Berlin: Springer. xi, 546 p. DM 104.00; öS 811.20; sFr 104.00 /sc (1994).

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Indexed articles:
Sørensen, M. U.; Hansen, O. E.; Løvengreen, H. H., Combining temporal specification techniques, 1-16 [Zbl 0949.68540]
Katz, S., Global equivalence proofs for ISTL, 17-29 [Zbl 0949.68542]
Baeten, J. C. M.; Bergstra, J. A.; Bol, R. N., A real time process logic, 30-47 [Zbl 0949.68538]
Fiadeiro, J. L.; Maibaum, T., Action refinement in a temporal logic of objects, 48-66 [Zbl 0949.68539]
Bonner, A. J.; Kifer, M., Applications of transaction logic to knowledge representation, 67-81 [Zbl 0949.68573]
Doherty, P.; Łukaszewicz, W., Circumscribing features and fluents, 82-100 [Zbl 0949.68574]
Badaloni, S.; Berati, M., Dealing with time granularity in a temporal planning system, 101-116 [Zbl 0949.68602]
Reynolds, M., Axiomatizing U and S over integer time, 117-132 [Zbl 0949.03507]
Goranko, V., Temporal logic with reference pointers, 133-148 [Zbl 0949.03515]
Venema, Y., Completeness through flatness in two-dimensional temporal logic, 149-164 [Zbl 0949.03510]
Vergauwen, B.; Lewi, J.; Avau, I.; Poté, A., Efficient computation of nested fix-points, with applications to model checking, 165-179 [Zbl 0949.68541]
Grumberg, O.; Kurshan, R. P., How linear can branching-time be?, 180-194 [Zbl 0949.03512]
Kutty, G.; Moser, L. E.; Melliar-Smith, P. M.; Dillon, L. K.; Ramakrishna, Y. S., First-order future interval logic, 195-209 [Zbl 0949.03511]
Bernholtz, O.; Grumberg, O., Buy one, get one free!!!, 210-224 [Zbl 0949.03509]
Blackburn, P.; Gardent, C.; de Rijke, M., Back and forth through time and events, 225-237 [Zbl 0949.03508]
Hwang, C. H.; Schubert, L. K., Interpreting tense, aspect and time adverbials: A compositional, unified approach, 238-264 [Zbl 0949.03522]
Di Maio, M. C.; Zanardo, A., Synchronized histories in Prior-Thomason representation of branching time, 265-282 [Zbl 0949.03514]
Böhlen, M.; Marti, R., On the completeness of temporal database query languages, 283-300 [Zbl 0949.68523]
Van Belleghem, K.; Denecker, M.; De Schreye, D., The abductive event calculus as a general framework for temporal databases, 301-316 [Zbl 0949.68525]
Wooldridge, M.; Fisher, M., A decision procedure for a temporal belief logic, 317-331 [Zbl 0949.03504]
Xu, Ming, Decidability of deliberative stit theories with multiple agents, 332-348 [Zbl 0949.03501]
Ribeiro, C.; Porto, A., Abduction in temporal reasoning, 349-364 [Zbl 0949.68572]
Felder, M.; Morzenti, A., A temporal logic approach to implementation and refinement in timed Petri nets, 365-381 [Zbl 0949.68543]
Mokkedem, A.; Méry, D., A stuttering closed temporal logic for modular reasoning about concurrent programs, 382-397 [Zbl 0949.03516]
Kwiatkowska, M.; Peled, D.; Penczek, W., A hierarchy of partial order temporal properties, 398-414 [Zbl 0949.68537]
Dixon, C.; Fisher, M.; Barringer, H., A graph-based approach to resolution in temporal logic, 415-429 [Zbl 0949.03505]
McGuire, H.; Manna, Z.; Waldinger, R., Annotation-based deduction in temporal logic, 430-444 [Zbl 0949.03506]
Orgun, Mehmet A.; Ma, Wanli, An overview of temporal and modal logic programming, 445-479 [Zbl 0949.68513]
Fisher, M., A survey of concurrent MetateM – the language and its applications, 480-505 [Zbl 0949.68532]
Chomicki, J., Temporal query languages: A survey, 506-534 [Zbl 0949.68524]
Hähnle, R.; Ibens, O., Improving temporal logic tableaux using integer constraints, 535-539 [Zbl 0949.03513]
Melliar-Smith, P. M.; Moser, L. E.; Ramakrishna, Y. S.; Kutty, G.; Dillon, L. K., A system for automated deduction in graphical interval logic, 540-542 [Zbl 0949.03503]
Bertossi, L. E.; Ferretti, J. C., SCDBR: A reasoner for specifications in the situation calculus of database updates, 543-545 [Zbl 0949.68526]


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